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Kids' Animal Costumes

Kids' Animal Costumes

Get your camera ready for keepsake photographs of your kids in our delightful children's animal costumes in infant, toddler and growing child sizes. At Candy Apple Costumes, we carry adorable barnyard, zoo and jungle animal styles. Make it a family affair by adding a matching adult-size animal costume. They're not just for Halloween and costume parties. Kids love to dress up in our comfy costumes for playtime at home or the park, too. When we say, "kid animal costumes," we mean dressing your children up as animals, a favorite parental pastime! However, we do have "kid animal" costumes as well, such as puppies, kittens and piglets.
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Puppy Love Infant/Toddler Costume
Child's Craw Daddy Costume
Infant/Toddler Belly Babies Wolf Costume
Child's Shark Costume
Child Skunk Funsies Costume
Child Red Fox Funsies Costume
Child Una the Unicorn Funsies Costume
Infant/Toddler This Lil' Piggy Costume
Infant/Toddler Chipper Chipmunk Costume
Infant/Toddler Lovable Lion Costume
Child's Lion Costume
Child's Lion Costume
Toddler/Child Lion Costume
Child's Lee the Lion Funsies Costume
Toddler Lee the Lion Funsies Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Pink Flamingo Costume
Child's Pink Pig Funsies Costume
Child's Pig Costume
Deluxe Child's Microfiber Little Pig Costume
Deluxe Infant/Toddler Microfiber Little Pig Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Piglet Costume
Child's Plastic Cartoon Pig Mask
Child's Piglet Costume Kit
Pig Costume Kit
Child's Long Sleeve Bodysuit - More Colors
Child's Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume
Fawn Antlers Headband
Child's Monkey Costume
Deluxe Child's Plush Monkey Costume
Monkey Costume Kit
Child's Monkey Costume Kit
Monkey Ears and Tail Costume Set
Child's Shrek Donkey Costume
Child's 100 Acres Donkey Funsies Costume
Child's 100 Acres Donkey Costume Hoodie
Child's Donkey Costume
Donkey Costume Kit
Elephant Costume Kit
Child's Elephant Costume Kit
Toddler/Child Elephant Costume
Child's Brown Bear Costume
Rainbow Dash Glovettes - My Little Pony
My Little Pony Tails - Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony Cutie Mark Temporary Tattoos
Deluxe Infant Dumbo Costume
Blue Tang Fish Hat
Child's Elephant Costume
Deluxe Infant/Toddler Plush Elephant Costume
Child's Spotted Cow Costume
Toddler Casey Cow Funsies Costume
Cow Costume Kit
Cow Ears and Tail Costume Set
Child/Toddler Lil' Moo Cow Costume, Size Small
Child's Brown Spotted Cow Funsies Costume
Deluxe Child/Toddler Plush Duck Costume
Deluxe Child/Toddler Plush White Chicken Costume
Deluxe Child/Toddler Plush Yellow Chicken Costume
Child's Mouse Funsies Costume
Gray Mouse Accessory Kit
Mouse Costume Kit
Small Black Mouse Ears
Disney Minnie Mouse Ears, Gloves & Tail Costume Kit
Black Foam Mouse Nose
Toddler/Child Plush White Lamb Costume
Large Black Mouse Ears
Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Headband and Gloves Set
Child's Miss Mouse Costume
Miss Mouse Kit
Tween Miss Mouse Cutie Costume
Child's Hot Pink Little Miss Mouse Costume
Infant Minnie Mouse Bib & Hat Set
Lion Costume Kit
Child's Kittle the Kangaroo Funsies Costume
Child's Sweet Raccoon Costume
Animal Mask with Faux Fur
Child Size White Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Black Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Gray Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Gold Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Pink Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child's Rocky the Raccoon Costume Hoodie
Child's Rocky Raccoon Funsies Costume
Raccoon Ears and Tail Costume Set
Child's Sweet Fox Costume
Child's Fox Costume
Fox Ears and Tail Costume Set
Zebra Ears and Tail Costume Set
Toddler/Child Shark Costume
Infant Shark Bunting Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Penguin Costume
Toddler/Child Penguin Costume
Child's Penguin Funsies Costume
Child's Georgie the Giraffe Funsies Costume
Toddler Georgie the Giraffe Funsies Costume
Infant/Toddler Brown Dog Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Black and White Puppy Costume
Infant/Toddler Pink Poodle Costume
Child's Devin the Dog Funsies Costume
Toddler Devin the Dog Funsies Costume
Child's Devin the Dog Costume Hoodie
Animal Nose Mask
Toddler and Child Plush Dalmatian Costume
Brown Dog Costume Kit
Infant/Toddler Gray Striped Kitten Costume
Toddler Grey Kitten Costume
Child's Bad Kitty Hot Pink Leopard Costume
Infant/Toddler Tiger Tot Costume
Child's Tiger Costume
Child's Plush Tiger Costume
Child's Plush Black Cat Costume
Child's Cassidy the Cat Funsies Costume
Child's Lux the Leopard Funsies Costume
