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Plus Size Costumes for Women and Men

Our premium quality plus size costumes for men and women have been collected from around the world to bring you the greatest variety available. These highly detailed plus size costumes fit well and they'll make you look and feel amazing! You'll find costumes in sizes 14 to 26 (1X, 2X, 3X and 4X, with a few sized 5X and 6X).

Historically Accurate Costumes

Step into our time machine and discover historically accurate costumes from Roman times to the Renaissance to the 1960s. You'll find plus size 80's costumes, so you can dress like a punk rocker, and plus size Medieval and Renaissance costumes that are great for theatrical productions, historical re-creationists or a Renaissance Faire. Our costumes are made from high-quality materials and are detailed to be true to the period. This includes 1950s sock hop costumes and leather-clad greasers, Roman Caesar and empress outfits and 1960s hippie costumes.

Costumes for Every Occasion

At Candy Apple Costumes, you'll find just the right costume for any occasion, and our plus size costumes are very comfortable and highly affordable. We have plus size clown costumes that are perfect for an adult performer at a children's party. Are you planning a German-themed Oktoberfest celebration? Dress up in a plus size Bavarian barmaid costume! If you're attending a 1980s-themed party, we have '80s costume plus size suggestions that pay tribute to popular culture from that time. This includes plus size Ghostbusters costumes, Care Bears, Smurfs, '80s rockers, Super Mario, flashy pop stars and much more. And because the 1980s were all about the accessories (leg warmers, anyone?) and big hair, you'll find that too in our collection. Whether you're a 1920s gangster, a character from the Colonial times or a Roman gladiator, you must accessorize for the full effect, and we have a wide selection of wigs, makeup, jewelry, eyewear, hats and many other accessories to choose from.

If you're planning your Halloween costume, we are your online superstore for cheap plus size Halloween costumes that are only "cheap" in price. The quality and sophistication of our costumes far surpasses other options!

Our Custom Size Charts for the Perfect Fit

Since every costume has its own sizing, we measure every style and add custom size charts. We also put up photos of our costumes on actual plus size people for each item! You'll no longer have to imagine what your desired costume looks like in your size. If you don't see the size chart and are worried about the size, please call or email us. We're happy to assist you!

Plus Size Couple Costume Ideas

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