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Kids' Hosiery, Petticoats and Shoes

When you're outfitting your child for a school play, Halloween or other event, you certainly don't want to spare any effort. While putting together a great costume, you want to ensure your child has the complete costume look from head to toe to truly be in character. Candy Apple Costumes has everything you need to completely accessorize your child's costume. Accessories such as the perfect pair of girl's white gloves help transform a good costume into a great costume. For ideas on what accessories to choose, check out story books, historical sites, magazine archives, TV shows and movies.
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Our kids' hosiery collection includes styles for both boys and girls. Hosiery for boys? Yes indeed, some of the coolest men in history, including Robin Hood himself, wore tights. What about a pair of kids' striped tights to finish off your little one's Mad Hatter, bumblebee, witch, pumpkin or Santa's elf costume?

Hosiery helps your child complete any fun costume or dress-up style. Check out our huge variety of kids' tights, knee-high stockings, kids' petticoats, boots, shoes, kids' petticoats and adorable toddler petticoats. Depending on what you're after, you'll discover a variety of colors and styles.

In our selection of kids' costume shoes, you'll find go-go boots, saddle shoes, ruby slippers, clown shoes and more. As you can tell, there's plenty of accessory ideas here for creating cool children's outfits, so get in your order today to finish making this an event you and your child will always remember.

Looking for more amazing props and finishing touches for your award-winning kids' costumes? Head on over to our accessories department to find extras that will tie together any spooky costume or cute kids' Halloween costume.
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