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Steampunk Costumes

Steampunk Costumes

Combine the Victorian age with modern technology, along with somewhat of a Gothic flavor, and you get a science fiction/fantasy term known as Steampunk. It's easy to recreate that look with Steampunk costumes from Candy Apple Costumes. Guys can slip into steampunk mode by wearing a dark and menacing Jack the Ripper outfit that includes a cape for dramatic effect. For variety, men can transform into a dapper Edwardian gentleman, a dashing adventurer, strapping gunslinger or a happy-go-lucky chimney sweep.
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Adult Deluxe Edwardian Gentleman Costume
Adult Steampunk Gentleman Costume, Size M/L
Adult Steampunk Victorian Lady Costume, Size M/L
Adult Steampunk Jack Costume, Size M/L
Deluxe Adult Dr. Holmsby Victorian Steampunk Costume
Deluxe Plus Dr. Holmsby Victorian Steampunk Costume
Adult Jack the Ripper Victorian Man Costume
Women's English Suffragette Costume
Plus Size English Suffragette Costume
The Gunslinger Mustache
The Gambler Mustache and Goatee
Adult Steampunk Lace-Trimmed Brown Top Hat
Adult English Nanny Victorian Costume, Size M/L
Adult Victorian Chimney Sweep Costume, Size M/L
Men's Long Black Warlock Coat
Adult Felt Victorian Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Saloon Sweetie Costume, Size M/L
Women's Deluxe Blue Victorian Vixen Costume
Black Faux Leather Steampunk Boot Spats
Men's Steampunk Adventurer Costume
Women's Victorian Steampunk Costume
Adult Steampunk Mask
Deluxe Adult Dickens Gentleman Victorian Costume
Adult Gibson Girl Blouse - Black or White
Child's Wild West Gambler Costume
Adult Long Red Hooded Cloak
Adult Deluxe Hooded Brown Cape
Pleather Thigh High Pirate Boot Covers
Adult Victorian Caroling Gentleman Costume, Size M/L
Women's Steampunk Corset Belt
Women's Short Sleeve White Peasant Crop Top
Adult Wine Victorian Gentleman Costume
Plus Size Men's Prince Charming Costume - Once Upon a Time
Steampunk Brown Driver Hat
Historical Ruffled Collar and Cuffs Set
Adult Victorian Pioneer Lady Costume, Size M/L
Deluxe Adult Victorian Goth Man Costume
Men's Black Broadway Tuxedo Jacket
Women's Black Broadway Tuxedo Jacket
Steampunk Choker and Cuffs Set
Black Lace Steampunk Belt
Adult Steampunk Hat with Lace, Tulle and Goggles
Adult Steampunk Brown Spats
Adult Steampunk Black Spats
Adult Mr. Formalities Tuxedo Tailcoat Costume
Adult Vintage Hollywood Tuxedo Costume
Steampunk Deluxe Pocket Watch Costume Accessory
Deluxe Aviator Goggles - Silver or Gold
Steampunk Brown Aviator Goggles
Steampunk Bronzed Gear Earrings
Amelia Earhart Costume Kit
30's Aviator Helmet and Goggles
White Aviator Scarf
1920's Style White Scarf
Deluxe Black Aviator Hat
Adult Red Showman Jacket
Adult Deluxe Edwardian Gentleman Costume
Women's Deluxe Blue Victorian Vixen Costume
Goth Curls Black Wig
Adult Black Velvet Victorian Gentleman Costume
Deluxe Wool Top Hat - Gray or Black
Permafelt Black Top Hat - Adult or Child
Permasilk Black Top Hat
Deluxe Silver Aviator Goggles
Women's Satin Pirate Blouse Costume - Red or White
Adult Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Deluxe Wool Blend Ivy Cap
Adult Cloth Colonial Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Red Gingham Pioneer Bonnet
Black Lace Wrist Length Gloves
Ladies' Parade Gloves - White
Adult White Theatrical Gloves
White Cotton Gloves
Plus Size Big Tex Cowboy XXXL Costume
Adult Rogue Gambler Costume
Rayon Parasol - More Colors
Lace Parasol - White or Black
Cavalry Sword
Adult Short Dress Gloves - More Colors
Child's Satin Opera Gloves - White, Black, or Red
Deluxe Colonel Major Mustache
Opera Length Nylon Gloves - Black, White, or Pink
Long Satin Gloves - More Colors
Brown Victorian Lady Wig
Sherlock Holmes Pipe
Sherlock Deerstalker Hat
Deluxe Monocle
Detective Jumbo Magnifying Glass
Real Wood Gentleman's Pipe
Adult Sherlock Holmes Costume
Adult White Cotton Pinafore
