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Infant/Toddler Costumes

Infant and Toddler Costumes

Have you ever seen anything so cute? One of the great joys of having kids is getting to dress up your toddler in a special costume for their first Halloween trick-or-treat experience! Children love to play "dress up," so why not start them early with one of our high-quality, deluxe and affordable infant/toddler costumes? We have many baby and toddler size costumes for girls and boys.
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17" White Feather Angel Wings
1st Birthday Blue Cone Hat
1st Birthday Pink Cone Hat
20" Black Feather Wings
20" White Feather Angel Wings
24" Strip Foam Hat Sizing Tape
Adult Jumbo Purple Fairy Wings
Adult Shrek Donkey Ears and Nose Costume Kit
Black/Navy Dark Fairy Wings
Blue Butterfly Wings
Brown Raider Hat - Adult or Child
Cap'n Stinker Infant/Toddler Pirate Costume
Child and Toddler Angel Costume With Bell Sleeves
Child Size Brown Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Child Size Straw Cowboy Hat
Child Size Whipstitch Cowboy Hat - More Colors
Child Size Yellow/Black Striped Tights
Child's 50s Pink Poodle Dress
Child's Airline Pilot Costume
Child's Angel Wings and Tinsel Halo
Child's Astronaut Costume
Child's Bear Costume
Child's Bear Costume Kit
Child's Bee Wings and Headband Kit
Child's Black Cat Costume Kit
Child's Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Brave Merida Princess Costume
Child's Bride Veil With Rosettes
Child's Brown Bear Hood and Mitts Set
Child's Bunny Costume
Child's Camel Costume
Child's Chicken Costume Kit
Child's Crocodile Costume
Child's Daisy Lady Bug Costume
Child's Dark Knight Batman Costume
Child's Deluxe Air Force Pilot Costume
Child's Deluxe Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Deluxe Colonial Aristocrat Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial General Costume
Child's Deluxe Dutch Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Fire Fighter Costume
Child's Deluxe Mexican Dancer Costume
Child's Deluxe Navy SEAL Special Forces Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilot Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilot Costume With Jacket
Child's Deluxe Police Officer Costume
Child's Deluxe Rag Doll Boy Costume, Size 4T
Child's Deluxe Tuxedo Costume
Child's Deluxe Wing Man Pilot Jumpsuit Costume
Child's Disney Peter Pan Costume
Child's Disney Princess Gloves
Child's Disney Snow White Wig
Child's Donkey Costume
Child's Egyptian Princess Costume
Child's Elephant Costume
Child's Elephant Costume Kit
Child's Feelin' Groovy 60s Costume
Child's Fortune Teller Princess Costume
Child's Fox Hood and Mitts Set
Child's Go Go Girl Costume
Child's Harlequin Heart Tights
Child's High School Cheerleader Costume
Child's Hippie Afro Wig
Child's Honey Bee Costume
Child's Hot Pink Little Miss Mouse Costume
Child's Hot Pink Pixie Tutu and Wings Set
Child's Lady Bug Costume
Child's Lady Bug Wings and Headband Kit
Child's Lamb Costume
Child's Lil' Miss Red Costume
Child's Lime Green Pixie Tutu and Wings Set
Child's Lion Costume
Child's Little Bo Peep Storybook Costume
Child's Little Miss Mouse Costume
Child's Long Black Wig
Child's Long Blonde Braided Rapunzel Wig
Child's Monkey Costume
Child's Monkey Costume Kit
Child's Mouse Costume
Child's Mouse Costume Kit
Child's Mouse Ears Headband
Child's Muscle Chest Batman Costume
Child's Natural Red Pigtail Braids Wig
Child's Pig Costume
Child's Piglet Costume Kit
Child's Pink Pixie Tutu and Wings Set
Child's Pirate Hat
Child's Plastic Cartoon Pig Mask
Child's Plastic Pith Helmet
Child's Plush Brown Bear Costume
Child's Police Officer Costume
Child's Prince Charming Costume
Child's Purple Pixie Tutu and Wings Set
Child's Rainbow Clown Wig
Child's Red Cross Nurse Costume
Child's Red Pixie Tutu and Wings Set
Child's Red Plush Santa Hat
Child's Regal Queen Costume
Child's Roman Sandals
Child's Satin Cape - Red or Black
Child's Sweet Raccoon Costume
Child's Tiger Costume
Child's Toy Maker Elf Costume
Child's Toy Story Woody Accessory Kit
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Child's Wolf Costume
Child's Yellow Pixie Tutu and Wings Set
Child/Toddler Lil' Moo Cow Costume, Size Small
Children's Red/White Striped Tights
Deluxe Child's Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume
Deluxe Child/Toddler Plush Duck Costume
Deluxe Child/Toddler Plush White Chicken Costume
Deluxe Child/Toddler Plush Yellow Chicken Costume
Deluxe Disney Cinderella Tiara
Deluxe Infant Baby Jack Jack Incredibles Costume
Deluxe Infant Dumbo Costume
Deluxe Infant Pinocchio Costume
Deluxe Infant/Toddler Microfiber Little Pig Costume
Deluxe Infant/Toddler Plush Elephant Costume
Deluxe Toddler/Child Plush Panda Costume
Disney Brave Bow and Arrows
Economy Angel Wings
Girls' Opaque Footless Tights With Lace Trim
Girls' Red Patriotic Cheerleader Costume
Green Fairy Wings
Honey Bee Wings and Headband Kit
Infant Cookie Monster Bib and Hat
Infant Lil' Pumpkin Costume
Infant Minnie Mouse Bib & Hat Set
