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Gangster and Gangster Moll Costumes

Looking for a snazzy gangster costume? Candy Apple Costumes has got you covered when it comes to gangster Halloween costumes, and we also offer costumes and accessories for playing tough guy mobsters for plays, shows and videos.
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Adult Men's Mafia Mobster Costume
Men's Mob Boss Costume
Plus Size Men's Mafia Mobster Costume
Men's Pinstriped Gangster Costume
Deluxe Adult White Pinstriped Gangster Suit Costume
Child's Pinstriped 6-Button Gangster Suit Costume
Adult 6-Button Pinstriped Gangster Suit Costume
Plus Size 6-Button Pinstriped Gangster Suit Costume
Women's Sexy Gangster Suit Costume
Men's Roaring 20's Good Time Charlie Costume
Men's Wise Guy Gangster Costume
Plus Size Men's Wise Guy Gangster Costume
Plus Size Red/Black Pinstriped Gangster Suit Costume
Plus Size Women's Pinstriped Gangster Suit Costume
Men's Black Pinstriped Mobster Costume
Adult Zoot Suit Riot Costume
Adult Basic Black Costume Pants
Adult Roaring 20's Striped Blazer
Deluxe Adult Red Flapper Coat Costume, Size S/M
Plus Size Chicago Gangster Costume
Adult 1920's Men's Boater Jacket Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult 1920's Men's Boater Jacket Costume
Child's Magician Tailcoat Costume
Black Fedora Hat
Straw Skimmer Hat With Ribbon Band
Deluxe Wool Blend Ivy Cap
White Felt Gangster Spats
Adult Zip Neck Tie
Adult Suspenders
Gangster Tie - Black , White or Pink
Garter Armbands - More Colors
Striped Bow Tie
1920's Striped Suspenders
Colorful Fedora Hat - More Colors
White Vinyl Gangster Spats
Adult Black Theatrical Gloves
1920's Style White Scarf
Adult Black Godfather Hat
Neon Satin Fedora Hat With Rhinestone Band - More Colors
75-Piece Play Money
Newsboy Cap - More Colors
Deluxe Wool Blend Newsboy Cap
Satin Bowtie - Black, White, Red, Green
Jumbo Cigar
Sequin Neck Tie
Deluxe Silver Sequin Fedora Hat
Deluxe Gold Sequin Fedora Hat
Adult Dapper Gangster Costume
Men's Black Pinstriped Gangster Shirt
The original point of gangsters' spats wasn't to look flashy, but to prevent the splashy. They were meant to protect shoes from rain bouncing back up off the street. Hot dawg! (That means "Great!" in flapper lingo.)
Bonnie and Clyde Lookalikes

Bonnie and Clyde are viewed as the ultimate gangster couple, and for a time, it seemed like they were unstoppable. They were young, in love and they were good at robbing banks, gas stations and small shops. While their legend is part myth and part reality, they live on in the form of movies, plays and music. If you're interested in playing these characters, keep in mind that they were Depression Era gangsters. Look for costumes that replicate the style of the late '20s and early '30s. Our two-piece pinstriped gangster suits capture men's clothing styles of this era perfectly. As for Bonnie costumes, we offer women's pinstripe gangster suits and sassy gangster moll options.

When they weren't committing crimes, Bonnie and Clyde spent time visiting family and indulging their creative passions. Bonnie wrote poetry and read movie magazines, while Clyde played his guitar and saxophone.

Retro Gangster Style

Gangster characters have been a part of popular culture since they became iconic movie role characters during the '30s and '40s. Big name actors such as James Cagney often played tough guy gangsters who didn't take stuff from anyone. Retro gangsters are usually portrayed as cool, calculating and fashionably dressed. Back then, men wore suits a lot, even guys engaged in criminal activities, and we offer a selection of ultra-cool suits to wear when you feel like being retro gangster cool. This look requires a suit with matching pants and jacket, a white or dark shirt and accessories. Basically, we provide almost everything you need to look the part - now all you need to make your gangster believable is that bad guy attitude.

Gangster Accessories

Many real-life gangsters back in the day enhanced their suits with accessories, which you can purchase separately from our suits. Hats are an important part of your costume, especially fedoras. We offer you several choices of fedora hat styles in classic and contemporary colors. You can wear these fedora hats with gangster costumes and contemporary outfits. Other accessories to consider are suspenders, ties, faux mustaches, a violin case and a faux tommy gun.
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