Colonial Costumes

18th-Century Colonial Costumes

Dress up as an American hero or dethroned French monarch in our excellent selection of American Revolution and colonial era costumes for men, women, girls and boys! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, French Revolution costumes, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI costumes, Mozart, Beethoven, Three Musketeers, Napoleon and Josephine, and all the usual suspects! Also, 1700s style white wigs, tricorne and bicorn hats, toy weapons, ruffled collars, and more accessories!
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Kids' Colonial Costumes
Adult Colonial Costumes
Adult Ben Franklin Costume
Adult Revolutionary Patriot Costume
Child Size Ben Franklin Costume
Child's Revolutionary Patriot Costume
Child's Deluxe Benjamin Franklin Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Child's Paul Revere Colonial Costume
Child's George Washington Costume
Child's Colonial Boy Costume
Child's Founding Father Colonial Costume
Child's Colonial General Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Martha Washington Costume
Deluxe Child Size Baroness Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Aristocrat Costume
Child's Deluxe Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Colonial American Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Swashbuckler Gentleman Costume
Adult Colonial Aristocrat Costume
Adult Colonial Lady Costume
Adult Colonial Lady Costume
Adult Colonial Lady Costume
Plus Size Adult Colonial Peasant Costume
Adult Colonial General Costume
Lady of Versailles Sexy Marie Antoinette Costume
Adult Evil Court Masquerade Queen Costume
Adult Revolutionary War Red Coat or Toy Soldier Costume
Child Size Deluxe 18th Century Prince Costume
Grey 18th Century Duke Wig With Bow
Brown 18th Century Duke Wig
Black 18th Century Duke Wig
White 18th Century Duke Wig
White Colonial Lady Wig
Black Pirate Hat With Silver Rings
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Snaps
White Colonial Woman Wig
King Louis 18th Century Gray Wig
Deluxe White Colonial Lady Wig
White George Wig
Child's Colonial Girl Wig
Child's Marie Antoinette Colonial Wig
Child's Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
Dreamgirl Adult Royal Rendezvous Marie Antoinette Costume
Adult French Queen Costume
Adult Sexy Pink Marie Antoinette Costume
Deluxe Adult Venetian Carnival Signora Costume
Deluxe Adult Venetian Carnival Signore Costume
Deluxe Adult Baroness Costume (Plus Size)
Deluxe Adult Court Baroness Costume
Child's Blue Colonial Boy Costume
Child's Ben Franklin Costume
Child's High Seas Pirate Costume
Child's Christopher Columbus Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial General Costume
Child's Victorian Poor Girl Costume
Child's Victorian Apron and Cap Costume
Child's Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers
Child's Davy Crockett Costume
Economy Adult Colonial Man Costume
Adult Colonial American Man Costume
Adult Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
George Washington Costume Kit
Benjamin Franklin Wig and Glasses Kit
Thomas Jefferson Costume Kit
Child's Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Gold Trim - Adult or Child
Adult Black Colonial Tricorn Hat
Deluxe Black Tricorn Hat
Brown Caribbean Pirate Hat
Deluxe Adult Colonial Man Costume - XL to 3X
Deluxe Adult At the Court Costume
Deluxe Adult Baroness Costume
Colonial Buccaneer Musket
Adult Historical Admiral Costume
Plus Size Adult Masquerade Queen Costume
Deluxe Adult Lady Musketeer Renaissance Costume
Plus Size Lady Musketeer Renaissance Costume
Adult Victorian Pantaloons
Adult White Mob Cap
Auburn Bee Hive Wig
Blonde Bee Hive Wig
Black Bee Hive Wig
Pink Marie Antoinette Wig
Colonial Jabot and Cuffs Set
Pilgrim or Witch Shoe Buckles
Pilgrim Shoe Covers
Grand Heritage Deluxe Musketeer Costume
Plus Size Musketeer Costume
Designer Adult Emperor Napoleon Costume
Adult Madam Musketeer Sexy Costume
Designer Adult Empress Josephine Costume
Plus Size Empress Josephine Costume
Plus Size Scarlett Vamptessa Costume
Adult Musketeer Costume
Plus Size Adult Musketeer Costume
Plus Size Grey Gardens Gothic Princess Costume
Long Platinum Curly Nobleman Wig
Burgundy Baroque Lady Wig
Round Gold Rim Glasses
Square Gold Rim Glasses
Judge Wig
Bright Blue Curly Beehive Wig
Pink Velvet Mini Victorian Top Hat
Red Velvet Mini Victorian Top Hat
Deluxe Theatrical Gold Metal Queen Crown
Adult White Swashbuckler Shirt
Adult Ballroom Length Hoop Crinoline
Adult White Hoop Skirt Petticoat
Adult Red Gingham Prairie Bonnet
Adult Victorian Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Colonial Man Costume
Beethoven Wig and Ascot Costume Kit
Groovy Man Ruffled Collar and Cuffs
26-Inch Plastic Cavalry Sword With Sheath
Cavalry Sword
Adult White Cotton Pinafore
Deluxe Adult Double Hoop Skirt Petticoat
Brown Toy Flintlock Pistol
Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig With Roses
Ruffled Lace Collar
Adult Amish Bonnet
Deluxe Pirate Pistol
Colonial Man Wig
Deluxe Adult Colonial Casanova Costume
Deluxe Adult Court Baron Costume
Adult General Washington Costume
Adult Sassy Marie Antoinette Costume
Adult Masquerade Queen Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Boy Costume
Adult Pilgrim Woman Costume
Child's Pilgrim Boy Costume
Child's Pilgrim Girl Costume
Plus Size Pilgrim Man Costume
Plus Size Pilgrim Woman Costume
Teen/Tween Pilgrim Man Costume
Teen/Tween Blue Pilgrim Man Costume
Adult Red Coat British Officer Costume
Brown Victorian Lady Wig
Deluxe Jack Sparrow Distressed Brown Pirate Hat
Betsy Ross Costume Kit
Betsy Ross Costume Kit
Adult Betsy Ross Costume
Adult Founding Father Colonial Costume
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