Women's Toga Costumes

Women's Greek and Roman Costumes

Captivate everyone with your interpretation of an ancient female mythical goddess or female ruler of ancient Egypt or Rome with our gorgeous Greek and Roman costumes. Back in ancient times, these powerful female figures were admired for their strength of character and talents. Our graceful toga costumes also make you look divine at any toga theme party. Togas come in a wide range of sizes to fit all body types from extra-small to plus size.
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The Greek Goddess

According to Greek mythology, various goddesses played as much a role in everyday life as their Greek god counterparts. Each goddess has her own distinctive personality traits and responsibilities for overseeing their piece of the world. Aphrodite is the most famous in modern times. Perhaps, because she's the one who represents beauty, love and fertility. Demeter was a goddess of fertility and harvest. Artemis, the virgin huntress, was associated with marriage and young creatures.

You can use traditional goddess traits for roleplaying or use your own unique traits to bring your goddess to life. Footwear suggestions: silver or gold pumps or Greco-Roman style sandals.

The Egyptian Queen

As the powerful queen of the Nile, you rule all of Egypt, and you'll do anything to protect the sovereignty of your country, and that includes charming a certain Roman ruler. You embody the bold, smart female leader who must be cunning and open to using your mesmerizing ways to get what you want. Sandals, black wig and an Egyptian style headdress are a must for this queen.

The Roman Empress

Behind every powerful Roman leader is a woman who may be using her status to influence the emperor, and in ancient Rome, the empress may also be the emperor's closest advisor. She runs the household and throws lavish parties for members of her social circle. Empress costumes are luxurious and flattering to all figures. Many empress costume styles include a sash that you drape over your arm or shoulder as a silent reminder of your status. The empress wears her hair fully or partially upswept, and you can enhance your costume's appeal with gold earrings and bracelets.
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