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The best men's costumes are at Candy Apple Costumes, and we're also famous for our affordable prices. We've got standard men's sizes and big, tall and plus sizes for men in dozens of costume looks. Dress up for Halloween, holidays, parades, retro parties, Renaissance Fairs, festivals and shows. Browse our wigs, gloves, canes, top hats, capes, shoes, sandals, play swords, toy guns and other men's costume accessories. Shop by era, theme or favorite character. Find Big & Tall costume sizes from XXL to 5X. Our size charts will help you find the perfect fit.

Don't forget to check out our costume accessories for hats, capes, toy weapons, wigs, gloves, canes and more! (If you need plus size, we've got a whole section just for you!)
Browse All Men's Costumes
Men's and unisex costumes in size S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and up!
Men's Big and Tall Costumes
XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXL costumes for men.
Sale Men's Costumes
Adult and plus size men's costumes marked down
Funny Costumes
Costumes for the class clown
Adult Animal Costumes
Adult and plus size animal costumes, mascots, latex masks, ears, and tails.
Gangster Costumes
Gangster and gangster moll suits in chic pinstripes
Men's 50's Costumes
Greasers, soda jerks and 50's rock n' rollers
Men's 70's Costumes
Men's hippie costumes, leisure suits, tie dye and Dashiki shirts, bell bottoms and more!
Men's 80s Costumes
Rock star, Michael Jackson, Hammer pants, Top Gun, 80s nerd, Ghostbusters, Star Trek and more!
Super Hero & Villain Costumes
Super hero, sexy super hero, villain costumes for adults and kids
Men's Renaissance Costumes
Templar knight, king, noble lord, mercenary, executioner, monk, jester, Shakespeare, Merlin
Pimp & Ho Costumes
Pimp and ho costumes, hats, bling, fake gold teeth, fishnets and more!
Cop & Prisoner
Adult and child police officer, prisoner, trooper, sheriff and Reno 911 costumes
Cowboys and Indians
Cowboy, sheriff, cowgirl, Native American, saloon girl, prairie woman
Aliens & Astronauts
Adult and child alien and astronaut costumes and space helmets
Oktoberfest Costumes
Adult and child lederhosen costumes and beer garden bar maid costumes
Men's Toga Costumes
Fight like a gladiator or rule like an emperor.
Adult Clown Costumes
Women's and men's clown costumes, sexy clown costumes and more
Movies & TV
Famous couples, movie stars, TV characters, cartoons and rock stars.
Sports & Cheerleaders
Football players, baseball players, cheerleaders, referees, NASCAR and more.
Biker Costumes
Adult and child size biker vests, skull caps, gloves, and studded accessories
Firefighter Costumes
Adult and child firefighter costumes, hats and accessories
Pirate Costumes
Adult and child pirate captain and wench costumes, swords, eye patches, hats.
Sailors & Soldiers
Sailor and soldier costumes and hats for men, women, boys and girls.
Nerd Costumes
Nerd and geek costumes, glasses, suspenders, beanies and more.
Arabian Costumes
Belly dancer, genie, sheik, Aladdin costumes, turbans and genie lamps.
Egyptian Costumes
Cleopatra, pharaoh and Egyptian gods costumes, headpieces and wigs
Gothic & Scary
Goth fairy tale, grim reaper, vampire, witch, sorceress, devil, evil jester and more!
Cave Man Costumes
Cave man and woman costumes, Flintstones, bone accessories, caveman clubs.
Men's Costumes Under $30Men's Deluxe Costumes
Adult and plus size men's high quality costumes

Play a gangster, a '50s teen gang member, an '80s rock star or a '70s disco king. Be a super hero, a villain or an oversized Smurf. Dress up like a timeless icon and become one of the Ghostbusters, a Star Trek character, Shakespeare or a member of the Knights of the Round Table. Play a cowboy, an alien, astronaut, police officer, prisoner, court jester or NASCAR driver. Play a Greek god or Scooby Doo. Be a pirate, a biker, a sailor, Aladdin, a sheik or a nerd. Play pharaoh, grim reaper, devil or Fred Flintstone. We've got great cartoon, movie and TV show character costume sets

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