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Costume Wigs, Mustaches and Beards

A wig is the icing on top of your perfect costume, the accessory that pulls it all together and makes heads turn when you walk in the room! Top off your costume with one of our more than 700 costume wigs, beards and mustaches for adults and kids! From our affordable economy wigs to our deluxe premium wigs, you'll be sure to find something to add the perfect finishing touch to your costume for Halloween or year-round fun! There are so many great costumes with wigs, from glamorous go-go girls and pop culture icons - Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Elvis come to mind - to historical figures, renaissance queens and cartoon characters. You'll find wigs and beards to finish off any eye-catching costume at Candy Apple Costumes!
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1 Dozen Economy Mustaches Set
12 Pack Colorful Mustaches
1920's Black Bob Wig
1940's Long Auburn Wig With Top Curls
20's Pin Curl Cutie Honey Blonde Wig
25" Long Mohair Beard - More Colors
30" Dreadlocks Wig
36" Long Black Wig
40's Sweetheart Blonde Wig
50's Cool Girl Blonde Wig
50's Greaser Wig - More Colors
50's Lucy Auburn Wig
60's Black British Invasion Wig
60's Brown British Invasion Wig
60's Starlet Wig - More Colors
70's Angel Blonde Wig
70's Disco Man Kit
70's Mustache and Sideburns
70's Shag Wig - More Colors
80's Chameleon Hat with Multicolored Braids
80's Funky Fresh Rainbow Wig
80's Girls' Night Out Black Curly Mullet Wig
80's Girls' Night Out Brown Curly Mullet Wig
80's Let's Get Physical Blonde Wig and Sweatbands
80's Mullet Wig - Brown or Black
80's Neon Tri-Color Sindee Wig
80's Pop Sensation Wig - Pink or Lime
80's Pop Star Wig
80's Rock Mullet Brown Wig
Abraham Lincoln Beard and Hat Kit
Abraham Lincoln Wig & Beard
Adult "The Willie" Headband With Braids
Adult 1980's Pop Star Wig
Adult 19th Century Curly Mutton Chops
Adult Anime Character Wig
Adult Aqua Desire Wig
Adult Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Adult Benjamin Franklin Wig
Adult Biker Mutton Chops and Bandana
Adult Black Instant Mullet Headband
Adult Black/White Puppy Poacher Wig
Adult Blonde Instant Mullet Headband
Adult Blue Curly Siren Wig
Adult Brown Instant Mullet Headband
Adult Crimped Beard and Mustache
Adult Frederick Douglass Wig & Beard
Adult Fuchsia Desire Wig
Adult Gray Granny Perm Wig
Adult Green Desire Wig
Adult Grey Zeus Wig and Beard
Adult Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
Adult I Love Lucy Wig
Adult Jesus Wig and Beard
Adult Jheri Curl Wig
Adult Jumbo Rock n' Roller Wig
Adult Lady Guinevere Ginger Renaissance Wig
Adult Light Pink Curly Siren Wig
Adult Lilac Anime Pixie Wig
Adult Lilac Desire Wig
Adult Little Orphan Annie Wig
Adult Long Curly Green Wig
Adult Long Curly Red Wig
Adult Marina Blue/Turquoise Wig
Adult Miss Conception Wig
Adult Purple Desire Wig
Adult Purple/Orange Candy Glam Wig
Adult Quackers Beard and Camo Hat
Adult Rag Doll Boy Wig
Adult Rainbow Rocker Wig
Adult Red Desire Wig
Adult Red Mermaid Wig with Shells
Adult Rockin' Soul Wig
Adult Slick Trickster Green Wig
Adult SNL Garth Algar Wig and Glasses
Adult SNL Wayne Campbell Wig and Hat
Adult White Curly Siren Wig
Afro Clown Wig - More Colors
Afro Man Wig and Beard
Albert Einstein Costume Kit
