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Teen, Tween and Junior Size Costumes

Pre-teens, tweens and juniors can have a tough time finding costumes that are cool, but age-appropriate. Fortunately, Candy Apple Costumes makes it easy to find the perfect costume for any party, Halloween event or school function by offering a large selection of specially selected costumes that are just right for your tween. Pick a flashy flapper costume, a preteen fortune teller costume, a sock hop costume, a toga or even genie costumes for tweens, and enjoy the night in a comfortable and fun outfit.
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Child/Tween Reindeer Hoodie Costume
Child's Santa Suit Funsies Costume
Tween Black/White 60's Mod Costume
Child's Purple/Teal Goddess Costume
Child's Blue Renaissance Maiden Costume
Girls' High Seas Captain Pirate Costume With Parrot
Tween Dark Jester Costume
Child's Renaissance Peasant Maiden Costume
Child's Medieval King Costume
Economy Child's 50's Blue Poodle Skirt
Child's Captain John Smith Explorer Costume
Child's Yellow Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Albert Einstein Costume
Child's Christopher Columbus Costume
Child's Amelia Earhart Aviator Costume
Child's Berry Medieval Princess Costume
Child's Blue Medieval Princess Costume
Economy Child's 50's Pink Poodle Skirt
Child's Aqua Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's Fuchsia Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's Jade Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's Rose Pink Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's Purple Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's Red Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's White Fringed Flapper Costume
Child's Black Fringed Flapper Costume
Girls' Pink 50s Rock 'N' Roll Jacket
Child's Pink 50's Poodle Skirt
Child's Black 50s Rock 'N' Roll Jacket
Child's Deluxe Star Wars Rey Costume, Size Small
Child's Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume - Star Wars The Force Awakens
Child's Deluxe Finn Costume - Star Wars The Force Awakens
Child's Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume - Star Wars The Force Awakens
Child's Civil War Nurse Costume
Child's Imperial Empress Josephine Costume
Child/Teen Underworld Burning Skeleton Costume
Economy Child's Poodle Skirt - More Colors
Child's Mirror Ninja Costume - Red or White
Girls' Peace and Love Hippie Costume
Teen Ghost Face Costume
Child's Founding Father Costume
Child's Tallulah Flapper Girl Costume
Child's Victorian School Girl Costume
Child's Lady Earhart Aviator Costume
Deluxe Minions Bob Child's Costume
Deluxe Minions Girl's Jumper Costume
Child's Spartan Warrior Costume
Child's Robin Hood Costume
Child's Black Hooded Horror Robe Costume
Child's Colonial Lady or Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Blue/Brown Thomas Jefferson Costume
Child's Navy Martha Washington Costume
Child's British Flag 60's Sequin Dress Costume
Junior Totally 80's Amy Costume
Child's Goddess Athena Costume
Child's Greek Goddess Costume
Girls' Disco Darling 70's Costume
Tween Queen of Hearts Costume
Tween Miss Mouse Costume
Child's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Child's Civil War Union Soldier Costume
Child's Star-Spangled Uncle Sam Costume
Child's Colonial Man Costume
Child's Founding Father Costume
Tween Alice in Wonderland Costume
Tween Sassy Snow White Girls' Costume
Tween Mad as a Hatter Girls' Costume
Tween 80's Valley Girl Costume
Girl's Posh Pirate Costume
Child's Hot Pink Zebra Print 80's Skirt
Girls'/Tween Skeleton Bling Costume
Child's Renaissance Country Maiden Costume
Child's British Redcoat Costume
Jack Sparrow Pirate Bandana with Dreadlocks
