Historical Costumes for Kids and Adults

When you're attending a cosplay festival or casting a period piece, you need a historical costume that looks authentic, grabs attention and is made to last. At Candy Apple Costumes, we have the right ensemble to help anyone both look and feel their part and enjoy the confidence that comes with it. We stock the biggest selection and variety you'll find anywhere, with historical costumes for sale from any time period and for all ages. Because we only carry the best costume brands, you know you will get premium historic costumes in sizes from small toddlers to large adults.
Stand with the Greek gods in a royal toga costume. Saddle up alongside fellow gunslingers in Wild West garb. Celebrate the American Revolution as a Colonial lady or Founding Father. Or harken back to more recent history with our 20th-century decade costumes. From the Crusades to the Civil War, we have the threads to do your own performance battle. Even if you're wearing them as Halloween costumes, people will feel the history wherever you go. We ship all order over $75 for free and include sizing charts with each item to ensure you get a historical costume that fits as well as it looks.
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