Amigo Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Aqua/White Dream Girl Wig
Arab Beard and Mustache Set
Athenian Goddess Wig - Blonde
Auburn 60's Mod Wig
Auburn Bee Hive Wig
Auburn Glamour Wig
Bail Enforcer Dirty Blonde Mullet Wig
Bee Hive Wig - More Colors
Beethoven Wig and Ascot Costume Kit
Benjamin Franklin Wig and Glasses Kit
Biblical Wig and Beard
Big Curly Beard - More Colors
Big Red Bouffant Wig
Biker Mustache
Billionaire Wig
Black 18th Century Patriot Wig
Black 60's Flip Wig
Black Afro Chops Wig
Black Afro Wig
Black Arabian Princess Wig
Black Beatnik Goatee
Black Bee Hive Wig
Black Clip-on Ponytail Wig
Black Cowboy Mustache
Black Curly Locks Wig
Black Faux Leather Steampunk Boot Spats
Black Glam Short Wig
Black Glamour Wig
Black Hard Rocker Wig
Black Hippie Wig
Black Indian Maiden Braided Wig
Black Men's Character Wig
Black Peggy Sue Wig
Black Rock N' Roll Sideburns
Black Sharon Wig
Black Super Model Wig
Black Superstar Wig with Silver Tinsel
Black Va Va Vamp Wig
Black/Blonde Streaked Enchanted Tresses Wig
Black/Gray Modern Vampire Wig
Black/Red Sports Fan Wig
Black/Silver Sports Fan Wig
Black/White Clip-on Spiral Falls Pigtails Wig
Black/White Dalmatian Diva Wig
Black/White Long Cruella Wig
Black/White Ms. Spot Wig
Black/White Victorian Lady Wig
Blond Medieval King Wig
Blonde 50's Housewife Wig
Blonde 60's Flip Wig
Blonde 60's Mod Wig
Blonde 80's Sprayed Wig
Blonde Bee Hive Wig
Blonde Bombshell Wig
Blonde Braided Headband and Long Braid
Blonde Curled Pigtail Cheerleader Wig
Blonde Discorama Mama Wig
Blonde Glamour Wig
Blonde Hippie Wig
Blonde Mythical Goddess Wig
Blonde Peggy Sue Wig
Blonde Pigtail Braids Wig
Blonde Renaissance Goddess Wig
Blonde Renaissance Princess Braided Wig
Blonde Sharon Wig
Blonde So Fine Wig
Blonde Viking Wig and Braided Beard
Blue California Girl Wig
Blue Clip on Anime Curls Pigtail Wig and Hairscara
Blue Glamour Wig
Blue Teenage Dream Wig
Blue/Pink Candy Swirl Wig
Blue/White Sports Fan Wig
Bold Blue So Fine Wig
Bright Blue Starlet Wig
Brown 18th Century Duke Wig
Brown 60's Flip Wig
Brown Goatee
Brown Peggy Sue Wig
Brown Sharon Wig
Brown So Fine Wig
Brown Super Mullet Wig
Brown Victorian Lady Wig
Burgundy Vamp Wig
Burt Wig and Mustache - Black or Brown
Caribbean Pirate Wig
Chaplin or Hitler Mustache
Charmer Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Child's Benjamin Franklin Wig
Child's Biblical Wig and Beard
Child's Black Afro Wig
Child's Blonde Aurora Renaissance Wig
Child's Brown Buccaneer Wig
Child's Brown Wiseman Beard and Mustache
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in Black
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in Brown
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in White
Child's Colonial Girl Wig
Child's Colonial Man Gray Wig
Child's Colonial Man White Wig
Child's Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
Child's Disney Snow White Wig
Child's Gray Old Lady Wig
Child's Gray Wiseman Beard and Mustache
Child's Green Neon Wig and Sunglasses
Child's Hippie Afro Wig
Child's Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
Child's Inside Out Blue Joy Wig
Child's Jesus Wig and Beard
Child's Long Black Wig
Child's Long Blonde Braided Rapunzel Wig
Child's Marie Antoinette Colonial Wig
Child's Natural Red Pigtail Braids Wig
Child's Old Aunt Gertie Wig
Child's Old Lady Wig and Shawl Costume Kit
Child's Old Man Wig