Child's Dashiki Shirt - Assorted Colors
Child's American Patriot Costume
Child's Abraham Lincoln or Andrew Jackson Costume
Child's Union General Ulysses S. Grant
Child's Civil War General Robert E. Lee Costume
Child's Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Paul Revere Colonial Costume
Child's Frontier Boy Costume
Girl's Susan B. Anthony/Harriet Tubman Costume
Child/Teen Killer Clown Costume
Child's Peace Lovin' Hippie Costume
Child's Captain Cutlass Pirate Costume
Child's Burgundy Pioneer Boy Costume
Child's Hero Gauntlet Gloves
Child's Hero Cape
Child's Hero Boot Tops
Child's Calico Print Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Royal Queen Costume
Child's Brown Bear Costume
Child's Shakespeare Costume
Child's Race Car Driver Costume
Child's Magician Tailcoat Costume
Child's Hansel Lederhosen Costume
Girls' 1920's Pink Flapper Costume
Girls' Native American Costume
Boys' Native American Costume
Girls' Soda Shop Sweetie Costume
Girls' Pink 50's Ladies Jacket
Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Child's Long Sleeve Bodysuit - More Colors
Child's Calico Cat Funsie Costume
Child's Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume
Monarch Butterfly Wing Cape
Child's Where the Wild Things Are Max Costume
Child's Duck Hunter Costume
Child Size '60s Flower Power Dress
Child's Bad Kitty Hot Pink Leopard Costume
Child's Biblical Blue Wiseman Costume
Child's Biblical Purple Wiseman Costume
Child's Biblical Burgundy Wiseman Costume
Child's Biblical Jesus or Shepherd Costume, Size Large
Child's Biblical Moses Costume
Child's Biblical Mary Costume
Child's Renaissance Buccaneer Shirt
Child's Leather Ninja Fighter Costume
Child's Rockin' Vampire Costume
Child's Howling at the Moon Werewolf Costume
Child's Deluxe Centurion Costume
Disco Dolly Costume (Child Size)
Boys' Colonial Aristocrat Costume
Girls' Flight Attendant Costume
Child's Deluxe Princess Penelope Costume
Child's Deluxe Victorian Rose Princess Costume
Child's Big Top Clown Costume
Child's Black Costume Pants
Child's English Nanny Victorian Costume
Child's Designer Royal Medieval Queen Costume
Child's Charming Princess Costume
Child's Sublimation Printed Hippie Tee Shirt
Child's Striped Jailbird Costume
Child's Little Miss Mouse Costume
Child's Doctor Lab Coat Costume
Child's Muscle Shirt Costume
Child Size Ben Franklin Costume
Child's Revolutionary Patriot Costume
Child 70's Hippie Boy Costume
Child's Leather Ninja Fighter Costume
Raccoon Costume Kit
Tween Miss Olympian Goddess Costume
Child's Blue Letterman Jacket Costume
Child's Red Letterman Jacket Costume
Child's Pink Letterman Jacket Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Elephant Costume Kit
Child's USA Cheerleader Costume
Child's Sassy Flapper Costume - More Colors
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child Size Flower Power Hippie Costume
Child's Groovy Girl 60's Costume
Child's Roman Empress Costume
Child's Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume
Child's Cleopatra Costume
Child's Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
Child's White Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
Adult NASA Astronaut White Jumpsuit Costume
Child's Deluxe Red Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Elegant Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Emerald Maiden Tudor Costume
Child's Honey Bee Costume
Child's Sweet Fox Costume
Child's Deep Space Alien Costume
Child's Olive Oyl Costume
Child's Age of Aquarius 60s Costume
Child Size Southern Belle Costume
Child's Blue Renaissance Maiden Costume
Child's Brown Floral Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Blue Floral Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Gray Old Lady Wig
Child's Old Aunt Gertie Wig
