Mardi Gras Costumes

Mardi Gras & Carnival Costumes and Masks

Mardi Gras may have started in New Orleans, but its popularity has spread so far that you can enjoy this celebratory festival just about anywhere. Even so, there're are classic costume looks associated with this fun-filled occasion, and Candy Apple Costumes can help you put together a festive look. Browse to find flashy, fun Mardi Gras costume ideas and accessories for men and women.
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Adult Venetian Knight Mask
Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Child's Jester Costume - More Colors
Plus Size Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Plus Size Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Black Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Deluxe Adult Blue Royal King Costume
Deluxe Adult Wine Royal King Costume
Deluxe Adult Royal Burgundy Queen Costume
Plus Size King Henry VIII Costume
Purple King Robe and Crown Costume Set
Sequin Mardi Gras Beret
Sequin Mardi Gras Jester Headband
Intricate Lace Carnival Mask - Black or White
Purple/Gold Mini Top Hat Headband
Gold/Red Glitter Royal Scepter With Pearls
Gold/Red Glitter Jeweled Royal Scepter
Gold/Red Glitter Mini Jeweled Queen Crown Headband
Child's White/Black Evil Jester Costume
Deluxe Adult Purple Sequin Flapper Costume
Adult Purple Stretch Sequin Flapper Costume
Women's Plus Size Jade Sequin Flapper Costume
Adult Deep Purple Sequin Disco Pants
Adult Sequin Suspenders
Striped Sequin Fedora - More Colors
Green Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Purple Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Solid Color Feather Boa
Two-Tone Feather Boa - More Colors
Deluxe Gold Sequin Fedora Hat
Men's Gold Sequin Jacket
Adult Black/Purple Jester Tights
Purple Temptress 18-Inch Gloves
Adult Short Dress Gloves - More Colors
80's Neon Elastic Suspenders
Glitter Harlequin Venetian Mask
Adult Sequin Zip Neck Tie
Silver Venetian Mask With Stick
Black/Silver Venetian Mask With Stick
Adult Full Face Mask - More Colors
Green/Purple Metallic Feathered Venetian Mask
Cocktail Half Mask
Magique Half Mask - More Colors
Black/Red Lace Mask
El Bandito Black Mask
Antiqued Silver Pirate Skull Mask
Pinocchio Nose
Animal Nose Mask
Plastic Animal Mask
Blank White Face Mask - Man or Woman
Hungry Wolf Latex Mask
Adult Opaque Nylon Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Economy Purple Bob Wig
Colorful and Metallic Eyelashes - More Colors
Deluxe Plush Elf Shoes
Afro Clown Wig - More Colors
Adult Aqua Desire Wig
Dapper Cane
Adult Striped Thigh Highs - More Colors
Adult Striped Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Striped Tights - More Colors
Plastic Star Tiara
Ponytail Bopper Headband - More Colors
Full Plastic Face Mask - More Colors
Red/Green Elf Tights - Adult and Plus
Long Hooded Black Velvet Cloak
Short Red Taffeta Cape
Child Size Jester Shoes
Adult Jester Shoes
Adult Rainbow Knee Socks
Black Rounded Bandit Mask
Ideas for Men

Guys can look cool, flashy, freaky or regal, depending on your style preferences. With our collection of costumes, you're guaranteed to look snazzy for all parades and parties. For this outfit, bold is desirable, so don't shy away from costumes featuring bold colors or patterns. If you want to roleplay a traditional character, choose one of our fantastical jester costumes or take a regal turn as a striking royal king. Both costume styles are attention-getters, so be prepared to play your role to the hilt. If you prefer something cool and sleek, we offer colorful Mardi Gras suits, shirts and jackets, giving you the option to be as flashy as you wish.

Ideas for Women

Ladies can dress for the occasion by choosing a jester costume, masquerade costume or a harlequin costume. These outfits may be interpreted differently, letting you choose between amusing and sexy, and you can accessorize costumes further for more uniqueness. We also have a variety of dazzling tops, skirts and capes to help you assemble your look anyway you desire, creating a unique look that represents your sense of style.

Must-have Accessories

Costumes for Mardi Gras wouldn't be the same without some of our essential accessories. These are items that give your look those all-important finishing touches. A costume mask is often worn with all sorts of outfits, making it one of the most popular accessories worn by revelers. We offer an assortment of decorative eye masks and half masks in a range of colors and styles. You can also find intriguing full-face masks that are dramatic in various ways. Crowns and scepters make royal outfits more authentic, and a bold green, purple or pink wig is easy to wear. We also offer gloves, feather boas, suspenders, shoes and assorted hats.

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