Child's Old Man Wig and Suspenders Costume Kit
Child's Old Man Wig, Beard and Pipe Costume Kit
Child's Old Timer Hat, Eyebrows & Mustache
Child's Pretty Princess Black Snow White Wig
Child's Pretty Princess Blonde Cinderella Wig
Child's Pretty Princess Brown Bella Wig
Child's Pretty Princess Red Ariel Wig
Child's Queen of the Nile Wig
Child's Rainbow Clown Wig
Child's Red Mermaid Wig
Child's Renaissance Girl Braided Wig
Child's White Colonial Lady Wig
Classy Lady Silver Grey Wig
Cleopatra Wig With Gold Sequin Headband
Colonial Man Wig
Colorful Handlebar Mustache - More Colors
Comb Over Wig
Comic Cutie Orange Wig
Country Girl Red Braids Wig
Country Western Diva Wig
Cruel Diva Black/White Wig
Curly Black Persian Prince Wig
Curly Green Wig
Curly Hot Pink Wig
Dandy Mustache and Goatee
Dark Wizard Light Gray Wig and Beard
Deluxe 70's Boy Wig - Black or Brown
Deluxe 70's Dude Brown Wig With Sideburns
Deluxe 80's Diva Blonde With Black Roots Wig
Deluxe Adult Abraham Lincoln Beard
Deluxe Adult Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown, Black, Gray
Deluxe Adult Disney Belle Wig
Deluxe Adult Jesus Costume and Wig
Deluxe Afro Wig - Brown or Blonde
Deluxe Black Long Curly Diva Wig
Deluxe Black Mistress Wig
Deluxe Black Real Man Wig
Deluxe Black Roman Caesar Wig
Deluxe Blond Real Man Wig
Deluxe Blonde Heiress Wig
Deluxe Blonde Mistress Wig
Deluxe Brown Mistress Wig
Deluxe Brown Super Star Wig
Deluxe Character Mustache
Deluxe Colonel Major Mustache
Deluxe Elvis Wig
Deluxe European Mustache
Deluxe Gentleman Mustache
Deluxe Golden Curls Wig
Deluxe Greaser Wig
Deluxe Handlebar Mustache
Deluxe Heather Tri-Color Wig
Deluxe Long Black Wig
Deluxe Long Brown Wig
Deluxe Long Moses Wig and Beard
Deluxe Marie Antoinette Wig With Roses
Deluxe Marilyn Wig
Deluxe Natural Red Mistress Wig
Deluxe Orange Mad Hatter Wig
Deluxe Platinum Mistress Wig
Deluxe Santa Wig and Beard
Deluxe Sorceress Wig
Deluxe Washable Santa Wig and Beard
Deluxe Wizard of Oz Dorothy Wig
Diamonds Marilyn Wig
Dreamgirl Deluxe Blonde Wig
Dreamgirl Deluxe Honey Blonde Wig
Earl Wig and Mustache
Economy Abraham Lincoln Beard
Economy Aqua Bob Wig
Economy Black Bob Wig
Economy Blonde Bob Wig
Economy Blue Bob Wig
Economy Brown Bob Wig
Economy Coral Pink Bob Wig
Economy Hot Pink Bob Wig
Economy Light Pink Bob Wig
Economy Long Blonde Center Part Wig
Economy Long Brown Wig With Bangs
Economy Orange Bob Wig
Economy Purple Bob Wig
Economy Red Bob Wig
Economy White Bob Wig
Elf Hat and Beard Costume Set
Fallen Angel Long Gray Wig
Feathered and Flirty Blonde Wig
Feathered and Flirty Brown Wig
Florence Nightingale Hat and Wig Costume Kit
Frederick Douglass Costume Kit
Fu Manchu Mustache
Full 14" Beard and Mustache Set - Black or Brown
Full Black Beard and Mustache Set
Geisha Wig
Gentleman Mustache - Black, Brown or Gray
George Washington Costume Kit
Geppetto Grey Wig and Mustache
Glam Rocker Neon Orange Wig
Glamorous Red Wig
Goth Curls Black Wig
Gothic Vampire Wig
Gray Colonial Man Wig
Gray Curly Grandma Wig
Gray Old Lady Wig
Grease Danny Wig
Greaser Wig
Green Elf Wig
Grey 18th Century Duke Wig With Bow
Hairy Chest
Handlebar Mustache
Harriet Tubman Costume Kit
Hippie Mustache
Hippie Rocker Brown Wig
Honey Blond Mr. Dreamy Wig
Honey Blonde Mr. CEO Wig
Hot Pink Clip on Anime Curls Pigtail Wig and Hairscara
Hot Pink Peggy Sue Wig
Hot Pink Starlet Wig
Hotel Heiress Blonde Wig
