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Cop  Prisoner

Cop and Prisoner Costumes

Be the cop or the convict at that next costume party with our selection of cop and prisoner costumes from Candy Apple Costumes. Shop sizes for the whole family, including plus size adult styles. We've got all the perfect cop costumes for women, men and kids in this assortment. A cop and prisoner costume makes an excellent couples' costume, especially if you choose one of our sexy prisoner costumes and finish things off with a sheriff costume and some sexy handcuffs! With these men's and women's costumes, police officers will be looking to you to control the crowd!
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Men's SWAT Police Officer Costume, Size M/L
Leg Avenue Officer Payne Sexy Cop Costume
Adult Arrest Me Please Sexy Cop Costume
Leg Avenue Armed and Dangerous Sexy Cop Costume
Leg Avenue Dirty Deputy Sexy Cop Costume
Leg Avenue Lt. Lockdown Sexy Cop Costume, Size S/M
Child's Deluxe Police Officer Costume
Plus Size In the Line of Duty Cop Costume
Women's Plus Size Striped Jailbird Costume
Adult 7-Piece Sexy Cop Costume
Women's Nation Wide Police Costume
Adult Men's Trooper Shirt
Plus Size Men's Trooper Shirt
Adult Men's Sheriff Shirt
Plus Size Men's Sheriff Shirt
Adult Keystone Cop Costume
Child's British Bobby Costume
Adult British Bobbie Costume - Standard and Plus Size
Adult Sequin Sexy Jailbird Costume
Adult Prisoner Man Costume
Adult Striped Prisoner Costume
Plus Size Adult Busted Prisoner Costume
Child's Striped Jailbird Costume
Plus Size Adult Jailbird XXXL Costume
Adult Prison Bride Costume, Size S/M
Leg Avenue Warden's Mistress Sexy Prisoner Costume
Leg Avenue Lt. Lockdown Sexy Cop Costume, Size S/M
Adult Size Police Belt and Thigh Holster
Prisoner Neck and Hand Shackles
Metal Handcuffs w/ Key
Police Night Stick
Metal Jailer Keys
Special Police Badge
Prisoner Shackles
Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses
Police Detective Costume Kit
Police Hat - Navy or Black
Cop Whistle Necklace
Convict Cutie Lock and Key Earrings
Convict Cutie Lock and Key Choker
Adult Hottie Police Fishnet Thigh Highs
Convict Cutie Garter
Convict Cutie Ball and Chain
Convict Cutie Prisoner Shoes
Hottie Police Handcuff Choker
Black Faux Leather Handcuffs With Chain
Child London Bobby Police Hat
Adult London Bobby Police Hat
Hottie Police Garter and Gun
Hottie Police Handcuff Earrings
Prisoner Ball and Chain
King of Hearts Tattoo Sleeve
Black Chauffeur Hat
Adult Fishnet Backseam Thigh Highs - More Colors
Plus Size Fishnet Backseam Thigh Highs
Adult Black Fishnet Backseam Pantyhose
Plus Size Fishnet Backseam Pantyhose - Black or White
Adult Fishnet Pantyhose - More Colors
Plus Size Fishnet Pantyhose - More Colors
Plus Size Sheer Backseam Thigh High Stockings
Adult Fence Net Thigh Highs - More Colors
Adult Fishnet Thigh Highs - More Colors
Fingerless Fishnet Gloves - Black or White
Studded Fingerless Biker Gloves
Judge Gavel
Inflatable Gangster Tommy Gun
Adult Black Backseam Pantyhose
Deputy Sheriff Badge
Adult Black Go Go Knee Boots
Manly Mustache
Gentleman Mustache - Black, Brown or Gray
Black Cowboy Mustache
Handlebar Mustache
Deluxe Character Mustache
Deluxe Gentleman Mustache
Deluxe European Mustache
Black Leather Riding Crop
20-Inch Black Vinyl Gloves

Play a jailbird in an orange jumpsuit or black and white stripes. Be a state trooper, city policeman or sexy cop. For fun couples costume looks, order a sexy prisoner costume to go with a police officer outfit. We've even got a funny prison guard costume that you can use to intimidate all the other guests at the party! Be a SWAT team commander or a SWAT officer. Go for the flirty look with our Dreamgirl late night patrol sexy cop costume. Shop our outrageous Reno 911 cop costumes. For an international law enforcement look, browse our British Bobbie and Canadian Mountie costume sets.

Add criminal justice system flourishes with our police and prisoners costume accessories. We have police night sticks, badges, moustaches, police hats and cuffs, plus jailer keys and balls and chains to tie it all together.
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Take 15% off orders $100+!
extended through May 10
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