Child's Harlequin Heart Tights
Child's Retro Yellow 70's Groovy Tee
Child's Revolutionary Soldier Costume
Child's Shark Costume
Child Skunk Funsies Costume
Child Red Fox Funsies Costume
Child Una the Unicorn Funsies Costume
Child's Deluxe Wing Man Pilot Jumpsuit Costume
Child's Green Surgeon Scrubs Costume
Child's Bone Daddy Skeleton Suit Costume
Child's Black Hooded Cloak
Child's Panne Velvet Hooded Cape - More Colors
Child's Black Hooded Robe Costume
Child's Archer Woodsman Costume
Child Theodore Roosevelt Costume
Child's 80's Rock Star Dude
Child's Abraham Lincoln Costume
Child's Canadian Mountie Costume
Child's Thomas Jefferson Costume
Child's George Washington Costume
Boys' Victorian Vampire Lord Costume
Child's Peace Out '60s Costume
Princess Peach Crown & Amulet - Super Mario
Child's Silver Dazzling Flapper Dress Costume
Child's Emerald Juliet Renaissance Costume
Child's Cowboy Vest and Chaps
Child's Oxford Owl Funsies Costume
Child's Wild Red Fox Hoodie Costume
Child's Pepper Parrot Funsies Costume
Child's Thomas Jefferson Costume
Child's Proper Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Sarah Costume
Child's Balthasar of Arabia Wiseman Costume
Child's Gaspar of India Wiseman Costume
Child's Designer Lady Marian Costume
Fawn Antlers Headband
Child's Deluxe Poodle Skirt
Child's Mary Costume
Child's Regal Vampira Costume
Boys' Colonial Costume
Child's Colonial Lady Costume
Child's Blue Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Firefighter Costume
Boys' Colonial Costume
Child's Colonial Lady Costume
Child's Blue Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Renaissance Princess Costume - Blue/Gold
Child's Ear of Corn Costume
Child's Popeye Costume
Child's Sweet Raccoon Costume
Child's Feelin' Groovy 60s Costume
Plastic Animal Mask
Child's Chicken Costume Kit
Child's Piglet Costume Kit
Child's Bear Costume Kit
Child's Black Cat Costume Kit
Child's Elephant Costume Kit
Child's Mouse Costume Kit
Child's Monkey Costume Kit
Child's Licensed Raggedy Ann Costume
Train Engineer Cap - Adult or Child
Child Size Whipstitch Cowboy Hat - More Colors
Child Size Straw Cowboy Hat
Girls' White/Pink Retro Tee
Brown Raider Hat - Adult or Child
Plastic Knight's Helmet
Pirate Hat - Adult or Child
Child's Plastic Pith Helmet
Child Size Nylon Tights - More Colors
Boys' Colonial Pirate Captain Shirt
50's Girls' Polka Dot Rocker Costume
Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Kids' Costume Kit
Children's Red/White Striped Tights
Girls' Opaque Footless Tights With Lace Trim
Child's Deluxe Doctor Costume
Child's Red 50's Sweetheart Costume
Child's Pink 50's Sweetheart Costume
Deluxe Child's Royal Guard Costume
Deluxe Child's Microfiber Little Pig Costume
Girls' Pink Poodle Skirt
Child's Poodle Skirt - More Colors
Child's Mafia Mobster Gangster Costume
Child's Cutthroat Pirate Boy Costume
Child Size Alice in Wonderland Costume
Child's Pink Ladies Jacket & Scarf
Child's Pink Satin Ladies Jacket & Scarf
Child's 50s Sock Hop Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Princess Wildflower Native American Costume
Child's Running Brook Indian Costume
Child Size Lil' Mermaid Costume
Girls' Red Patriotic Cheerleader Costume
Child's 50s Thunderbirds Jacket
Child's Jester Costume - More Colors
Child's Peter Pan Costume
Child's Indian Brave Costume
Child's Pinstriped 6-Button Gangster Suit Costume
Toddler/Child Tin Man Costume
Child's Red Ninja Avenger Costume
Child's Black Ninja Avenger Costume
Child's Chinese Historical Costume
Child's Indian Princess Costume
Child's Registered Nurse Costume
Child's 50's Pink Satin Jacket
Child's Miss Mouse Costume
Child's Hot Pink Little Miss Mouse Costume
Child's Honey Bear Funsies Costume
Child's Humphrey the Camel Funsies Costume
