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Your head is the first thing most people look at, which means a good hat can go a long way towards making a good costume. Candy Apple Costumes carries hundreds of costume hats, costume headbands, crowns, boppers and other headpieces that will give you a more authentic look for your next event, party or production. Our headwear spans the sands of time, from Roman warrior helmets to World War II aviator costume hats. Aspiring Colonialists, flappers, Vikings, witch doctors and hippies can find the right lid or costume headband for adults and kids.
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12-Pack Gold Cardboard King Crowns
20" Strip Foam Hat Sizing Tape
30's Aviator Helmet and Goggles
Abraham Lincoln Black Top Hat
Adjustable Plastic Queen Crown - Gold or Silver
Adult "The Willie" Headband With Braids
Adult 'Coon Skin Hat
Adult Angel Wings and Tinsel Halo
Adult Baby Bonnet and Bib - Pink or Blue
Adult Black Cavalier Hat
Adult Black Cowl Hood
Adult Black Feather Flapper Headband With Veil
Adult Black Godfather Hat
Adult Black Palace Guard Beefeater Hat
Adult Black Permasilk Bowler Hat
Adult Blonde Instant Mullet Headband
Adult Brown Instant Mullet Headband
Adult Bunny Ears Top Hat
Adult Cloth Colonial Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
Adult Country Cowgirl or Cowboy Hat
Adult Faux Suede Tricorn Hat - Black or Brown
Adult Felt Top Hat - Black or Brown
Adult Felt Victorian Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Gambler Hat
Adult Gold Gladiator Tiger Helmet
Adult Gold Jeweled Crown
Adult Golden Branch Crown
Adult Green Felt Pointed Elf Hat with Red Feather
Adult Green/Red Felt Elf Hat
Adult Henry VIII Hat
Adult Jeweled Fabric Royal Crown - Gold or Silver
Adult Jumbo Baby Bonnet and Bib
Adult London Bobby Police Hat
Adult Medieval Crusader Knight Helmet
Adult Medieval Warrior Helmet with Horns
Adult Pewter Spiked Crown
Adult Pirate Hat with Bandana & Dreadlocks
Adult Quackers Beard and Camo Hat
Adult Red Velvet King Crown
Adult Royal King Crown
Adult Royal Queen Crown - Gold or Silver
Adult Silver Gladiator Tiger Helmet
Adult Silver Rhinestone Flapper Headband
Adult SNL Wayne Campbell Wig and Hat
Adult Soda Jerk Paper Hats 12-Pack
Adult Steampunk Hat with Lace, Tulle and Goggles
Adult Theatrical Quality Mad Hatter Top Hat
Adult Velvet Top Hat - More Colors
Adult White Mob Cap
Adult Winged Viking/Greek God Helmet
Adult Witch Doctor Top Hat
Adult/Child Napoleon Hat
Amelia Earhart Costume Kit
Antiqued Gold Feathered Roman Helmet
Beaded Feather Flapper Headband
Beaded Hippie Headband
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Gold Trim - Adult or Child
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Snaps
Black Fedora Hat
Black Flower and Feather Veil Fascinator Headband
Black Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Black Glitter Mini Top Hat With Feathers
Black Hooded One-Way Invisible Mask
Black Insect Antenna Headband
Black Marabou Bats Headband
Black Mini Hat Headband With Feathers
Black Mini Witch Hat With Spider Veil
Black Permafelt Bowler Hat
Black Permafelt Spanish Bandito Hat
Black Pilgrim Bonnet
Black Pilgrim Man Hat
Black Pirate Hat With Silver Rings
Black Pom Pom Antenna Headband
Black Puritan Bonnet With Lace Trim
Black Satin Top Hat With Rhinestone Band
Black Velvet Antenna Headband
Black Velvet Pirate Hat
Black Velvet Witch Hat
Black/Gold Fabric Pharaoh Headdress
Black/Gold Pharaoh Headdress
Black/Silver Fascinator Headband With Feathers and Beads
Black/Silver Wizard Hat
Black/White Checkered Mini Top Hat
Black/White Pinstriped Fedora
