Historical Costumes for Kids and Adults

Candy Apple Costumes is your place to come to for all your historical costume needs. Our costumes are created based on authentic styles of the era they represent, ensuring your cosplay, festival, stage play, Halloween, parade or party costume is a good representation of a certain period in history. We offer historical costumes for children and adults in small to large sizes.
1920, 1940s and 1950s

The 20th century was a time of enormous growth and change, and certain decades stand out when it comes to capturing the public's imagination. To this day, you can read books and watch movies depicting historical events that helped to shape our current world. We invite you to browse each of these decades to find costumes that help you bring these eras back in living color.

The 1920s was a transitional period that sent men and women soaring into the skies as daring aviators. Back on earth, women freely wore flapper dresses while men donned dapper suits, hats and spats. Meanwhile, gangsters defied prohibition wearing slick suits, and their glamorous girls stuck by their side through thick and thin. Patriotism and military service defined the 1940s, and we offer sharp soldier and sailor costumes from this era. As the '50s got going, so did rock n' roll, influencing fashions of the day. Popular '50s costume pieces include poodle skirts, black jackets, pink jackets, saddle shoes and slicked-back hair for guys.

1700s and 1800s

Between 1789 and 1799, the French Revolution caused social change and upheaval in France and her colonies. But, of course, the French do everything with style, and we offer commoner and upper-class outfits that help you portray both sides of this conflict. Meanwhile, in the American colonies, the colonial era was in full swing, and America too would soon revolt against the British empire. You can dress like a colonial citizen, colonial founding father, Revolutionary War soldier or early pioneer.

The Civil War era offers a fascinating array of costume choices. Play President Lincoln, a union soldier, confederate soldier, saloon girl, Victorian lady and more.

Ancient History

When the role calls for an ancient historical costume, we've got just what you need. We offer biblical costumes for church plays and pageants. Additionally, you can play any popular character from our Egyptian, Greek and Roman costume collections. Costume choices include goddess, empress, gladiator and emperor.
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