Child's Go Go Girl Costume
Child's Egyptian Princess Costume
Teen Size Unisex Toga Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Junior Dreamgirl Tribal Beauty Indian Costume
Tween Nifty Fifties Sock Hop Costume
Dreamgirl Junior Eskimo Cutie Pie Costume
Dreamgirl Junior Wonderland's De-Light Alice Costume
Dreamgirl Junior Robyn Da Hood Costume
Junior Dreamgirl Clownin' Around Costume
Junior Dreamgirl Pretty Lil' Kitty Costume, Size Small
Teen Mr. Bone Jangles Costume
Teen Size Adorable Alice Costume
Child's Wicked Witch Costume - The Wizard of Oz
Teen Union Officer Civil War Costume
Teen Dark Alice Costume
Teen Diva of Destiny Fortune Teller Costume
Teen 70s Disco Diva Costume
Teen 80's Valley Girl Costume
Adult Blood Thirsty Beauty Vampire Costume, Size XL
Child's Frederick Douglass Wig & Beard
Teen Size Betty Boop Costume
Child Size Venus Burst Tie Dye Tee Shirt
Child Size Neon Rainbow Tie Dye Tee Shirt
Child Size Reactive Rainbow Tie Dye Tee Shirt
Child Size Woodstock Tie Dye Tee Shirt
Child Size Patriotic Spiral Tie Dye Tee Shirt
Child Size White Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Black Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Gray Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Gold Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Child Size Pink Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Teen Honey Bee Costume
Teen Lovely Ladybug Costume
Teen Fairy Tale Princess Costume
Tween Screamin' Green Crayola Crayon Costume
Tween Sky Blue Crayola Crayon Costume
Tween Purple Crayola Crayon Costume
Child Size Rainbow Striped Clown Overalls Costume
Boys' Alps Away Lederhosen Costume
Child's Skeleton Costume
Child's Batgirl Costume
Toddler Teen Titans Robin Costume
Adult or Child 36" Reversible Black/Red Taffeta Cape
Tween Miss Mouse Cutie Costume
Tween Tickle Me Pink Crayola Crayon Costume
Child's Saint Joseph Costume
Child's Virgin Mary Costume
Child's Jesus Costume
Teen Leg Avenue Magic Mushroom Alice Costume
Teen Sunflower Bee Costume
Teen Daisy Lady Bug Costume
Teen Leg Avenue Fortune Teller Princess Costume
Adult NASA Astronaut Orange Jumpsuit Costume
Child's Star Fringe Cowboy Costume
Child's Purple Goddess Costume
Deluxe Teen Stewie Griffin Costume - Family Guy

We offer a wide range of tween costumes, including the perfect tween Halloween costumes. Our selection is far better than what you'd find in a standard party store, and the quality is far superior, yet still very affordable. There are many kinds of animal costumes, from owls and unicorns to camels, bears and a calico cat. In addition to Halloween costumes for teens and tweens, we have authentic historical costumes that are perfect for school plays. Our biblical costumes, including a Wiseman, Mary, Moses and a shepherd, are ideal for a Christmas pageant. There are historically accurate teen Halloween costumes that are deluxe enough to be appropriate for a theatrical production. Whether it's the Renaissance, Medieval, Colonial, the Wild West, Victorian, the Civil War or even a particular decade of the 20th century, you'll find the perfect costume for your tween or teen right here.

Our tween and preteen costumes are sized to fit juniors. More specific sizing information is provided on the product page for individual costumes. Generally, tween costumes are larger than children's costumes, but smaller than adult costumes. The in-between size is perfect for most tweens, giving the costume a better fit and a nicer overall appearance. Our tween costumes are sized right and priced low so pre-teens and parents can both be happy.

Get more teen and tween costume ideas in our girl group costumes section.

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