Icy Blue Party Flapper Wig
Icy Blue So Fine Wig
Icy Pink Party Flapper Wig
Icy Pink So Fine Wig
Icy Pink/White Dream Girl Wig
Indian Brave Wig
International Beauty Black Wig
International Beauty Blonde Wig
International Beauty Honey Blonde Wig
Jack Sparrow Pirate Bandana with Dreadlocks
Judge Wig
King Neptune White Wig and Beard
King of the Sea Wig and Beard
Late Night Host Wig
Latex Bald Cap
Leonardo da Vinci Costume Kit
Light Brown 80's Mullet Wig
Lilac Glam Short Wig
Lilac Glamorama Wig
Lilac So Fine Wig
Lime Green Starlet Wig
Literate Full Mustache - More Colors
Lollipop Lily Green/Pink Wig
Long Black 80's Headbanger Wig
Long Black Center Part Wig
Long Black Hippie Wig
Long Black Unisex 80s Rocker Wig
Long Blonde Atlantis Wig
Long Blonde Hippie Wig
Long Blonde Unisex 80s Rocker Wig
Long Brown Hippie Wig
Long Brown/Blonde Atlantis Wig
Long Crimped Beard and Mustache - Gray or Brown
Long Full Gray Beard and Mustache Set
Long Gray Hippie Wig
Long Platinum Curly Nobleman Wig
Long Unisex Mixed Blonde 80s Rocker Wig
Long Wavy Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Mad Hatter Orange Eyebrows
Mad Scientist Wig
Manly Mustache
Marilyn Monroe Blonde Bombshell Wig
Marilyn Wig
Mark Twain Wig and Mustache Kit
Medieval King Wig and Beard
Men's 18th Century Blond Peruke Wig
Men's 18th Century Gray Peruke Wig
Men's 1950's Doo Wop Black Wig
Men's 80's Blonde Street Wig
Men's Black Colonial Wig
Men's Brown Colonial Wig
Men's White Colonial Wig
Merlin Long White Wig and Beard
Mississippi Mud Flap Brown Mullet Wig
Mixed Blonde Disco Afro
Mixed Blonde Foxy Lady Wig
Mr. Tough Guy Wig
Mrs. Claus White Wig
Mullet Wig - More Colors
Natural Red Peggy Sue Wig
Natural Red Pin Up Girl Wig
Natural Red So Fine Wig
Neon Aqua Glam Short Wig
Neon Aqua Glamorama Wig
Neon Blue Glam Short Wig
Neon Blue Peggy Sue Wig
Neon Green Glam Short Wig
Neon Green Glamorama Wig
Neon Green Peggy Sue Wig
Neon Hair Extensions 2-Pack
Neon Orange 80's Pixie Wig
Neon Orange Glam Short Wig
Neon Pink Glam Short Wig
Neon Pink Glamorama Wig
Neon Purple Glam Short Wig
Neon Purple Peggy Sue Wig
Neon Red Glam Short Wig
Neon Red Glamorama Wig
Neon Red Peggy Sue Wig
Neon Red So Fine Wig
Neon Spike Hair Gel
Neon Yellow Glam Short Wig
Nerdy Guy Wig
Nostradamus Costume Kit
Nylon Wig Cap
Old Man Eyebrows and Mustache Set
Ooh La La Black/Red Wig
Ooh La La Yellow/Red Wig
Orange/White Sports Fan Wig
Pastel Pink Marie Antoinette Wig
Paul Revere Hat and Wig Costume Kit
Pirate Mustache and Beard
Pirate Mustache and Goatee
Pirate Wench Wig
Plastic Man Wig and Sunglasses
Platinum Barbarian Bride Wig
Purple 80's Pixie Wig
Purple Bob Wig
Purple California Girl Wig
Purple Clip on Anime Curls Pigtail Wig and Hairscara
Purple Clown Wig With Attached Polka Dot Hat
Purple Crimped Doll Wig
Purple Glamour Wig
Purple Vibe Wig
Rainbow Clown Wig
Rainbow Handlebar Mustache
Rap Star Beard and Mustache Set
Red Crochet Rag Doll Beanie with Pigtails
Red Curly Afro Wig
Red Glamour Wig
Red Pigtail Braids Wig
Red Pigtail Braids Wig
Red Pirate Beard and Mustache
Red Yarn Rag Doll Wig - Adult or Child
Red/Black Curly Clown Puffs Wig
Renaissance Beauty Brown Wig
Renaissance Girl Wig - More Colors
Rock N Roll Wig Costume Kit
Rocky Horror Columbia Wig
Rocky Horror Frank-N-Furter Wig
Rocky Horror Magenta Wig
Rocky Horror Riff Raff Wig
Samurai Wig
Santa Eyebrow Whitener
