Mardi Gras Costumes

Mardi Gras & Carnival Costumes and Masks

Mardi Gras is quite the festive occasion, and the celebrations are certainly not confined to New Orleans. Get in on the fun with Mardi Gras costumes from Candy Apple Costumes. We not only have Mardi Gras costumes for men, but Mardi Gras costumes for women too - even the sexy variety - should a desire to be especially festive take over!
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Adult Gold Venetian Knight Mask
Adult Mardi Gras Man Suit Costume, Size M/L
Adult Craw Daddy Costume
Adult Mardi Gras Jester Costume
Mardi Gras Vest
Adult Mardi Gras Clown Costume
Adult Mardi Gras Purple King Robe and Crown
Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Women's Gothic Venetian Harlequin Costume
Adult Men's Gothic Venetian Harlequin Costume
Adult Gothic Venetian Harlequin Mask
Child's Jester Costume - More Colors
Plus Size Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Plus Size Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Black Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Silver Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Deluxe Adult Blue Royal King Costume
Plus Size Adult Mysterious Masquerade Costume
Deluxe Adult Wine Royal King Costume
Deluxe Adult Royal Burgundy Queen Costume
Plus Size King Henry VIII Costume
Purple King Robe and Crown Costume Set
Plus Size Mardi Gras Harlequin Clown Costume
Sequin Mardi Gras Beret
Sequin Mardi Gras Jester Headband
Lace Carnival Mask
Tri-Color Mardi Gras Jester Hat With Pom Poms
Jester Hat Headband
Purple/Gold Mini Top Hat Headband
Gold/Black Mini Top Hat Headband With Feathers
Gold/Red Glitter Royal Scepter With Pearls
Gold/Red Glitter Jeweled Royal Scepter
Gold Glitter Jeweled King Crown
Gold Glitter Jeweled Queen Crown
Gold/Red Glitter Mini Jeweled Queen Crown Headband
Cirque Sinister Tainted Harlequin Sexy Costume
Adult Red/Black Evil Jester Costume
Plus Size Red/Black Evil Jester Costume
Adult Black/White Evil Jester Costume
Adult King's Delight Sexy Harlequin Costume
Adult Sexy Le Belle Harlequin Costume
Plus Size White/Black Evil Jester Costume
Child's Red/Black Evil Jester Costume
Child's White/Black Evil Jester Costume
Deluxe Adult Purple Sequin Flapper Costume
Adult Purple Stretch Sequin Flapper Costume
Women's Plus Size Jade Sequin Flapper Costume
Women's Plus Size Purple Sequin Flapper Costume
Adult Deep Purple Sequin Disco Skirt
Adult Deep Purple Sequin Disco Shirt, Size Small
Adult Deep Purple Sequin Disco Pants
Adult Sequin Suspenders
Sequin Tube Top - More Colors
Sequin Arm Warmers - More Colors
Sequin Stretch Headband - More Colors
Striped Sequin Fedora - More Colors
Furry Mardi Gras Hat
Mardi Gras Tri-Color Striped Arm Warmers
Green Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Purple Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Mardi Gras Glitter Sunglasses
Mardi Gras Striped Suspenders
Green Venetian Mask with Purple Feathers
Bright Color Mini Top Hat Headband
Solid Color Feather Boa
Two-Tone Feather Boa - More Colors
Glitter Top Hat - 8 Colors
Deluxe Gold Sequin Fedora Hat
Men's Gold Sequin Jacket
Velour Pimp Hat
Women's Plus Size Harlequin Clown Costume
Men's Black/White Harlequin Tailcoat Costume
Adult Rainbow Cape
Adult Black/Purple Jester Tights
Plus Size Black/Purple Jester Tights
Purple Temptress 18-Inch Gloves
Purple Long Nylon Gloves
Adult Short Dress Gloves - More Colors
80's Neon Elastic Suspenders
Glitter Harlequin Venetian Mask
Gold Pirate Skull Venetian Mask
Adult Sequin Zip Neck Tie
Black/Gold Lace Venetian Mask
White/Silver Lace Venetian Mask
Silver Venetian Mask With Stick
Gold Venetian Mask With Stick
Black Seduction Italian Mask
Black Domino Ragazzo Italian Mask
Silver or Gold Maquillage Half Mask
Deluxe Black Venetian Mask With Silver Glitter
Deluxe Purple Sequin Venetian Mask With Feathers
Deluxe Black/Gold Venetian Mask With Feathers
Deluxe Black Velvet Venetian Mask
Deluxe Red Velvet Venetian Mask With Feathers
