Victorian Costumes

Victorian Costumes for Women, Men and Kids

As the Victorian age was getting into high gear, there were many new machines and gadgets that helped to make life more convenient. Steampunk fashion celebrates modern innovation and clothing trends of the times. When creating your own steampunk outfit for events and parties, you can draw inspiration from our collection of stylish Victorian costumes. These costumes can serve as a starting point for adding your own creative steampunk accents. For instance, clocks are a popular accessory for steampunk top hats. Outfits for ladies can be accented with flowers and a pair of vintage style aviator goggles. Browse our accessories for more great ideas.
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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Costumes
Steampunk Costumes
Women's Deluxe Blue Victorian Vixen Costume
Child's Victorian Dickensian Boy Costume
Adult Victorian Christmas Caroler Costume, Size M/L
Child's Victorian School Girl Costume
Women's American Suffragette Costume
Adult Dark Victorian Princess Costume
Child's Yellow Pioneer Girl Costume
Adult Long Red Hooded Cloak
Women's English Suffragette Costume
Child's Wild West Gambler Costume
Plus Size English Suffragette Costume
Adult Victorian Pioneer Lady Costume, Size M/L
The Gunslinger Mustache
The Gambler Mustache and Goatee
Adult English Nanny Victorian Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult English Nanny Victorian Costume
Adult Victorian Chimney Sweep Costume, Size M/L
Adult Felt Victorian Bonnet - More Colors
Child's English Nanny Costume
Plus Size English Nanny Costume
Adult Victorian Chimney Sweep Costume
Adult Gibson Girl Blouse - Black or White
Adult British Bobbie Costume - Standard and Plus Size
Child's Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass Costume
Child's Blue Pioneer Girl Costume
Girl's Susan B. Anthony/Harriet Tubman Costume
Deluxe Men's Plaid Inspector Costume
Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Child's British Bobby Costume
Women's World War I Nurse Costume
Child's Blue Pioneer Boy Costume
Child's Prospector Costume Kit
Prospector Pick Axe and Pan Set
Adult Buildable Black Top Hat
Adult Pioneer Man Costume, Size M/L
Child's Calico Print Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Magician Tailcoat Costume
Women's Black Broadway Tuxedo Jacket
Adult Mr. Formalities Tuxedo Tailcoat Costume
Child's Victorian Posh Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Tuxedo Costume
Adult Red Showman Jacket
Child's Victorian Apron and Cap Costume
Child's English Nanny Victorian Costume
Adult Steampunk Jack Costume, Size M/L
Adult Red/White Striped Vest - XS through 5X
Deluxe Adult Dr. Holmsby Victorian Steampunk Costume
Women's Victorian Turn of the Century Costume
Adult Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass Costume
Deluxe Adult Abe Lincoln Costume
Child's White Cotton Gloves
Men's White Lord Goth Costume, Size M/L
Adult Velvet Top Hat - More Colors
Adult Brown Velvet Top Hat
Deluxe Wool Top Hat - Gray
Permafelt Black Top Hat - Adult or Child
Permasilk Black Top Hat
Black/White Checkered Mini Top Hat
Women's Satin Pirate Blouse Costume - Red or White
Adult Victorian Princess Costume
Adult Felt Top Hat - Black or Brown
Child's Ring Master Costume
Adult Cloth Colonial Bonnet - More Colors
Black Lace Wrist Length Gloves
Ladies' Parade Gloves - White
Adult White Theatrical Gloves
White Cotton Gloves
Adult Black Theatrical Gloves
Rayon Parasol - More Colors
Lace Parasol - White or Black
Cavalry Sword
Adult Short Dress Gloves - More Colors
Child's Satin Opera Gloves - White, Black, or Red
Deluxe Colonel Major Mustache
Black/Silver Fascinator Headband With Feathers and Beads
Deluxe Wool Blend Ivy Cap
Opera Length Nylon Gloves - Black, White, or Pink
Long Satin Gloves - Red
Brown Victorian Lady Wig
Sherlock Holmes Pipe
Sherlock Deerstalker Hat
Steampunk Brown Driver Hat
Historical Ruffled Collar and Cuffs Set
Adult Black Feather Flapper Headband With Veil
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Men's Black Ruffle Front Shirt
Plus Size Saloon Keeper Costume
Deluxe Monocle
Detective Jumbo Magnifying Glass
Real Wood Gentleman's Pipe
Adult White Cotton Pinafore
Black Permafelt Bowler Hat
Adult Black Permasilk Bowler Hat
Newsboy Cap - More Colors
Deluxe Wool Blend Newsboy Cap
Train Conductor Hat
