Costume Shoes and Boots

Shoes can be a valuable accessory item when you want to achieve the most authentic look for your costume character. This is important because people do notice footwear, and you want to wear shoes that do not clash or look weird with what you're wearing. Candy Apple Costumes offers a wide variety of shoe and boot styles, colors and size options for costume outfits. Standard whole sizes are available for most shoes. If you wear a half size, consider going up a size for a better fit.
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4" White Patent Mary Jane Shoes with 1" Concealed Platform
Adult Velvet Elf Shoe Covers
Adult Christmas Elf Shoes
Adult Fringed Faux Suede Boot Covers
Adult Glitter Jumbo Sneakers Clown Shoes
Adult Gold Glitter Ballet Flats
Adult Green Elf Shoes
Adult Groovy 60s Fringed Boot Covers
Adult Hero Boot Tops
Adult Jester Shoes
Adult White Go Go Knee Boots
Adult's Red/Yellow Clown Shoes
Black 4" Platform Mary Jane Shoes
Black Pirate Boot Covers
Black Vinyl Pirate Boot Covers
Blue Flower Mary Jane Clown Shoes
Child Size Jester Shoes
Child Size White Knee High Go Go Boots
Child's Christmas Elf Shoes
Child's Saddle Shoes
Child's Velvet Elf Shoe Covers
Colonial Shoe Buckles - Silver or Gold
Deluxe Black Vinyl Men's Boot Covers
Deluxe Brown Vinyl Colonial Pirate Boot Covers
Deluxe Men's Brown Roman Sandals
Deluxe Plush Elf Shoes
Gold Goddess Sandals
Gold Roman Goddess Sandals
Jumbo Clown Sneakers
Men's 3" Heel Platform Animal Print Disco Shoes
Men's 3" Heel Platform Black Disco Shoes
Men's 3" Heel Platform Gold Glitter Disco Shoes
Men's 3" Heel Platform Pearlized Disco Shoes
Men's 3" Heel Platform Silver Hologram Disco Shoes
Men's 3" Heel Platform White Disco Shoes
Men's Black/White Disco Oxford Shoes
Men's Egyptian Sandals
Men's Hippie Moccasin Shoe Covers
Men's Roman Gladiator Sandals
Men's Roman Sandals
Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers - Adult or Child
White 4" Platform Mary Jane Shoes
White Knee High Go Go Boots
White Knee High Go Go Boots (Wide Calf)
White Platform Go Go Boots (Wide Width)
Women's Hippie Moccasin Shoe Covers
Women's Saddle Shoes

Innocent or Adventurous

Some costume characters have an air of innocence that is downright charming. Think Dorothy on her way to Oz to visit the wise wizard who has the power to send her back home. Her beautiful glittering red shoes are essential for this costume. A child Dorothy can opt for a pair of red flats, while an adult Dorothy can look sweet wearing school girl style Mary Jane shoes with sensible heels. Saddle shoes are another style that conveys innocence.

Playing characters such as gladiators, pirates and hippies require shoes that look like they belong to life's most adventurous people. For instance, sword-carrying gladiators wear Roman sandals, a style that continues to inspire modern footwear designers. Pirates pull on their colonial style black boots before looting a ship and frontier pioneers rely on buckskin style boots for foot protection in the wild. Hippies, being adventurous spirits, enjoy back to nature fringe boots and boot covers.

Sleek or Sassy

Sleek and sassy shoes for women and men often have a bold look and women's shoes in this category have high heels. The go-go boot is a classic sassy style that works nicely with cute '60s and '70s era dress costumes, but they can also be paired with superhero looks. A sleek pair of black and white oxfords jazzes up a gangster suit. Disco style costumes are enhanced with Mary Jane platform shoes for women and funky oxford style platform shoes for men.


Dressing up as a clown? A pair of spiffy clown shoes can really make your whimsical costume a memorable one. We also offer other whimsical styles such as elf shoes and adult baby booties.

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