Thanksgiving Costumes

Bring to life a time when early Mayflower settlers and Native Americans met and interacted for the first time with realistic Thanksgiving costumes. At Candy Apple Costumes, you'll find a Thanksgiving costume to suit every type of historical scenario. Whatever you have in mind is possible, whether it's a costume party you're attending as a family, you're looking to cast a school play or you're just having fun.
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Adult Fleece Turkey Costume
Child Fleece Turkey Costume
Toddler/Child Plush Turkey Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Girl Costume
Adult Pilgrim Woman Costume
Adult Pilgrim Man Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Girl Costume
Adult Native American Woman Costume
Child's Pilgrim Boy Costume
Child's Pilgrim Girl Costume
Plus Size Pilgrim Man Costume
Plus Size Pilgrim Woman Costume
Teen/Tween Pilgrim Man Costume
Teen/Tween Blue Pilgrim Man Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Child's Frontier Boy Costume
Women's Plus Size Indian Summer Native American Costume
Boys' Native American Costume
Girls' Native American Costume
Deluxe Adult Men's Pilgrim Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Adult Men's Pilgrim Costume
Adult Proper Pilgrim Lady Costume
Women's Colonial Lady Kathryn Costume
Women's Colonial Lady Abigail Costume
Women's Colonial Lady Charlotte Costume
Plus Size Women's Colonial Lady Abigail Costume
Child's Proper Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Sarah Costume
Women's Native American Beauty Costume
Child's Blue Pilgrim Girl Costume
Adult Groovy 60s Fringed Boot Covers
Child's Blue Pilgrim Girl Costume
Adult Brown Pretty Pigtail Braids Wig
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Toddler Lil' Warrior Indian Costume
Adult Native American Costume Shirt
Dreamgirl Reservation Royalty Sexy Native American Costume
Junior Dreamgirl Tribal Beauty Indian Costume
Adult Native American Brave Costume
Adult Noble Warrior Indian Costume
Child's Indian Warrior Costume
Adult Running Bull Indian Costume
Child's Running Brook Indian Costume
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Teen/Tween Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Adult Colonial Lady Costume
Women's Tan Fringed Indian Sandals
Children's Tan Fringed Indian Moccasins
Women's Hippie/Native American Moccasin Shoe Covers
Men's Hippie/Native American Moccasin Shoe Covers
Child's Hippie/Native American Moccasin Shoe Covers
Adult Fringed Faux Suede Boot Covers
Faux Suede Beaded Boot Covers
Women's Blue Pilgrim Lady Costume
Pilgrim Shoe Covers
Colonial Shoe Buckles - Silver or Gold
Black Puritan Bonnet With Lace Trim
Black Pilgrim Man Hat
Black Pilgrim Bonnet
Deluxe Black 16th Century Pilgrim Hat
Pilgrim Man Costume Kit
Pilgrim Lady Costume Kit
Child's Indian Princess Costume
Child's Indian Brave Costume
Child's Deluxe Princess Wildflower Native American Costume
Adult Sexy Indian Princess Costume
Dreamgirl Pocahottie Sexy Indian Costume
Plus Size Indian Maiden Costume
Adult Colonial Lady Costume
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Martha Washington Costume
Child's Colonial American Girl Costume
Plus Size Adult Colonial Peasant Costume
Black Indian Maiden Braided Wig
Long Gray Hippie Wig
Long Black Hippie Wig
Adult Pocahontas Costume - More Colors
Plus Size Native American Brave Costume
Plus Size Native American Man XXXL Costume
Indian Brave Wig
Indian Feathered Headband
Deluxe Long Black Wig
Black Glamour Wig
Long Black Center Part Wig
36" Long Black Wig
Black Indian Princess Wig
Toy Bow and Arrow Set
Native American Quiver and Arrows
Native American Beaded Bracelet
Indian Costume Drum Rattle
Native American Tomahawk
Native American War Drum
Native American Peace Pipe
Native American Chief Feather Headdress
Native American Bow and Arrow
Child's Davy Crockett Costume
Native American Feather and Bead Necklace
Deluxe Indian Warrior Necklace
Native American Necklace
Native American Choker
Adult Fringed Cowboy Vest
Long Grey Center Part Wig
Adult Sexy Native Princess Indian Costume
Adult Sexy Pink Halter Native American Costume
Women's Native American Princess Costume
Adult Frontier Man Costume
Plus Size Adult Frontier Man XXL Costume
Adult Amish Bonnet
Indian Warrior Mohawk Wig
Browse our collection to find a girls' or boys' pilgrim costume that includes everything needed to instantly look the part. Also find different styles of pilgrim's costumes for adult men and women. Our vast selection includes Native American costumes and frontier costumes. You can even prance around in a turkey costume!

We also have sexy outfits, in case your definition of fun goes a bit further. Plus sizes are also available, in case that's a concern. Also, as you shop, check each sizing chart, because these will not be the same across the board.

Of course, we also carry a full range of accessories, because you can't be without those. Shop for bonnets, hats, shoe buckles, feather headdresses, tomahawks, headdresses and a whole lot more. Once you view our top-quality Thanksgiving wares and reasonable prices, you'll quickly see there's no need to look elsewhere.

The famous "first Thanksgiving" was a three-day feast to celebrate the Pilgrims' first successful harvest at Plymouth colony in the fall of 1621. They shared their harvest feast with the visiting Chief Massasoit and his party of Wampanoag. But this event didn't become widely known until more than 200 years later, when a historian discovered a colonist's letter about it. Novelist and columnist Sarah Hale campaigned for 17 years to make it a national holiday until President Lincoln set the date as the last Thursday in November (later changed to the fourth Thursday).
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