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Plus Size Greek and Roman Costumes

If you have searched extensively for plus-size toga costumes for the Greek, Roman and Egyptian eras of biblical times and thereafter, your search is over, now that you have found Candy Apple Costumes. Among the historical figures you can resemble in either costume or accessory are Caesar, Cleopatra, Socrates, Hercules, Moses, Zeus, Athena and Jesus. Accessories include wigs, helmets, sandals, armor, staff, shield, shepherd's crook, rope belt, goddess headpiece and much more.
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Plus Size Mighty Caesar XXXL Costume
Plus Size Adult Pharaoh Costume
Plus Size Adult Jesus Costume
Plus Size Adult Moses Costume
Plus Size Adult Shepherd or Jesus Costume
Women's Plus Size Roman Empress Costume
Men's Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Men's Plus Size Joseph Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Hercules Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Caesar Costume
Plus Size Roman Empress Costume
Adult Jesus Costume
Plus Size Greek Goddess Costume
Deluxe Adult Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown, Black, Gray
Adult Jesus Costume
Plus Size Medusa Goddess Costume
Plus Size Olympian Goddess Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Long Red Toga Costume
Women's Plus Size Virgin Mary Costume
Plus Size Unisex Toga Costume
Gold Roman Rope Belt
Roman Sword
Roman Long Sword
Cleopatra Asp Earrings
Gold Coin Earrings
Roman Wristbands
Gladiator Combat Shield and Sword
Spartan Combat Shield and Sword
Silver Feathered Roman Helmet
Plastic Greek Laurel Wreath - Gold or Silver
Gold Ancient Knight Helmet
Pharaoh Headdress
Men's Roman Gladiator Sandals
Gold Roman Goddess Sandals
Deluxe Men's Brown Roman Sandals
Gold Goddess Sandals
Men's Roman Sandals
Antiqued Gold Feathered Roman Helmet
Gold Spartan Legions Helmet
Antiqued Gold Plastic Roman Leg Guards
Gold/Black Studded Roman Armor
Deluxe Gold Roman Helmet With Red Plume
Women's Shimmering Rhinestone Goddess Headpiece
King of the Sea Wig and Beard
Biblical Wig and Beard
Deluxe Crooked Shepherd's Staff
Full 14" Beard and Mustache Set - Black or Brown
Golden Cleopatra Asp Ring
Gold Egyptian Staff
Men's Egyptian Sandals
Silver/Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Antiqued Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Shepherd's Crook - White or Brown
Gold/Black Roman Shield
Men's Plus Size Hail Caesar Costume
Silver Spartan Legions Helmet

Are you looking for a plus size Greek goddess costume? You can dress as an elegant Olympian, Athena or Medusa, straight out of Greek mythology. Turn heads as a regal female warrior, or as a sexy Roman empress. Our Queen costume comes with draped sleeves, a gold headpiece, gold collar and gold belt. These costumes are historically accurate and of high-quality, much better than what you'll find in your local store and in line with the costumes from a professional theatrical supplier. A plus size goddess costume or Roman plus size Centurion costume will not only be impressive - it will be comfortable as well, so you'll look and feel your very best.

Are you going to a masquerade ball or costume party as a couple? Consider a Greek goddess costume, plus size, and our plus size Hercules costume. Or a Roman Empress and a Centurion. Whether you're casting an upcoming play or seeking an outfit for Halloween or another event, we have just the right garb in keeping with the statement you want to make. In the process, you will get a comfortable fit, which is further assured when you check our size charts, which are custom made for each item. Our merchandise is top quality and always reasonably priced, so we trust you'll return again and again for all your costume needs.

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