Child's Taylor the Tiger Funsies Costume
Toddler Taylor the Tiger Funsies Costume
Deluxe Cat Costume Kit
Black Panther Mask
Black Cat Ears, Collar, and Tail Set
Pretty Kitty Accessory Kit
Disney Cheshire Cat Ears and Tail Costume Set
Tiger Costume Kit
Dalmatian Dog Costume Kit
Black Cat Ears and Tail
White Cat Ears and Tail
Sophisticat Bell Collar
Child's Black Cat Costume Kit
Cat Costume Kit
Tiger Mask
Child's Bailey the Bear Funsies Costume
Toddler Bailey the Bear Funsies Costume
Child's Plush Brown Bear Costume
Child's Bear Costume Kit
Child's Bear Costume
Deluxe Toddler/Child Plush Panda Costume
Child's Parker the Panda Funsies Costume
Toddler/Child Green Frog Costume
Infant/Toddler Adorable Dragon Costume
Child's Ness the Dragon Funsies Costume
Toddler Ness the Dragon Funsies Costume
Child's Crocodile Costume
Toddler/Child Tiny Dinosaur Costume
Child's Willie the Wolf Costume Hoodie
Child's Howling at the Moon Werewolf Costume
Werewolf Brown Pointed Ear Tips
Child's Baa Baa Lamb Costume
Child's Lamb Costume
Lamb Costume Kit
Sheeps Horns Headband
Child's Bunny Costume
Toddler/Child Plush White Rabbit Costume
Bunny Costume Kit
Alice in Wonderland Deluxe White Rabbit Head Hat
Fluffy Bunny Tail - White or Black
Black Cat/Mouse Tail
Black Marabou Bats Headband
Tuxedo Bunny Kit
EVA Foam Bull Dog Mask
EVA Foam Bald Eagle Mask
EVA Foam Owl Mask
EVA Foam Tiger Mask
EVA Foam Wolf Mask
Adult Slick Trickster Green Wig
Child's Pig Costume Kit
Child's Monkey Costume Kit
Plastic Bunny Teeth
Deluxe Bunny Kit - White or Black
Satin Bunny Ears Headband
Child's Oxford Owl Funsies Costume
Child's Wild Red Fox Hoodie Costume
Child's Pepper Parrot Funsies Costume
Infant/Toddler Plush Kermit the Frog Costume
Adult Shrek Donkey Ears and Nose Costume Kit
Mickey Mouse Felt Mask
Minnie Mouse Felt Mask
Child's Camel Costume
Child's Mouse Ears Headband
Reindeer Antlers Headband
Raccoon Costume Kit
Elephant Costume Kit
Child's Sheep Hood and Nose Set
Shark Fin Headband
Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Kids' Costume Kit
White Unicorn Horn
Rainbow Unicorn Horn
Plastic Animal Mask
Plush Animal Mask
Toddler/Child Plush Turkey Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Skunk Costume
Child's Chicken Costume Kit
Child's Mouse Costume Kit
Toddler Deluxe Olivia Pig Costume
Deluxe Child's Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume
Deluxe Adult Monkey Costume
Unicorn Headband and Tail Costume Set
Toddler Deluxe Plush Owl Costume
Lion Ears and Tail Costume Set
Child's Reindeer Funsies Costume
Toddler Reindeer Funsies Costume
Reindeer Antler Headband and Mask
Toddler/Child Plush Clown Fish Belly Babies Costume
Child's White Cotton Gloves
Reindeer Antler Headband
Child's Reindeer Costume
Reindeer Nose
Reindeer Costume Kit
Infant/Toddler Magical Unicorn Costume
Child's Honey Bear Funsies Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Reindeer Mascot Costume
Deluxe Latex Sheep Mask
Deluxe Latex Zebra Mask
Deluxe Latex Yellow Duck Mask
Deluxe Latex Frog Mask
Deluxe Latex Raccoon Mask
Deluxe Latex Panda Mask
Deluxe Latex Red Fox Mask
Deluxe Latex Elephant Mask
Deluxe Latex Bald Eagle Mask
Deluxe Latex Lion Mask
Deluxe Latex Tiger Mask
Deluxe Latex Pig Mask
Deluxe Latex Deer Mask
Deluxe Latex Unicorn Mask
Deluxe Latex Duck Mask
Adult Supreme Chicken Mask - Yellow or White
Infant/Toddler Little Koala Deluxe Plush Costume
Child's Parker Panda Costume Hoodie
Velvet Pink Flamingo Hat
Velvet Camel Hat
Steer Horns Headband
Velvet Parrot Hat
1 Dozen Assorted Turkey Feathers
Giraffe Ears and Tail Costume Set

Dress them up in our cute cat, tiger, dog, bunny, monkey, panda or penguin costumes. We have plush turtle outfits and sweet Puppy Love finds. Think you can't find sheep costumes, a children's dog costume or monkey costumes for kids? Think again! If you're looking for animal costumes for babies, we have a wolf, lion, lil' piggy, brown dog, chipmunk, Dumbo, Minnie Mouse or shark. There are other insanely cute infant animal costumes, too. Kids love being silly in our Funsies animal costume editions. Choose a full cow costume set or just the cow ears and tail. Choose deluxe mouse outfits just for tweens.

Your child can be a lovable lion, a baby hippo with a ballerina's tutu or a pink pig. Shop our kid-safe costume styles inspired by Disney movies, nursery rhymes and favorite animal stories. Use our custom size charts on each costume to find the best fit. At Candy Apple Costumes, we have the widest selection of kids' animal costumes, whether it's man's best friend or a jungle-loving lion costume for kids. They're higher quality than what you'd find at your usual party store, and our prices are very affordable. Happy make-believe!

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