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Trends in Girls' Halloween Costumes 2018

Adios, princesses and cheerleaders (unless that's what you're into, of course)! This year's girls' Halloween costumes are all about girl power and pushing boundaries to make way for the smart, strong and powerful girls who run the world. From Catwoman to Rosie the Riveter, these getups are designed to inspire and empower. We'll also see a few classics back in fashion this year, with unicorn and mermaid costumes (and mermicorns and unimaids!) that foray into fantasyland. Explore all of our most popular and trendy girls' costumes for 2018 for more fantastic ideas.

Superheroes and Characters

Step aside, Superman! Make way for the female protagonists who made this year in comics, film and TV so memorable. We have tons of girls' superhero costumes and character costumes to bring these awesome looks together. Here are the ones we expect to see explode in popularity this year:

  • Catwoman - To celebrate two of the biggest female superheroes this year - the princess of Wakanda and Black Widow - you can take things back to the original with the original female caped crusader - Catwoman!
  • Batgirl - Every little girl will feel like an authentic superhero in a Batgirl costume. Featuring everything she needs to help save Gotham City - a cape, a black eye mask and a yellow belt - this costume will make her feel like the real deal.
  • Mary Poppins - Maybe your little one hasn't heard of Mary Poppins, but it won't be long before she's a mega-fan like the rest of us. December will bring the release of "Mary Poppins Returns" - Emily Blunt plays our darling Ms. Poppins - so we expect to see a big revitalization in Mary Poppins costumes in the coming seasons.
  • Zombies - Zombies are truly a classic, and this year's release of Disney's "Zombies" showed us that zombies can be girly, too. With some zombie makeup, you can dress her as a zombie cheerleader or princess to give a classic costume some extra edge.
  • Ghoulia Yelps - The newest, coolest ghoul at Monster High makes an awesome Halloween costume for the girl who wants to stand out in a crowd. Her punky style and cool blue hair makes her a popular pick for teens and tweens.
  • Minnie Mouse - You are arguably never too old to show your love for Disney. We love Mickey and Minnie costumes for siblings or as part of Disney-themed family costumes.


Unicorns, mermaids, aliens, sometimes all we want to do is get out of the real world and hop into the land of make believe! These are some of the most popular and whimsical costumes that are likely to be big-sellers this year.

  • Unicorns - We don't need to tell you that unicorns are everywhere, and they'll definitely be in the Halloween rotation again this year. With a bit of glitter and a unicorn horn headband, you've got yourself an amazing Halloween ensemble.
  • Mermaids - Mermaids are the runner-up in the mythical creature category. They may not be as popular as unicorns, but they're still high on the list of trendiest costumes of the year!
  • Dinosaurs - With the May release of "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," we've seen a revitalization in girls' dinosaur costumes, especially for babies, toddlers and little girls who love science, paleontology and good films!
  • Aliens - It's all about the mystical, mythical and unknown this year, so we expect to see plenty of adorable aliens during trick-or-treat in October. We love to aliens paired with astronauts for adorable sibling costumes.
  • Circus - Anything that's colorful and whimsical will be a big hit among girls this season, so you can bet you'll see plenty of clowns and circus-themed costumes winning costume contests.
  • Rosie the Riveter - There is no girl who says girl power quite like everyone's favorite World War II icon! We have Rosie the Riveter costumes for girls and women at Candy Apple Costumes, so it's a popular pick for a fun and empowering mommy-and-me costume.
  • Amelia Earhart - If your goal is to send her out in a positive, encouraging costume, then you've got to consider the high-flying hero Amelia Earhart. She also makes a great option for girls who want something historical.
  • Snow Monster - This adorable monster is a cute and practical costume for parents looking to knock it out of the park. It's super fluffy and includes plush claws, so you know she'll be totally toasty during trick-or-treating and photo shoots.
  • Food - Remember that meme that circulated a couple of years ago with the little girl dressed as a hot dog at dance class? Well, thank that little girl for making food costumes popular for free-thinking little girls! She might like to dress up as a banana or a slice of watermelon, and why not?
  • Animals - Especially popular for infants and toddlers, animal costumes are so cute you could just eat them up! Dress her as something classic like a bunny or a pig or go for something a little bit more unique, like a flamingo or a raccoon.

For more great girls' costume ideas, head to our children's costume department to see a wide variety of fun, unique and trendy costumes.

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