Blonde 'Coon Skin Hat - Adult and Child Sizes
Blue Pilot Hat
Blue/Gold Retro Flight Attendant Hat
Blues Brothers Black Felt Fedora - Adult or Child
Bright Color Mini Top Hat Headband
Brown Caribbean Pirate Hat
Brown Distressed Faux Leather Tricorne Hat
Brown Faux Leather Mini Pirate Hat
Brown Top Hat
Buccaneer Beauty Mini Pirate Hat
Buccaneer Pirate Hat
Charleston Flapper Headband - More Colors
Cheshire Catarina Hat and Tail Costume Set
Child London Bobby Police Hat
Child Size Straw Pioneer Hat
Child Size Whipstitch Cowboy Hat - More Colors
Child's Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Camoflauge Army Helmet
Child's Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
Child's Deluxe Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Gold Royalty Crown
Child's Hot Pink Mod Hat
Child's Jeweled Fabric Royal Crown - Gold or Silver
Child's King Crown
Child's Mouse Ears Headband 6-Pack
Child's Pirate Hat
Child's Plastic Pith Helmet
Child's Royal King Crown
Child's Royal Queen Tiara
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Civil War Union Foot Soldier Hat
Civil War Union Officer Hat
Cleopatra Gold Beaded Headpiece
Colorful Fedora Hat - More Colors
Colorful Felt Top Hat - Powder Blue or Orange
Day of the Dead Rose Headband
Deluxe 1920's Black Beaded Flapper Headband
Deluxe 1920's Champagne Beaded Flapper Headband
Deluxe Admiral Hat
Deluxe Adult White Naval Officer's Hat
Deluxe Black 16th Century Pilgrim Hat
Deluxe Black Aviator Hat
Deluxe Black Beaded Flapper Headband With Feather
Deluxe Black Bunny Ears and Tail Costume Kit
Deluxe Black Sequin Fedora Hat
Deluxe Black Sequin Headband with Rose and Feathers
Deluxe Cat Costume Kit
Deluxe Faux Sherpa Lined Aviator Hat
Deluxe Gold Beaded Flapper Headband With Feather
Deluxe Gold Filigree Metal Jeweled Crown
Deluxe Gold Roman Helmet With Red Plume
Deluxe Gold Sequin Fedora Hat
Deluxe Green Adult Mad Hatter Top Hat
Deluxe Medieval Viking Helmet
Deluxe Pilot Captain Hat
Deluxe Pith Helmet
Deluxe Silver Beaded Flapper Headband With Feather
Deluxe Silver Sequin Fedora Hat
Deluxe Theatrical Gold Metal King or Queen Crown
Deluxe Viking Helmet
Deluxe White Bunny Ears and Tail Costume Kit
Deluxe White Nurse Hat
Deluxe Wool Blend Ivy Cap
Deluxe Wool Blend Newsboy Cap
Deluxe Wool Top Hat - Gray
Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Headband
Disney Minnie Mouse Ears Headband
Disney Minnie Mouse Ears, Gloves & Tail Costume Kit
Elf Hat With Ears Headband
Embellished Mini Pirate Hat Headband
Fawn Antlers Headband
Felt Hillbilly Hat with Feather and Pipe
Floral Hippie Headband
Florence Nightingale Hat and Wig Costume Kit
Funny Mini Cowboy Costume Kit
Furry Moose Hat
Giraffe Ears and Tail Costume Set
Glittering Royal Crown
Gold Ancient Knight Helmet
Gold Child's King Crown
Gold Glitter Jeweled Queen Crown
Gold Jeweled Queen Crown
Gold Laurel Headband
Gold Peaks Circlet Crown
Gold Spartan Legions Helmet
Gold/Red Glitter Mini Jeweled Queen Crown Headband
Green Alpine Hat with Yarn Braids
Green Beer Garden Hat
Green Dragon Hat
Green Eye Shade Visor
Green Felt Alpine Hat
Green Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Green Velvet Pointed Hat
Groovy Hippie Headband
Hot Pink Charleston Flapper Headband
Hot Pink Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Island Lady Fruit Hat
Large Heart Rhinestone Silver Tiara
Large Reindeer Antlers Headband
Laurel Leaf Wreath
Leonardo da Vinci Costume Kit
Leprechaun Hat Headband
Leprechaun Hat Headband With Braids
Light-Up Christmas Tree Headband
Lion Ears and Tail Costume Set
Lodge Hat With Black Horns
Majorette Hat
Medieval Fantasy King's Crown
