Kids' Renaissance Costumes

Kids' Renaissance and Medieval Costumes

With our children's sizes in Renaissance and medieval costumes, your next Renaissance fair will be a bigger hit than ever before. Browse our Renaissance peasant maiden costumes for girls and Robin Hood costumes for boys. For a historically accurate boy's Renaissance costume, he can play King Arthur, a Tudor boy, a pirate or a knight in costume armor. She can play Maid Marian, a Tudor princess, Rapunzel or Shakespeare's Juliet. We have a lot of experience with kids' Renaissance costumes, whether it's for a school project or Halloween costume. See our guide to children's clothing during the Renaissance, and many suggestions of famous Renaissance characters that your child can depict in the next school play.

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Child's Blue Renaissance Maiden Costume
Child's Renaissance Peasant Maiden Costume
Child's Deluxe Robin Hood Costume
Child's Renaissance Country Maiden Costume
Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Child's Medieval King Costume
Child's King Arthur Costume
Child's Tudor Boy Costume
Child's Tudor Princess Costume
Child's Tudor Girl Costume
Child's Captain John Smith Explorer Costume
Child's Berry Medieval Princess Costume
Child's Blue Medieval Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Elegant Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Emerald Maiden Tudor Costume
Child's Green Renaissance Beauty Costume
Child's Renaissance Queen Costume
Child Size Valiant Knight Costume
Child's Royal Queen Costume
Child's Shakespeare Costume
Child's Christopher Columbus Costume
Child's Loyal Knight Costume
Child's Jeweled Fabric Royal Crown - Gold or Silver
Child's Long Black Wig
Child's Long Blonde Braided Rapunzel Wig
Child's Royal King Costume
Boys' Colonial Pirate Captain Shirt
Renaissance White Ruffled Collar and Cuff Set
Child's Designer Royal Medieval Queen Costume
Child's Deluxe Princess Penelope Costume
Child's Deluxe Victorian Rose Princess Costume
Child's Medieval Maid Costume
Child's Juliet Costume
Child's Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume
Deluxe Child Size Sir Rouge Knight Costume
Child Size Lady Rouge Medieval Costume
Child's King Costume
Child's Deluxe Renaissance Prince Costume
Child's Renaissance Peasant Girl Costume
Child's Blue Renaissance Beauty Costume
Child's Purple Renaissance Beauty Costume
Child's Renaissance Peasant Boy Costume
Child's Renaissance Boy Costume - Black
Child's Renaissance Boy Costume - Brown
Child's Blue Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Brown Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Green Renaissance Princess Costume, Size Small
Child's Deluxe Red Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Designer Lady Marian Costume
Child's Archer Woodsman Costume
Child's Blue Renaissance Maiden Costume
Child's Black Hooded Cloak
Child's Panne Velvet Hooded Cape - More Colors
Toddler Jester Costume
Infant Li'l Jester Costume
Toddler Valiant Viking Costume
Child's Renaissance Princess Costume - Blue/Gold
Child's Emerald Juliet Renaissance Costume
Child's Platinum Crystal Princess Wig
Child's Natural Red Pigtail Braids Wig
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Tween Dark Jester Costume
Child's Deluxe Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Renaissance Damsel Costume
Child Size Deluxe 18th Century Prince Costume, Size 6
Child's Renaissance King Costume
Child's Deluxe Renaissance Cinderella Costume
Child's Renaissance Buccaneer Shirt
Child's Maiden of Verona Costume
Child's Deluxe Twilight Princess Costume
Child's Christopher Columbus Costume
Child's Nostradamus or Galileo Costume
Child's Red Royal Queen Costume
Child's Medieval Gothic Princess Costume
Child's Regal Queen Costume
Child's Deluxe Maid Marian Costume
Child Size Dragon Slayer Knight Costume
Child's Jester Costume - More Colors
Child's Knight of the Round Table Costume
Child's Crusader King Costume
Leonardo da Vinci Costume Kit
Child's Lady of the Palace Costume
Child's Prince Charming Costume
Child's High Seas Pirate Costume, Size Small
Girls' Buccaneer Sweetie Costume
Christopher Columbus Costume Kit
Nostradamus Costume Kit
Child's Deluxe Princess Rose Costume
Child's Blonde Aurora Renaissance Wig
Child's Robin Hood Costume
Child's Renaissance Girl Braided Wig
Deluxe Toy Pirate Pistol
Glinda Deluxe Gold Tiara
Adult Henry VIII Hat
Crusader Knight Shield and Sword Set
Child's Crusader Knight Armor and Sword Set
Crusader Knight Sword and Sheath
Barbarian Combat Shield and Sword
Plastic Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath
Child's King Robe and Crown Costume
18" Royal Scepter - Red or Blue
Adult Luxurious Elizabeth Collar
Silver Conquistador Helmet
Blonde Braided Headband and Long Braid
Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers - Adult or Child
Big Curly Beard - More Colors
Blond Medieval King Wig
Full 14" Beard and Mustache Set - Black or Brown
Long Wavy Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Pirate Mustache and Goatee
Shakespeare Beard and Mustache
Plastic Conquistador Helmet
Toy Bow and Arrow Set
Colonial Shoe Buckles - Silver or Gold
Charmer Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Gold/Red Glitter Royal Scepter With Pearls
Gold Glitter Jeweled King Crown
Gold Glitter Jeweled Queen Crown
Gold/Red Glitter Jeweled Royal Scepter
Black/Silver Wizard Hat
Mini Gold Queen Crown with Pearls
Mini Gold Princess Crown with Pearls
Adult or Child 36" Reversible Black/Red Taffeta Cape
Deluxe Pirate Cutlass
Princess Wand
Roman Gladiator Sword
Adult Knight Helmet
Adult Medieval Crusader Knight Helmet
Renaissance Girl Wig - More Colors
Blonde Renaissance Goddess Wig
Renaissance Beauty Brown Wig
Blonde Mythical Goddess Wig
Blonde Renaissance Princess Braided Wig
Blonde Braided Headband and Long Braid
Elizabethan White Ruffled Collar
Deluxe Pirate Pistol
Brown Toy Flintlock Pistol

Our Red Royal Queen costume in children's sizes includes a beautifully designed long red velvet dress with empire waist, a cape with fake fur trim and a matching velvet red crown. Our deluxe Sir Rouge knight's costume comes with a gray crushed velvet tunic with fake chain mail fabric sleeves, a red cross applique, faux suede belt and crimson red cape, along with let's-pretend suede epaulettes. These Renaissance costumes for kids are just as detailed and impressive as our adult costumes. In fact, if your entire family is attending a Renaissance fair or if you're participants in an historical reenactment, you'll find impressive Middle Ages or Renaissance kids' costumes with matching adult costumes for a well-dressed family! In addition to having an amazing selection, our costumes and accessories are of much higher quality than what you'd find elsewhere - and we offer them at affordable prices.

Are you looking for an authentic toddler Renaissance costume? For infants and toddlers, we have adorable Li'l Viking costumes in infant sizes and Li'l Jester costumes in baby and toddler sizes. Our 'tween size Dark Jester set is a costume party favorite. Shop our separates and accessories in children's sizes, from buccaneer shirts and toy sword and shield sets to princess wigs and pretty tiaras.

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