Greek & Roman Armor and Accessories

If you have chosen to wear a Greek or Roman toga from Candy Apple Costumes for your upcoming event, you have made a wise choice. Now comes the really fun part - choosing the accessories to complete your look. Can you imagine Cleopatra or any Greek or Roman goddess without earrings, necklace, and other trappings? How about an ancient Roman without helmet or sword? That's why, no matter which character you have chosen, no costume is complete without accessories.
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A wide variety is here from which to choose. For guys, there is everything from sandals, laurel wreath, leg guards, studded armor, shepherd's staff, armbands, and of course, mustache and beard, and more. For gals, our partial list includes wigs, goddess headpiece and bracelet wrist cuffs. Memorize some lines to go with your character, and you may just turn out to be the hit of the entire gathering.
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