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Pre-teens, tweens and juniors can have a tough time finding costumes that are cool, but age-appropriate. Fortunately, Candy Apple Costumes makes it easy to find the perfect costume for any party, Halloween event or school function by offering a large selection of specially selected costumes that are just right for your tween. Pick a flashy flapper costume, a preteen fortune teller costume, a sock hop costume, a toga or even genie costumes for tweens, and enjoy the night in a comfortable and fun outfit.
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Albert Einstein Costume Kit
Amelia Earhart Costume Kit
Animal Nose Mask
Benjamin Franklin Wig and Glasses Kit
Black/Silver Fascinator Headband With Feathers and Beads
Cat Costume Kit
Child Size '60s Flower Power Dress
Child Size Disco Dolly Costume
Child Size Fearless Knight Costume
Child Size Lady Rouge Medieval Costume
Child Size Lil' Mermaid Costume
Child Size Valiant Knight Costume
Child's 100 Acres Donkey Costume Hoodie
Child's 1940s Girl Historical Costume
Child's 50s Sock Hop Costume
Child's Abraham Lincoln Costume
Child's Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass Costume
Child's Age of Aquarius 60s Costume
Child's American Patriot Costume
Child's Astronaut Costume
Child's Bad Kitty Hot Pink Leopard Costume
Child's Bailey the Bear Funsies Costume
Child's Ben Franklin Costume
Child's Benjamin Franklin Wig
Child's Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Black Hippie Bell Bottom Pants
Child's Black Hooded Horror Robe Costume
Child's Black Hooded Robe Costume
Child's Blue Renaissance Maiden Costume
Child's British Bobby Costume
Child's British Redcoat Costume
Child's Brown Buccaneer Wig
Child's Brown Spotted Cow Funsies Costume
Child's Cassidy the Cat Funsies Costume
Child's Cleopatra Costume
Child's Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in Black
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in Brown
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in White
Child's Colonial General Costume
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Lady or Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Colonial Man Costume
Child's Colonial Man Gray Wig
Child's Colonial Man White Wig
Child's Colonial Martha Washington Costume
Child's Cosmic Blue Sequin Disco Shirt
Child's Dashiki Shirt - Assorted Colors
Child's Deluxe Air Force Pilot Costume
Child's Deluxe Benjamin Franklin Costume
Child's Deluxe Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Elegant Renaissance Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Gladiator Costume
Child's Deluxe Joseph Costume
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Poodle Skirt
Child's Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume
Child's Deluxe Twilight Princess Costume
Child's Deluxe Wing Man Pilot Jumpsuit Costume
Child's Devin the Dog Funsies Costume
Child's Doctor Lab Coat Costume
Child's Economy Petticoat - Black or White
Child's Egyptian Princess Costume
Child's Elephant Costume Kit
Child's Feelin' Groovy 60s Costume
Child's Founding Father Costume
Child's Founding Father Costume
Child's George Washington Costume
Child's Go Go Girl Costume
Child's Goddess Athena Costume
Child's Greek Goddess Costume
Child's Groovy Girl 60's Costume
Child's Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
Child's Hot Pink Sequin Disco Skirt
Child's Hot Pink Zebra Print 80's Skirt
Child's I Love the 80's Tee
Child's Kittle the Kangaroo Funsies Costume
Child's Lee the Lion Funsies Costume
Child's Little Groom Tuxedo Jacket Costume
Child's Lux the Leopard Funsies Costume
Child's Mouse Costume Kit
Child's Mouse Ears Headband 6-Pack
Child's Navy Admiral Sailor Costume
Child's Ness the Dragon Funsies Costume
Child's Orange Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume
Child's Parker Panda Costume Hoodie
Child's Parker the Panda Funsies Costume
Child's Paul Revere Colonial Costume
Child's Peace Power Hippie Shirt
Child's Penguin Funsies Costume
Child's Pink 50's Sweetheart Costume
Child's Pink Hippie Bell Bottom Pants
Child's Pink Ladies Jacket & Scarf
Child's Pink Satin Ladies Jacket & Scarf
Child's Polka Dot Sock Hop Skirt
Child's Pretty Princess Brown Bella Wig
Child's Purple Hippie Bell Bottom Pants
Child's Red 50's Sweetheart Costume
Child's Renaissance Buccaneer Shirt
Child's Renaissance Country Maiden Costume
Child's Renaissance Girl Braided Wig
Child's Revolutionary Patriot Costume
Child's Rocky Raccoon Funsies Costume
Child's Roman Boy Costume
Child's Roman Gladiator Costume
Child's Roman Princess Costume
Child's Santa Suit Funsies Costume
Child's Sassy Flapper Costume - More Colors
Child's Sequin Zip Neck Tie
Child's Sherwood Robin Hood Costume, Size Small
Child's Silver Stardust Sequin Disco Shirt
Child's Taylor the Tiger Funsies Costume
Child's Toy Maker Elf Costume
Child's Union Officer Costume
Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Child's Victorian Dickensian Boy Costume
Child's Vintage Nurse Costume
Child's White/Black Evil Jester Costume
Child's World War I Nurse Costume
Child's World War II Boy Costume
Child's Yellow Hippie Bell Bottom Pants
Cow Costume Kit
Dalmatian Dog Costume Kit
Deluxe Black Bunny Ears and Tail Costume Kit
Deluxe Cat Costume Kit
Deluxe White Bunny Ears and Tail Costume Kit
Economy Child's 50's Blue Poodle Skirt
Economy Child's 50's Pink Poodle Skirt
Elephant Costume Kit
Florence Nightingale Hat and Wig Costume Kit
Girl's Susan B. Anthony/Harriet Tubman Costume
Girls' Classic Alice in Wonderland Costume
Girls' Disco Darling 70's Costume
Girls' Peace and Love Hippie Costume
Girls' Queen Guinevere Medieval Costume
Gray Mouse Accessory Kit
Harriet Tubman Costume Kit
Leprechaun Hat Headband With Braids
Lion Costume Kit
Monkey Costume Kit
Moon and Star Fairy Princess Wand
Nostradamus Costume Kit
Paul Revere Hat and Wig Costume Kit
Pig Costume Kit
Plastic Animal Mask
Reindeer Costume Kit
Rock N Roll Wig Costume Kit
Scientist Wig with Bald Head - Adult or Child
Teen 80's Valley Girl Costume
Teen Union Officer Civil War Costume
Thomas Jefferson Costume Kit
William Shakespeare Costume Kit
Women's Shimmering Rhinestone Goddess Headpiece

We offer a wide range of tween costumes, including the perfect tween Halloween costumes. Our selection is far better than what you'd find in a standard party store, and the quality is far superior, yet still very affordable. There are many kinds of animal costumes, from owls and unicorns to camels, bears and a calico cat. In addition to Halloween costumes for teens and tweens, we have authentic historical costumes that are perfect for school plays. Our biblical costumes, including a Wiseman, Mary, Moses and a shepherd, are ideal for a Christmas pageant. There are historically accurate teen Halloween costumes that are deluxe enough to be appropriate for a theatrical production. Whether it's the Renaissance, Medieval, Colonial, the Wild West, Victorian, the Civil War or even a particular decade of the 20th century, you'll find the perfect costume for your tween or teen right here.

Our tween and preteen costumes are sized to fit juniors. More specific sizing information is provided on the product page for individual costumes. Generally, tween costumes are larger than children's costumes, but smaller than adult costumes. The in-between size is perfect for most tweens, giving the costume a better fit and a nicer overall appearance. Our tween costumes are sized right and priced low so pre-teens and parents can both be happy.

Get more teen and tween costume ideas in our girl group costumes section.

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