Kids' 50's Costumes

50's Costumes for Kids and Teens

Make that 1950s costume party a family affair with '50s costumes in kid sizes for boys and girls. At Candy Apple Costumes, you can find pink girl's poodle skirt costumes and black leather-looking jackets from the Nifty Fifties era in children's sizes. Our costumes and '50s accessories make it easy to plan a children's theme party based on the movies "Grease" or "Back to the Future." Or make it a fright-free Halloween with cute 1950s looks.
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Child's 50's Pink Satin Jacket
Child Size 50's Pink Lady Jacket
Economy Child's Poodle Skirt - More Colors
Child's Poodle Skirt - More Colors
Child's Pink 50's Poodle Skirt
Child's 50s Sock Hop Costume
Child's 50s Thunderbirds Jacket
Child's Black 50s Rock 'N' Roll Jacket
Child's Red 50's Sweetheart Costume
Child's Pink 50's Sweetheart Costume
Economy Child's 50's Blue Poodle Skirt
Child's Red Letterman Jacket Costume
Child's Pink Letterman Jacket Costume
Toddler Size 50's Circle Skirt
Child's Nifty Fifties Sock Hop Costume
Tween Nifty Fifties Sock Hop Costume
Girls' Pink 50's Ladies Jacket
Girls' Soda Shop Sweetie Costume
Child's Pink Satin Ladies Jacket & Scarf
Child's Pink Ladies Jacket & Scarf
Child's Polka Dot Sock Hop Skirt
Economy Child's 50's Pink Poodle Skirt
50's Girls' Polka Dot Rocker Costume
Child's Pink 50s Sock Hop Top
Child's 50s Striped Top
Child's Deluxe Poodle Skirt
Adult 50's Pink Lady Jacket
Child's 50s Pink Poodle Dress
Toddler 50's Pink Poodle Cutie
Girls' White/Pink Retro Tee
Vintage Style Cat Eye Rhinestone Glasses
50s Style Rhinestone Cat's Eye Glasses
Rhinestone Cat's Eye Sunglasses
Mr. 50's Glasses
50's Scarf - More Colors
50's Polka Dot Satin Scarf - More Colors
50's Solid Satin Scarf - More Colors
50s Poodle Scarf
Child's Economy Petticoat - Black or White
Adult Economy 22-Inch Petticoat - Black or White
Child Size Sheer Crinoline
Child's Saddle Shoes
Women's Saddle Shoes
Child's Bobby Socks
Child's 50s Poodle Socks
Adult Poodle Socks
Adult Bobby Socks
Child Size Gloves - White or Red
50s Greaser Switchblade Comb
Child's Retro Elastic Cinch Belt
Adult Retro Elastic Cinch Belt
Retro Sequin Elastic Cinch Belt
50's Class Nerd Clear Lens Glasses
50s Skinny Tie - White or Black
Deluxe Biker Temporary Tattoos
50s Record Earrings
Adult Zip Neck Tie
Adult Knee Length Petticoat - More Colors
Pink/White Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunglasses
Child's White Cotton Gloves
50's Chiffon Scarf - More Colors
Blues Brothers Sunglasses
Class Ring Necklace
50's Pink Rhinestone Music Note Necklace
Faux Pearl Bracelet
Silver Leopard Cat Eye Sunglasses
Black Lace Wrist Length Gloves
50s Music Note & Record Earrings
Neon Cat's Eye Glasses
Ladies' Parade Gloves - White
Adult Hot Pink Layered Tulle Petticoat
Zebra Print Sunglasses
Black Rock N' Roll Sideburns
Adult Tea Length Slip - More Colors
60's Starlet Wig - More Colors
Blonde Peggy Sue Wig
Black Peggy Sue Wig
Natural Red Peggy Sue Wig
Grease Danny Wig
50's Cool Girl Blonde Wig
Neon Blue Peggy Sue Wig
Neon Red Peggy Sue Wig
Bee Hive Wig - More Colors
Hot Pink Starlet Wig
Blonde 60's Flip Wig
Black 60's Flip Wig
Sassy Hot Pink Wig
Icy Pink So Fine Wig
Economy Hot Pink Bob Wig
Adult White Satin Cuff Ankle Socks
Adult White Ruffle Ankle Socks

We carry children's sizes in '50s-look sock hop costumes, greasers' jackets to go with retro slicked-back hair, petticoats, diner waitress and soda jerk looks. Youngsters can be the class nerd, the local rebel, a rock and roll fangirl or a roller-skating drive-in waitress. Kids love the look and feel of our Pink Ladies satin jackets for girls and dress-up biker vests for boys. Customized size charts make it easy to find the perfect fit in kids' costumes for infant, toddler, growing boy and girl, 'tween and teen sizes.

Our accessories selection is where our kid's '50s costumes really go beyond local box stores. Choose from rocker sunglasses and cat's eye peepers that are anything but nosebleed. Walk into the party wearing bobby socks and saddle shoes. Skinny ties, temporary biker tattoos, earrings, satin gloves and stick-on sideburns will coordinate any outfit. We're America's favorite for children's costumes and accessories. Kids love all the styles and colors, while parents love our famously affordable prices and long-lasting quality. And parents can find a great costume as well in our 1950s Costumes section so both kids and adults can rock on!
Designer Juli Lynne Charlot invented what would become the iconic poodle skirt in 1947, when she cut a skirt out of felt for a holiday party and appliqued whimsical Christmas trees on it. The skirt was a hit, so she started making and selling skirts with other designs, like dachshunds, poodles and race horses.

Check out our 50's Accessories and 50's Wigs sections to complete your nifty fifties costume with saddle shoes, bobby socks, crinolines and cat eye glasses!

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