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Psycho and Serial Killer Costumes

If you want to have a spooky good time, then you need a killer costume to wear. And Candy Apple Costumes has them - literally! Wearing a psycho costume, serial killer costume or one of our other scary Halloween costumes will turn up the chills. You 'll look plenty menacing in an axe murderer costume, harlequin jester outfit or as a phantom mime. Be a character straight out of the horror movies with Halloween costumes such as Ghost Face, a mad scientist, Jason from Friday the 13th, a killer clown and other costume ideas. Our low prices and high-quality costumes are anything but alarming!
For a more debonair take on the mad killer costume, order one of our Victorian costumes and cloaks and be Jack the Ripper or Sweeny Todd. Others might dress up in a Doctor Frankenstein sexy scientist costume or Twilight-themed werewolf costume to add an additional aura. We have killer costumes for men, women and children in all sizes. Serial killer costume accessories such as prop knives, canes, gloves, wigs and restraint masks allow you to pay tribute to a famous character or create your own. Our gothic and scary costumes section has other frightful ideas, and the right mask can turn any outfit into a psycho-good time.

Check accessories too, and for many more options, be sure to check our Weapons section. You will find bloody knife, axe, meat cleaver, and more.
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