Infant Sesame Street Elmo Bib & Hat
Infant Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Bib & Hat
Infant Shark Bunting Costume
Infant Smurfette Costume
Infant/Toddler Adorable Dragon Costume
Infant/Toddler Avocuddles Avocado Costume
Infant/Toddler Big Top Clown Costume
Infant/Toddler Brown Dog Costume
Infant/Toddler Cheeky Chipmunk Costume
Infant/Toddler Dalmatian Dog Costume
Infant/Toddler Gray Striped Kitten Costume
Infant/Toddler Little Lederhosen Costume
Infant/Toddler Little Red Riding Hood Costume
Infant/Toddler Lovable Lion Costume
Infant/Toddler Magical Unicorn Costume
Infant/Toddler Monster Boo Frankenstein Costume
Infant/Toddler Nursery Nerd Costume
Infant/Toddler Pink Poodle Costume
Infant/Toddler This Lil' Piggy Costume
Infant/Toddler Tiger Tot Costume
Infant/Toddler Wee Wrangler Cowboy Costume
Jumbo Dragonfly Wings
Ladybug Wings and Headband Kit
Large Black Butterfly Wings
Mini Santa Hat Headband
Minnie Mouse Felt Mask
Neon Hair Extensions 2-Pack
Plastic Knight's Helmet
Puppy Love Infant/Toddler Costume
Purple/Green Fairy Wings
Purple/Pink Fairy Wings
Reindeer Antler Headband and Mask
Timeout Infant/Toddler Prisoner Costume
Toddler 50's Pink Poodle Cutie
Toddler and Child Plush Dalmatian Costume
Toddler Bailey the Bear Funsies Costume
Toddler Casey Cow Funsies Costume
Toddler Deluxe Olivia Pig Costume
Toddler Deluxe Plush Owl Costume
Toddler Deluxe Wizard of Oz Sequin Dorothy Costume
Toddler Devin the Dog Funsies Costume
Toddler Girl's Big Top Fun Clown Costume
Toddler Girls' 1920's Pink Flapper Costume
Toddler Girls' Pink 50's Ladies Jacket
Toddler Girls' Red Glitter Dorothy Shoes
Toddler Grey Kitten Costume
Toddler Lamb Funsies Costume
Toddler Lil' Alice in Wonderland Costume
Toddler Lil' Mermaid Costume
Toddler Ness the Dragon Funsies Costume
Toddler Peace and Love Hippie Costume
Toddler Rag Doll Costume
Toddler Reindeer Funsies Costume
Toddler Sesame Street Elmo Deluxe Plush Costume
Toddler Size 50's Black Rock 'N' Roll Jacket
Toddler Size 50's Circle Skirt
Toddler Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Toddler Size T-Birds Gang Greaser Costume
Toddler Taylor the Tiger Funsies Costume
Toddler Treasure Hunt Pirate Costume
Toddler/Child Blue Classic Cheerleader Costume
Toddler/Child Blue Nursery Rhyme Costume
Toddler/Child Complete Elf Costume
Toddler/Child Deluxe Rainbow Fairy Princess Costume
Toddler/Child Elephant Costume
Toddler/Child Elf Costume
Toddler/Child Flying Grasshopper Costume
Toddler/Child Green Frog Costume
Toddler/Child Little Orphan Annie Costume
Toddler/Child Penguin Costume
Toddler/Child Pink Nursery Rhyme Costume
Toddler/Child Pink Retro Movie Star Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Black and White Puppy Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Blue Fish Belly Babies Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Brown Horse Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Green Alien Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Green T-Rex Belly Babies Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Penguin Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Piglet Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Pink Flamingo Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Pumpkin Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Reindeer Mascot Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Skunk Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Snowman Costume
Toddler/Child Plush White Lamb Costume
Toddler/Child Plush White Rabbit Costume
Toddler/Child Shark Costume
Toddler/Child Tin Man Costume
Toddler/Child Tiny Dinosaur Costume
Train Engineer Cap - Adult or Child
White Cotton Sailor Hat - Adult or Child

You'll discover a wide selection of well-known cartoon characters, adorable animals and colorful costumes of people with various occupations. We have an infant Luigi costume from Super Mario Brothers that's appropriate for 1-2 years of age. Or maybe you'd like a baby Hulk costume, perfect for kids up to 18 months old.

Does your child love animals? Choose your perfect infant/toddler costume from options like a T-Rex, Dumbo, clown fish, wolf, puppy, lion, lamb, tiger, cow, chipmunk, shark, hippo, pony, kitty - you get the idea! There are also famous animals and cartoon characters, such as Kermit the Frog, Pinocchio, Spiderman, Dumbo, Winnie The Pooh, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch), Raggedy Ann (licensed) and various characters from the Disney film "Frozen" (Olaf the Snowman, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa). Popular Sesame Street characters include Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

Let your child learn about different adult occupations by pretending. For example, your toddler can be a firefighter, veterinarian, basketball player, cowboy, pilot, golfer, business man, police officer, doctor, UPS delivery person or engineer.

There are also historical and fantasy figures, such as Vikings, Indians, princesses, unicorns, gnomes and dragons.

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