Black/Silver Venetian Mask With Stick
Diamond Traditional Half Mask - White/Pink
Sequin Jester Mask
Metallic Cat Eye Mask
Purple/Gold Glitter Cat Eye Mask
Adult Official Blank Mask Costume - More Colors
Green/Purple Metallic Feathered Venetian Mask
Black/White Swirl Half Mask
Deluxe Silver Venetian Carnival Mask With Feathers
Black Lace Beaded Mask
Black/Silver Cocktail Half Mask
Full Mask - Silver or White
Cocktail Half Mask
Butterfly Mask - Iridescent or Glitter
Magique Half Mask - More Colors
Black Lorgnette Eye Mask
Black/Red Lace Mask
Black Bandit Mask
Feather Butterfly Mask
Calypso Black/Red Feather Mask
Phantom Mask
El Bandito Black Mask
Red Sequin Devil Mask
White Lace Venetian Carnival Mask With Flower
Black Venetian Mask
Deluxe Gold/Black Venetian Mask With Multi-Colored Trim
Black Lace Senorita Mask With Rose and Feather
Antiqued Silver Pirate Skull Mask
Pinocchio Nose
Animal Nose Mask
Plastic Animal Mask
Transparent Face Mask - Man or Woman
Blank White Face Mask - Man or Woman
Hungry Wolf Latex Mask
Gold Beaded Venetian Carnival Mask
Black Beaded Venetian Carnival Mask
Black Venetian Butterfly Mask
Silver/Gold Psycho Swirl Full Mask
Deluxe Sequin Jester Mardi Gras Mask
White Plastic Hockey Mask
Deluxe Black Feathered Venetian Mask With Stick
Black/White Checkered Domino Mask
Adult Opaque Nylon Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Adult Purple Desire Wig
Berry Bubbles Purple/Pink Wig
Economy Purple Bob Wig
Purple California Girl Wig
Purple 80's Pixie Wig
Neon Purple Peggy Sue Wig
Purple Starlet Wig
Purple Party Girl Wig
Adult Lilac Desire Wig
Sinister Crimp Wig - Purple
Purple Glamour Wig
Neon Purple Glam Short Wig
Neon Purple 80's Punk Wig
Adult Purple/Black Curly Siren Wig
Purple Vibe Wig
Purple Clip on Anime Curls Pigtail Wig and Hairscara
Colorful and Metallic Eyelashes - More Colors
Neon Green Glam Short Wig
Curly Green Wig
Economy Lime Green Bob Wig
80's Pop Sensation Wig - Pink or Lime
Adult Green Desire Wig
Neon Green Glamorama Wig
Green Elf Wig
Lime Green Starlet Wig
Lime Green Party Girl Wig
Neon Green Peggy Sue Wig
Lollipop Lily Green/Pink Wig
Deluxe Plush Elf Shoes
Adult The Joker Wig - The Dark Knight
Afro Clown Wig - More Colors
Adult Aqua Desire Wig
Dapper Cane
Adult Striped Thigh Highs - More Colors
Adult Striped Tights - More Colors
Plus Size Striped Tights - More Colors
12 Pack Metallic Half Masks
12 Pack Colorful Mustaches
Colorful Handlebar Mustache - More Colors
12 Pack Colorful Temporary Mustache Finger Tattoos
Rainbow Eyelashes
Plastic Star Tiara
Ponytail Bopper Headband - More Colors
Full Plastic Face Mask - More Colors
Fabric Half Face Mask - More Colors
Megaphone Bead Necklace - More Colors
Bronze Metallic Half Mask
Black Velvet Mask With Rhinestones
Gold or Silver Glitter Filigree Mask
Devil or Demon Mask
Red/Green Jester Tights - Adult and Plus
Long Hooded Black Velvet Cloak
Short Red Taffeta Cape
Red Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
St. Patrick's Day Green Boutonniere - Final Sale
Child Size Jester Shoes
Adult Jester Shoes
Adult Clubs & Hearts Print Thigh Highs
Adult Rainbow Knee Socks
Adult Checkered Thigh Highs
Adult Black/White Jester Tights
Plus Size Black/White Jester Tights
Black Rounded Bandit Mask
Black Venetian Mask With Gold Braid Trim
Black/Gold Feather & Lace Mask
You won't believe the selection, which spans from king costumes, queen costumes, jester costumes, and masquerade costumes, and more. We also have plus size Mardi Gras costumes, should that be a concern. Even if it is not, you need to check each sizing chart, since they are not uniform. Another thing to check is our full complement of accessories: capes, cloaks, hats, hosiery, tights, gloves, wigs of all colors, and a whole lot more. The creative possibilities are endless with Candy Apple Costumes. For even more options, also check our Masks, Hosiery, Hats and Wigs sections.
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