Sassy Black Bob Wig
Sassy Blonde Wig
Sassy Blue Wig
Sassy Brown Wig
Sassy Hot Pink Wig
Sassy Natural Red Wig
Sassy Pastel Lilac Wig
Sassy Platinum Blonde Bob Wig
Schoolgirl Black/White Pigtail Braids Wig
Scientist Wig and Mustache
Scientist Wig with Bald Head - Adult or Child
Sexy Lolita Wig - More Colors
Shakespeare Beard and Mustache
Shapeable Mustache - Black, Brown, or Gray
Silver Glitter Disco Wig
Silver Screen Glam Wig - Red
Sinister Crimp Wig - Red
Spirit Gum Adhesive & Remover
St. Patrick's Day Green Self-Adhesive Mustaches Set
Sumo Wrestler Wig
Super Afro Wig - Black or Blonde
Super Model Wig - Blonde
Super Model Wig - Pink
Teal/Black Glamour Wig
The Colonel White Wig and Beard
The Gambler Mustache and Goatee
The Gunslinger Mustache
The Rustler Full Mustache and Goatee
Theodore Roosevelt Wig and Glasses Kit
Tight Afro Wig
Toddler/Child Disney Frozen Anna Braided Wig
Toon Tie Tina Wig
Turquoise Crimped Doll Wig
Two-Tone Black/Red Braids Wig
Two-Tone Blonde Hard Rocker Wig
Uncle Sam Beard
Uncle Sam Beard and Hat Kit
Uncle Sam White Wig and Goatee
Unisex Brown Hippie Wig
Unisex Caveman Dreadlocks Wig
Unisex Rocker Wig - More Colors
Wet Look Black Wig
White 18th Century Duke Wig
White Colonial Woman Wig
White George Wig
White Glamorama Wig
White Goth Vampira Wig
White Old Lady Wig
William Shakespeare Costume Kit
Women's Black Bouffant Wig
Women's Black Daisy Flapper Wig
Women's Black Guinevere Renaissance Wig
Women's Blonde Daisy Flapper Wig
Women's Blonde Guinevere Renaissance Wig
Women's Blonde Medieval Princess Wig
Women's Brown Daisy Flapper Wig
Women's Brown Medieval Princess Wig
Women's Curly Black Disco Diva Do Wig
Women's Medieval Warrior Queen Auburn Wig
Women's Natural Red Daisy Flapper Wig
Women's Natural Red Medieval Princess Wig
Women's Rainbow Chic Bob Wig
Women's Scarlett Wig - Brown or Black
When you think about the most memorable costumes you've ever seen, you'll probably recall that many of them featured a costume wig. The 80's rock star with his wild mane of bleached hair, Marilyn Monroe with her platinum pageboy, the male stripper with his curly mullet or the unicorn with her rainbow locks. So often, hair defines an era's fashions - the long, free-flowing locks of the hippies and the equally free afro represent an era where freedom of expression was exploding to life. Complete everything from an old-fashioned colonial getup to a bright and exciting '70s costume with one of our high-quality and affordable men's and women's costume wigs.

Explore our selection of '20s wigs to find the perfect accent to your fabulous flapper costume. The flapper's short hair was a way of breaking loose from the status quo. These days, bright color and pastel wigs showcase the current generation's dare-to-be-different attitude. We carry all these kinds of wigs and more to suit your style -  funny, pretty, eye-catching, historically accurate, Cosplay authentic. You'll find it all in our assortment of costume wigs for sale at Candy Apple Costumes. We hope you'll stay and look around a while! Maybe you'll get an idea for a way to take your costume to the next level!

We offer bulk wig discounts for orders over 12 - please see our volume discounts page for more information! Our wigs ship out the same day you order them, when you order by 2:00 p.m.!
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