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Plus Size Cowboy and Indian Costumes

Westerns just never go out of style. There is an on-going fascination with the Wild West era that takes hold and doesn't let go, whether it's movies, TV or books.
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"Gunsmoke" is one of the longest running television series. On TV for 20 seasons, the popular Western was a mainstay. Episodes still air today, keeping alive the fascination many have with the lure of the Old West. However, did you know that the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City was an actual place?

While history can't pinpoint exactly when the saloon immortalized on the "Gunsmoke" series opened, it did reportedly burn down in 1885. The saloon poured customers milk, tea, lemonade, sarsaparilla and of course, beer and alcohol. Today, if you visit Dodge City, Kansas, you'll find a rebuilt Long Branch Saloon that serves as a major tourist attraction.

If you love the stories of the Old West, then you definitely enjoy dressing up in the Plus Size Wild West Costumes from Candy Apple Costumes.

Ladies can choose from an array of sexy cowgirls, Native American maidens, saloon madams and sassy saloon gals. Our plus size cowgirl costumes, as well as our other plus size western costumes, are highly detailed and completely accurate for the time. Guys will recapture the cowboy days of their youth dressed as gunslingers and strapping cowboys. All of our Wild West costumes are far superior to what you'd find in your typical party store, and more in line with professional theatrical costumes - yet at affordable prices. They're ruggedly designed, just like the original items, so you can play hard and stay comfortable and in character.

Costume details include fancy can-can dresses with ruffled sleeves and skirts, headpiece and matching choker. Our cowboy costume includes suede chaps and vest with fringe on the legs and the vest. The Indian maiden costume features beaded fringe, headband, belt and fringed sleeves and boot covers. You'll look just like the real thing!

Wild West costumes make for excellent couple's costumes too. Consider a matching American Indian couple or saloon gal and renegade cowboy. Get wild with Candy Apple Costumes. Howdy partner.

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