Adult 1920's Men's Boater Jacket Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult 1920's Men's Boater Jacket Costume
The Colonel White Wig and Beard
Child's Pilgrim Bonnet and Apron Set
Plus Size Saloon Girl Costume
Child's Civil War Nurse Costume
Adult Renaissance Knicker Pants
Adult Victorian Pantaloons - Candy Apple Costumes
Adult White Long Bloomers
Women's Steampunk Corset Belt
Deluxe Adult Abraham Lincoln Beard
Frederick Douglass Costume Kit
Child's Happily Ever After Prince Costume
Child's Colonial Lady Costume
Child's Pretty Princess Brown Bella Wig
Harriet Tubman Costume Kit
Adult Storybook Prince Costume
Clip-On Colonel String Tie - Black, Red or Green
Brown Top Hat
Child's Union Officer Costume
White Vinyl Gangster Spats
White Felt Gangster Spats
Adult White Theatrical Gloves
Monocle on Cord
Gentleman Mustache - Black, Brown or Gray
Handlebar Mustache
Adult Steampunk Brown Spats
Adult Steampunk Costume Pants - Brown, Size M/L
Plus Size Circus Sweetie Sexy Red Tuxedo Costume
Child London Bobby Police Hat
Adult London Bobby Police Hat
Adult Ballroom Length Hoop Crinoline
Adult White Hoop Skirt Petticoat
Round Gold Rim Glasses
Adult Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
Child's Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
Child Theodore Roosevelt Costume
Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume - Standard and Plus
Child's Abraham Lincoln Costume
Adult Plus Size Deluxe Abraham Lincoln Costume
Plus Size Women's Medieval Chemise Costume
Brown Top Hat
Adult Steampunk Pouch Belt
Adult Circus Sweetie Sexy Red Tuxedo Costume
Deluxe Adult Royal Guard Costume
Adult Black Palace Guard Beefeater Hat
Adult Steampunk Hat with Lace, Tulle and Goggles
Hot Pink Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Green Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Red Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Purple Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Black Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Silver Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Black Puritan Bonnet With Lace Trim
White Pilgrim Bonnet and Collar
Purple/Gold Mini Top Hat Headband
Gold/Red Glitter Royal Scepter With Pearls
Gold/Red Glitter Jeweled Royal Scepter
Gold/Red Glitter Mini Jeweled Queen Crown Headband
Adult Union Officer Civil War Costume, Size M/L
Child's Union Officer Civil War Costume
Teen Union Officer Civil War Costume
Black Lace Folding Fan
Black Theatrical Cane
Dapper Cane
Literate Full Mustache - More Colors
Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers - Adult or Child
Satin Bowtie - Black, White, Red, Green
Steampunk Brown Aviator Goggles
Black Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Civil War Union Officer Hat
Civil War Union Foot Soldier Hat
Extra Long Satin Gloves - More Colors
Adult Economy Lace Gloves - Black or White
Adult Saloon Sweetie Costume, Size M/L
Adult Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Deluxe Adult Black Velvet Hooded Cape
Deluxe Adult Black/Purple Velvet Hooded Cape
Black Glitter Mini Top Hat With Feathers
Black Flower and Feather Veil Fascinator Headband

Relive History

Queen Victoria sat on the British throne from 1837 to 1901 and her influence inspired the naming of this time period as the Victorian age. Minding your manners and having proper morals was expected of most. Fashion was heavily based on social status. It was the era of corsets and bustles for women while men commonly wore hats. Your character may be an upper-class lady or gent, a stoic working-class person or a feisty rule-breaker.

Role play a colorful character of the Victorian age by selecting one of our iconic character costumes such as a smartly-dressed English nanny and her chimney sweeping sidekick, a British Bobbie or Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Alternatively, you may feel like becoming a rogue pirate, an American pioneer, a mysterious hooded figure or a memorable Wild West character.

Accessories that Complement Your Look

Getting the look right is important for authenticity and we offer many accessories that help you look your best. Essentials include a hat of your choice (bowler, cap or top hat), faux watches, gloves, petticoat and spats. Fun touches include a monocle, faux mustache, goggles and costume jewelry.
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