Plus Size Fairy Tale Costumes

Plus Size Fairy Tale and Fantasy Costumes

Make your dreams come true for a night with a plus size fairy tale costume from Candy Apple Costumes. We carry designs for men and women in some of the most popular fairy tale characters including Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Prince Charming, Harry Potter and more. You can find the perfect plus size fairy costume, such as a delightful plus size Tinkerbelle costume. Choose a couples' costume for a night out on the town with your beloved, or pick a dashing costume that can stand on its own to make an entrance at your next costume party. For example, with one of our plus size Tinkerbell costumes, a lady can accompany her male companion's Peter Pan. We also offer a plus size fairy dresses and men's plus size fairy tale prince costumes - ideal complementary couples' costumes for a costume party or Halloween celebration. Our adult fairy costumes and other plus size fairy tale and fantasy costumes are made from the highest quality materials, such as sateen, velveteen, tulle overlays and sequins. There's great attention to detail in all our costumes.
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Whether you're looking for a fairy costume for women (plus size), an evil queen costume from "Once Upon a Time," Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter or a Wizard Academy School Girl Harry Potter plus size costume, our fantastic outfits will get you right into character!

Candy Apple Costumes carries a variety of fairy tale costumes to choose from in standard or deluxe styles. Don't forget to accessorize your perfect costume with a headband, crown, hat or pair of plus size fairy wings to complete the look. Our high-quality costumes are priced low and ship quickly, so you can dress as your favorite fairy tale princess no matter what time of the year it is. Order now and make your magical night one to remember.

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