Greek  Roman Costumes

Greek, Roman and Egyptian Costumes

Create your own ancient world experience with our vast collection of authentic style Greek, Roman and Egyptian costumes from Candy Apple Costumes. All three of these cultures built mighty empires that influenced and inspired advances in agriculture, architecture, science, art, religion and philosophy. With our impressive costumes, you can confidently take on the role of emperor, pharaoh, goddess or queen with authority. If you are roleplaying everyday citizens or fierce warriors of long ago, check out our selection of fine-quality togas and warrior costumes.
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18" Royal Scepter - Blue
Adult 100 Acres Donkey Costume Hoodie
Adult Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume
Adult Deluxe Centurion Costume
Adult Deluxe Hercules Costume
Adult Deluxe Roman Gladiator Costume
Adult Dinousaur Latex Mask
Adult Gold Gladiator Tiger Helmet
Adult Greek Empress Costume
Adult Herdsman or Noah Costume
Adult Hollywood Goddess Marilyn Costume
Adult Jesus Costume
Adult Jesus Costume
Adult Jesus Wig and Beard
Adult Pharaoh Costume
Adult Roman Empress Costume
Adult Roman Senator Costume - Standard and Plus
Adult Saint Joseph Costume
Adult Sequined Cleopatra Mask
Adult Shepherd or Jesus Costume, Size M/L
Adult Silver Gladiator Tiger Helmet
Adult Toga Toga Costume
Adult Virgin Mary Costume
Adult Women's Angel Costume With Bell Sleeves
Antiqued Gold Feathered Roman Helmet
Antiqued Gold Plastic Roman Leg Guards
Antiqued Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Antiqued Gold Roman Body Armor With Cape
Antiqued Gold Roman Gladiator Dagger
Biblical Wig and Beard
Big Curly Beard - More Colors
Black 26-inch Cat Of Nine Tails
Black Arabian Princess Wig
Black/Gold Fabric Pharaoh Headdress
Blonde Renaissance Goddess Wig
Blonde Viking Wig and Braided Beard
Cave Man Bag of Bones
Charmer Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Child Angel Costume With Bell Sleeves
Child's 100 Acres Donkey Costume Hoodie
Child's Archangel Costume
Child's Biblical Wig and Beard
Child's Brown Wiseman Beard and Mustache
Child's Cleopatra Costume
Child's Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume
Child's Deluxe Gladiator Costume
Child's Deluxe Joseph Costume
Child's Donkey Costume
Child's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Child's Egyptian Princess Costume
Child's Gaspar of India Wiseman Costume
Child's Goddess Athena Costume
Child's Gray Wiseman Beard and Mustache
Child's Greek Goddess Costume
Child's Ivory Angel Costume
Child's Jesus Costume
Child's Moses Costume
Child's Purple Goddess Costume
Child's Roman Boy Costume
Child's Roman Empress Costume
Child's Roman Gladiator Costume
Child's Roman Princess Costume
Child's Roman Toga Costume
Child's Roman Warrior Costume
Child's Saint Joseph Costume
Child's Shepherd or Jesus Costume
Child's Virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene Costume
Cleopatra Asp Earrings
Colonial Shoe Buckles - Silver or Gold
Costume 4" Gold Metal Cross Necklace
Dangly Gold Coin Earrings
Deluxe Adult Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown, Black, Gray
Deluxe Adult Caesar Costume
Deluxe Adult Empress of the Nile Cleopatra Costume
Deluxe Adult Jesus Costume and Wig
Deluxe Adult Roman Gladiator Costume, Size M/L
Deluxe Crooked Shepherd's Staff
Deluxe Gold Roman Helmet With Red Plume
Deluxe Long Black Wig
Deluxe Long Brown Wig
Deluxe Men's Brown Roman Sandals
Deluxe Women's Long Toga Costume - White or Red
Donkey Costume Kit
Donkey Headband and Tail Costume Kit
Egyptian Wrist Cuffs
Fallen Angel Long Gray Wig
Fortune Teller Bangles - Gold or Silver
Full 14" Beard and Mustache Set - Black or Brown
Full Black Beard and Mustache Set
Gladiator Combat Shield and Sword
Goatee and Mustache - More Colors
Gold Ancient Knight Helmet
Gold Coin Earrings
Gold Egyptian Staff
Gold Feathered Roman Helmet
Gold Goddess Sandals
Gold Laurel Headband
Gold Peaks Circlet Crown
Gold Plastic Genie Lamp
Gold Roman Armbands
Gold Roman Goddess Sandals
Gold Roman Helmet with Crest
Gold Roman Rope Belt
Gold Spartan Legions Helmet
Gold/Black Roman Shield
Gold/Black Studded Roman Armor
Gold/Black Studded Roman Leg Guards
Golden Cleopatra Asp Ring
King of the Sea Wig and Beard
Large Heart Rhinestone Silver Tiara
Lodge Hat With Black Horns
Long Crimped Beard and Mustache - Gray or Brown
Long Full Gray Beard and Mustache Set
Men's Archangel Costume
Men's Egyptian Sandals
Men's Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Men's Plus Size Hail Caesar Costume
Men's Plus Size Joseph Costume
Men's Roman Gladiator Belt
Men's Roman Gladiator Sandals
Men's Roman Sandals
Men's Spartan Warrior Costume
Metal Roman Coin Belt
Nylon Wig Cap
Pharaoh Headdress
Pirate Mustache and Beard
Plastic Angel Harp
Plastic Greek Laurel Wreath - Gold or Silver
Plastic Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath
Platinum Goddess Wig
Plus Size Adult Jesus Costume
Plus Size Adult Moses Costume
Plus Size Adult Pharaoh Costume
Plus Size Adult Shepherd or Jesus Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Caesar Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Hercules Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Long Red Toga Costume
Plus Size Greek Goddess Costume
Plus Size Medusa Goddess Costume
Plus Size Mighty Caesar XXXL Costume
Plus Size Olympian Goddess Costume
Plus Size Roman Empress Costume
Plus Size Unisex Toga Costume
Renaissance Beauty Brown Wig
Renaissance Girl Wig - More Colors
Roman Gladiator Belt and Wrist Guards Set
Roman Gladiator Sword
Roman Leg Guards
Roman Long Sword
Roman Sword
Roman Wristbands
Shepherd's Crook - White or Brown
Silver Feathered Roman Helmet
Silver Spartan Legions Helmet
Silver/Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Silver/Gold Roman Leg Guards
Small Heart Rhinestone Silver Tiara
Spartan Combat Shield and Sword
Teen Size Unisex Toga Costume
Tinsel Angel Halo
Unisex Brown Hippie Wig
White Marabou Halo
Women's Blue Goddess Costume
Women's Plus Size Roman Empress Costume
Women's Plus Size Virgin Mary Costume
Women's Red Goddess Costume
Women's Sexy Red Greek Empress Costume
Women's Shimmering Rhinestone Goddess Headpiece
Women's Virgin Mary Blue and White Costume

