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Capes, Hooded Cloaks and Robes

If your costume calls for a cape, hooded cloak, or robe, we have every alternative here at Candy Apple Costumes. Among the options are: a red hooded bridal cloak, black hooded robe costume, a black white reversible robe cape hooded, Mardi Gras capes and robes, Renaissance robes and Medieval cloaks, and also we have mime robes for sale and a whole lot more.
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Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Deluxe Adult Black/Red Velvet Hooded Cape
Deluxe Adult Black Velvet Hooded Cape
Deluxe Adult Black/Purple Velvet Hooded Cape
Adult Burgundy Twilight Hooded Medieval Robe
Adult Twilight Medieval Hooded Robe - Black
Adult Velvet Hooded Cloak
Child's Black Hooded Cloak
Child's Panne Velvet Hooded Cape - More Colors
Adult Hero Cape
Child's Hero Cape
Deluxe Adult Medieval Warrior Cape
Deluxe Adult Black Victorian Cloak
Adult Long Red Hooded Cloak
Adult Deluxe Hooded Brown Cape
Child's Satin Cape - Red or Black
Adult Phantom Cape
Adult or Child 36" Reversible Black/Red Taffeta Cape
Long Black Satin Cape
Short Taffeta Cape - Black or Red
Long Black Velvet Cape
Long Hooded Black Velvet Cloak
Adult Rainbow Cape
56" Red Satin Cape
Adult Black Hooded Horror Robe Costume
Child's Black Hooded Horror Robe Costume
Adult Judge Robe Costume
Black Mesh Face Robe Costume
Child's Harry Potter Robe Costume
Monarch Butterfly Wing Cape
The Acolyte Deluxe Adult Goth Costume
Adult Hooded Temptress Costume
Gold Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Red Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Silver Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Black Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Red Plush Ruffled Capelet
Adult Jedi Robe - Star Wars
Plus Size Black Hooded Robe
Deluxe Jedi Robe - Star Wars
Adult Friar Tuck Costume
Adult Wolf Clan Warrior Cape
Adult Monk Costume
Plus Size Grim Reaper Costume
Keep Up the Faith Priest Costume
Plus Size Keep Up the Faith Priest XXXL Costume
Plus Size Adult Priest Costume
Adult Grim Reaper Costume
Adult Harry Potter Robe
Deluxe Tri-Color Mardi Gras Cape
Adult Mr. Wizard Costume
White Wizard Costume
Child's Deluxe Wizard Boy Costume
Adult Wise Wizard Costume
Plus Size Black/Red Hooded Robe Costume
Plus Size Black/Purple Hooded Robe Costume
Adult Black/Red Hooded Robe Costume
Adult Black/Purple Hooded Robe Costume
Adult Black/White Hooded Robe Costume
Child's Black/Red Hooded Robe Costume
Purple King Robe and Crown Costume Set
Red King Robe and Crown Costume Set
Adult White Angel Robe
Adult Nylon Angel Costume
Economy Monk Robe Costume
Adult Nostradamus or Galileo Costume
Child's Nostradamus or Galileo Costume
Plus Size Adult Demon Robe Costume
Adult Gate Keeper Costume Robe
Adult Crypt Master Skeleton Costume
Adult Devil Lord Costume
Deluxe Mad Monk Costume Robe
Plus Size Deluxe Wizard XXXL Costume
Adult Phantom Mime Costume
Plus Size Ghost Face Costume
Adult Ghost Face Costume
Child's Ghost Face Costume
Teen Ghost Face Costume
You'll see Victorian cloaks, and capes in black, red, gold, and silver, whether you're hitting the party as a vampire, The Grim Reaper, Zorro, a super hero, sorceress, or as a king or queen. In robes, you'll find them for either monk or priest, angel, alien, demon and devil, Jedi knight, and Harry Potter witch and wizard.

Options exist for all age groups down to child, so just take care to check our sizing charts, which vary per item. Plus size capes and cloaks are also available, so no one is excluded from the fun, including ladies seeking sexy costume ideas! We have it all, from classic costumes to historical to Christmas, and plenty more.
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