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Trends in Boys' Halloween Costumes 2018

You know what they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. This year, the trendiest boys' Halloween costumes bring a fun mix of the brand-new and the classic. Sure, you'll see plenty of renditions of the year's most beloved characters from film, TV and video games, but you'll also see old favorites, like the superheroes, pirates, clowns and villains. Here are some of the trendiest boys' Halloween costumes this year to help you find a costume that gets your little one excited about the best dress up day of the year, no matter what he's into.

Superheroes and Characters

Surprise, surprise, boys still love superheroes! With 2018 being such a huge year for comic-based heroes - Black Panther, anyone? - there will definitely be plenty of caped crusaders during trick-or-treat this October.

  • Black Panther - The coolest member of The Avengers finally stole the spotlight with the debut of this year's blockbuster film "Black Panther." Naturally, any mega-fan of T'Challa is going to need a Black Panther mask for the occasion!
  • The Incredibles - Superheroes for little kids! The release of "Incredibles 2" has spurred a whole new interest in this fun franchise, so there will be a few Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles costumes at Halloween parties this year. The Incredibles make an excellent family costume, too.
  • The Clown from 'It' - Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, parents, but the clown from the frightening 2017 horror reboot isn't out of style quite yet! Our killer clown costumes are always some of our most popular and we don't expect it to be any less hot this season.
  • Dr. Alan Grant - For creative kids looking for something a little different, consider celebrating the latest "Jurassic World" film with a DIY Dr. Alan Grant costume. The protagonist paleontologist spots a denim button-up, a red bandana around his neck and a straw safari hat.
  • Zombies - Disney Channel's "Zombies" from earlier this year left us with plenty of fun, creative Halloween costume ideas for boys. Why not dress your little one in a classic zombie costume to pay tribute to this popular series?
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Suit up your mini mutant in a costume to honor Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello or Leonardo. The best part about this costume is that you can work pizza in there somehow, because it's a total TMNT staple.
  • Smurfs - Smurf costumes fuse two of this year's most popular costume trends: cartoon characters and reboots. Dress your little one as Papa Smurf for a standout look or create an original family costume with blue for the whole family.

Video Games

This year was also a great year for gamers, with new releases in console gaming, apps and PC gaming bringing plenty of inspiration to the Halloween costume table. Check out our video game costumes for even more great ideas.

  • Yoshi - Who doesn't love the cute, green anthropomorphic dinosaur? Yoshi is always a hit among diehard gamers. Not a fan of the dino? Send your son trick-or-treating as Toad or Bowser.
  • Link - If you've raised your kids on classic video games, they'll definitely want to go dressed as the coolest elf warrior ever. The awesome Legend of Zelda character is a great choice for heroic little boys.


If your child asks to dress up as a carrot or a watermelon, don't worry. Food, along with dinosaurs and decade costumes, will definitely be a prevalent theme at Halloween parties this year.

  • Dia de los Muertos - Just before Halloween last year, the blockbuster Pixar film "Coco" debuted, spurring a whole new obsession with the Day of the Dead. Expect to see colorful sugar skull and skeleton costumes, and maybe a few depictions of Miguel, Ernesto de la Cruz and Héctor, this year!
  • Dinosaurs - Did we mention that there's a new film in the Jurassic Park franchise? We'd be happy to see a few more boys' dinosaur costumes during trick-or-treat this year, especially for the little kids!
  • Alexander Hamilton - Buzz surrounding the trailblazing musical may be dying down in New York, but Hamilton went on tour this summer, amassing a whole new crew of dedicated fans! Celebrate with a boys' Hamilton costume.
  • Food - In recent years, we've seen an incredible spike in interest in food Halloween costumes, and we love it! Pizza, corn, French fries, bananas, hot dogs, if you can eat, it'll be a hot costume!
  • '80s Costumes - Is it just us or have the '80s come back in a big way lately? We're not complaining, especially because it means we'll see more big hair wigs, which look hilarious on kids!
  • Foxes - We're happy that whole "What does the fox say?" thing died down, and glad that it renewed interest in this cute woodland creature. Animal costumes will be big this year for babies and little boys, so keep your eyes peeled for plenty of cuddly lambs, bears and cows.

Want more inspiration? Make sure to stop by our kids' costumes department for fun, classic and unique boys' costumes.

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