80's Costumes

80's Costumes

Rock the '80s with our totally awesome 1980s costumes and accessories from Candy Apple Costumes. Dress up as your favorite '80s rock star, cartoon character or favorite from a 1980s hit movie. We have child, tween, teen and adult sizes, including adult plus sizes.
Women's 80s Costumes
Pop star, groupie, prom queen, Flashdance, Jem, Madonna and more!
Men's 80s Costumes
Rock star, Michael Jackson, Hammer pants, Top Gun, 80s nerd, Ghostbusters, Star Trek and more!
Kids' 80s Costumes
80's pop star and rock star costumes in child, tween and teen sizes!
80's Accessories
Leg warmers, bangles and more. Everything you can imagine in neon and zebra print!
80's Wigs
Mullet wigs, bleached blonde wigs, neon wigs, rock star wigs and more!
80s Cartoon Costumes
Smurfs, Masters of the Universe, Rainbow Brite, Jem, Super Mario Brothers and more!
Michael Jackson Costumes
Michael Jackson jackets, costumes, accessories and wigs.

Our '80s men's costumes include Michael Jackson costumes sets and M.C. Hammer pants. Be the stars of '80s hits like 'Top Gun" and "Indiana Jones" movies with our fighter pilot and archaeologist-slash-adventurer outfits. Favorites for Halloween include our ghost busters costumes inspired by the original '80s "Ghostbusters" movies.

Our women's 1980s-era costumes will let you be Madonna or Jem. Pattern your look after the stars of the '80s film "Flashdance." Be a Valley Girl or a member of an all-girl punk rock band. Our '80s costume accessories include flashy neon jewelry, spiked hair and permed wigs, lush blonde wigs and colorful leg warmers.

Shop our kid-size 1980s costumes for growing children, tweens and teens. Our Cartoon Costumes collection has colorful outfits to transform you into Smurfs, Masters of the Universe characters, the Super Mario Brothers and Rainbow Brite.

Favorites from the '80s include our child-size rock star costumes, adult-size groupie costumes and deluxe editions of Jem and the Holograms. Be a pop star bride or the Terminator. Our custom size charts will help you find your perfect fit.
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