Are you participating in a biblical play or special event? Our biblical costumes provide an array of opportunities to play favorite characters from the bible, including Jesus, Joseph, the Virgin Mary, angels, apostles, wise men, Roman guards and shepherds.

Captivating Ancient Women

A woman who knows her strengths, radiates beauty from within and when you slip on any of our costumes to portray a queen, empress, spiritual figure or goddess, the magnetic energy of your transformation is truly captivating. Go ahead and embrace your inner ruler and let no man (or woman) get in your way. Stroll into rooms feeling confident and self-assured as you embody your character's leadership traits and natural talents. In this role, you are strong and wield a great deal of power with grace and wisdom.

Magnetic Ancient Men

Be the leader, influencer or warrior you were meant to be with our collection of ancient world costumes for adult males. With our realistic costumes, you can take on the role of Julius Caesar with confidence. Or step into the warrior shoes of Hercules. You can also be convincing as Zeus, Socrates or a Roman senator, exuding all your innate skill to create magnetic vibrancy. In full costume, you feel strong and ready to take on the world.

Look More Authentic

Whatever ancient character you choose to portray, you can amplify your character's appeal by adding a variety of vintage style accessories to your costume. Browse to find fashionable sandals, leg guards, beautiful wigs, costume jewelry, helmets, crowns and various armor pieces. Accessories give your costume attire more authenticity, which enhances your roleplaying fun.

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