Men's King Henry VIII Hat
Metallic Disco Ball Bopper Headband
Mini Black Pirate Hat Headband With Feather
Mini Elf Hat Headband 6-Pack
Mini Gold Princess Crown with Pearls
Mini Gold Queen Crown with Pearls
Mini Queen's Crown Headband
Mini Santa Hat Headband
Mini Santa Hat Headband 6-Pack
Mini Silver Princess Crown
Mini Sombrero Hat w/ Colorful Trim
Mini Witch Hat with Black Roses
Monkey Ears and Tail Costume Set
Neon Retro Vinyl Hat
Neon Satin Fedora Hat With Rhinestone Band - More Colors
Newsboy Cap - More Colors
Nostradamus Costume Kit
Nurse Hat
Off-White Toyo Straw Skimmer Hat
Olive Green Military Style Envelope Hat
Paul Revere Hat and Wig Costume Kit
Peace Sign Hippie Headband
Permafelt Black Top Hat - Adult or Child
Permasilk Black Top Hat
Pharaoh Headdress
Pilot Captain Hat
Plastic Conquistador Helmet
Plastic Greek Laurel Wreath - Gold or Silver
Plastic King Crown - Gold or Silver
Plastic Knight's Helmet
Plastic Princess Tiara - Silver or Gold
Plastic Star Tiara
Plastic Tiara
Plastic Viking Helmet
Plush Red/Green Elf Hat
Ponytail Bopper Headband - More Colors
Pretty Kitty Accessory Kit
Propeller Beanie Hat
Purple Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Purple/Gold Mini Top Hat Headband
Rainbow Sequin Fedora Hat
Rainbow Unicorn Headband
Red Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Red/White Swirl Felt Stovepipe Hat
Reindeer Antler Headband
Reindeer Antler Headband and Mask
Reindeer Antlers With Ears Headband
Rhinestone Tiara
Roman Charioteer Helmet
Rose Flapper Headband - More Colors
Santa Hat Headband with Bowtie
Satin Bunny Ears Headband
Sequin Bopper Antenna Headband
Sequin Fedora Hat - More Colors
Sequin Flapper Headband & Plume
Sequin Flapper Headband & Plume
Sequin Flapper Headband - More Colors
Sequin Mardi Gras Beret
Sequin Mardi Gras Jester Headband
Sequined Black Top Hat
Sheeps Horns Headband
Sherlock Deerstalker Hat
Silver Feathered Roman Helmet
Silver Glitter Mini Top Hat on Headband
Silver Metal Hearts Tiara With Rhinestones
Silver Metal Teardrop Tiara With Rhinestones
Silver Spartan Legions Helmet
Small Black Mouse Ears
Small Heart Rhinestone Silver Tiara
Steampunk Brown Driver Hat
Straw Skimmer Hat With Ribbon Band
Striped Sequin Fedora - More Colors
Tan Military Envelope Hat
Tan Military Hat
Tin Man Hat
Tinsel Angel Halo
Train Engineer Cap - Adult or Child
Tri-Color Mardi Gras Jester Hat With Pom Poms
Tweedledee Propeller Beanie
Unicorn Headband and Tail Costume Set
Velour Gangster Fedora Hat
Velvet Camel Hat
Velvet Parrot Hat
Velvet Pink Flamingo Hat
Viking Helmet With Wings
White Chef Hat
White Cotton Sailor Hat - Adult
White Drum Major Hat
White Marabou Halo
White Painter's Cap
White Pilgrim Bonnet and Collar
White Satin Top Hat
White Snowflake Bopper Headband
Wide Glitter Headband
Wolf Ears Headband and Tail Costume Set
Women's Capitano Renaissance Pirate Hat
Women's Shimmering Rhinestone Goddess Headpiece
Yacht Captain's Hat
Zebra Ears and Tail Costume Set
These costume hats are the ideal accessory for many of our outfits, from historical costumes to holiday costumes. Add one of our bowler hats to your gangster costume; put on the perfect pageant sporting elf hats, Santa hats and other Christmas headbands for adults; join the war brigade in a Civil War soldier hat or add a royal crown to your queen costume. Some of our hats look and feel so good, you 'll want to wear them every day! We ship all orders over $75 for free to make our prices even more affordable. Take care of the other end of your body as well with our costume shoes and boots!
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