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If you've been invited to a special theme party or you're looking for the ideal costume for a holiday celebration, school project or Halloween, we have the perfect costume for you! Rather than visit some superstore to dig through different costumes, wondering which is most appropriate for Day of the Dead, Cinco de Mayo or a '70s disco party, find exactly what you need in a higher quality costume for the right price at Candy Apple Costumes. Browse our premium costumes by occasion.

Costumes through the Decades

Theme parties that focus on a certain decade are very popular, but how do you know what the right costume is for a particular decade? That's why we let you browse costumes for the roaring '20s (think gangsters and flappers), 1950s (sock hops, drive-in diners, greasers and early rock 'n' roll), the wild '60s (hippies and mods) and the 1970s (leisure suits and disco divas). The 1980s brought pop stars, flamboyance, rappers and big hair; you'll find that as well.

Holiday Costumes

Whether you're dressing up for your company's Christmas party, going to a Fourth of July celebration or taking in Mardi Gras in grand style, we have the perfect outfit and accessories. You'll also find Christmas pageant costumes for your child's school production and leprechaun costumes for St. Patrick's Day.

Historical Costumes for Theatre, Reenactments and School Projects

You can count on Candy Apple Costumes for the most authentic historical costumes for theatrical performances, historic reenactments and school projects. You'll find costumes for various inhabitants through the ages, including cavemen, biblical figures, Greeks and Romans, Egyptians, kings and queens, Arabians, French Revolution characters, Civil War individuals and even Steampunk gear. Our historical costumes are incredibly authentic and detailed. For children with a school project, it's a great way to learn history while having fun.

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