Deluxe Adult Black Velvet Hooded Cape
Deluxe Adult Black/Red Velvet Hooded Cape
Adult Buildable Black Top Hat
Adult Brown Velvet Top Hat
Black Permafelt Bowler Hat - Adult or Child
Adult Black Permasilk Bowler Hat
Black/White Mini Top Hat
Red/Black Striped Mini Victorian Top Hat
Steampunk Brown Mini Top Hat With Veil
Train Conductor Hat
Adult Purple Velvet Top Hat
Adult Black/Pink Burlesque Tutu
Adult Ballroom Length Hoop Crinoline
The Colonel White Wig and Beard
Adult Ballroom Length Hoop Crinoline
Adult White Hoop Skirt Petticoat
Plus Size Saloon Girl Costume
Adult Renaissance Knicker Pants
Adult Victorian Pantaloons
Adult White Long Bloomers
Clip-On Colonel String Tie - Black, Red or Green
White Lace Elbow Length Gloves
Plus Size Long Black Velvet Gloves
Brown Top Hat
White Vinyl Gangster Spats
White Felt Gangster Spats
1940's Propeller Earrings
1940's Propeller Pin
1940's Propeller Necklace
Adult White Theatrical Gloves
Adult Victorian Gloves With Snaps
Monocle on Cord
Gentleman Mustache - Black, Brown or Gray
Handlebar Mustache
Adult Steampunk Costume Pants - Brown, Size M/L
White Goth Vampira Wig
Black/White Victorian Lady Wig
Child London Bobby Police Hat
Adult London Bobby Police Hat
Round Gold Rim Glasses
Deluxe Adult Ringmaster Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Adult Ringmaster Costume
Gothic Vampire Shirt
Brown Top Hat
Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace Costume Accessory
Victorian Cameo Costume Jewelry Set
Adult Steampunk Pouch Belt
Deluxe Child's Royal Guard Costume
Deluxe Adult Royal Guard Costume
Adult Keystone Cop Costume
Deluxe Adult Wicked Queen Costume
Hot Pink Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Green Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Red Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Purple Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Black Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Silver Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
White Satin Top Hat
Black Glitter Mini Victorian Top Hat
Black Glitter Mini Top Hat With Feathers
Black Flower and Feather Veil Fascinator Headband
Adult Black Theatrical Gloves
Adult Union Officer Civil War Costume, Size M/L
Child's Union Officer Civil War Costume
Teen Union Officer Civil War Costume
Deluxe Adult Dickens Gentleman Victorian Costume
Adult Union Officer Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult Union Officer Costume
Black Lace Folding Fan
Black Theatrical Cane
Dapper Cane
Literate Full Mustache - More Colors
Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers - Adult or Child
Adult 19th Century Curly Mutton Chops
Satin Bowtie - Black, White, Red, Green
Velvet Choker Necklace with Skull Medallion
Steampunk Gold Gear Ring
Red Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Black Fancy Masquerade Hooded Cape
Adult Steampunk Brass Bullet Belt
20-Inch Black Vinyl Gloves
Adult Black Fingerless Stretch Lace Gloves
Fingerless Fishnet Gloves - Black or White
Civil War Union Officer Hat
Civil War Union Foot Soldier Hat
Adult Economy Lace Gloves - Black or White
Ruffled Lace Collar
Deluxe Adult Abe Lincoln Costume
Looking for an authentic steampunk Halloween costume for women? One steampunk option is a Mary Poppins - adult English nanny costume. To pull off this character, all you need is a chipper smile and a bit of sass. Other Victorian era costumes for women are great for role playing upper-class ladies, renegades, saloon sweeties and vixens.

For both men and women, we have an array of options that will help you make quite the scene for your next costume event: circus ringmasters, aviators, burlesque - your options are endless. Steampunk costumes come in a wide range of sizes, including plus size steampunk costumes, and we offer size charts to make outfit selection simple. Accessorizing is crucial, so choose among our hats, wigs, costume jewelry and toy weapons to round out your look.
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