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20's and 30's Flapper Wigs

If you want to look flapper fabulous, you'll need a wig in the hairstyle that swept the nation in the 1920's and 30's - the bob! Sleek, curly, or marcelled, it was the perfect alternative to the long hair the jazzy young flappers saw as old-fashioned and boring. See our 20s and 30s Costumes section for more flapper costumes and accessories!
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The famous flapper bob haircut started in 1915 with famous ballroom dancer Irene Castle. What began as a convenience for Irene became all the rage among the young and rebellious flapper girls in the 1920s. The bob evolved from a blunt cut to more sophisticated waves and a shorter shingled back, then eventually got a bit longer and softer in the 1930s.
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