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Child Size Colonial and 18th Century Costumes

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Child's Revolutionary Soldier Costume
Child's Colonial Lady or Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Founding Father Costume
Child's British Redcoat Costume
Child's American Patriot Costume
Child's Blue Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Paul Revere Colonial Costume
Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Toddler/Child Blue Nursery Rhyme Costume
Child's Beethoven Composer Costume
Child's Classical Composer Mozart Costume
Child's Thomas Jefferson Costume
Child's Proper Pilgrim Girl Costume
Boys' Colonial Costume
Child's Colonial Lady Costume
Child's Blue Pilgrim or Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Thomas Jefferson Costume
Child's George Washington Costume
Child's Blue/Brown Thomas Jefferson Costume
Child's Navy Martha Washington Costume
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in White
Child's Brown Floral Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Blue Floral Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Revolutionary Patriot Costume
Child's Calico Print Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Founding Father Costume
Child's Deluxe Benjamin Franklin Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Child's George Washington Costume
Child's Colonial Boy Costume
Child's Founding Father Colonial Costume
Child's Colonial General Costume
Child's Pilgrim Bonnet and Apron Set
Child's Colonial Martha Washington Costume
Child's Tudor Boy Costume
Child's Tudor Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Martha Washington Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Aristocrat Costume
Child's Deluxe Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Betsy Ross Costume
Child's Colonial American Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Swashbuckler Gentleman Costume
Child's Renaissance Peasant Maiden Costume
Child's Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Child's White Cloth Colonial Bonnet
Black Brocade Ascot
Boys' Colonial Pirate Captain Shirt
Historical Ruffled Collar and Cuffs Set
Child's Colonial Man White Wig
Child's Colonial Man Gray Wig
Child's Benjamin Franklin Wig
Grey 18th Century Duke Wig With Bow
Brown 18th Century Duke Wig
Black 18th Century Patriot Wig
White Colonial Woman Wig
White George Wig
Child's Colonial Tricorne Hat With White Wig
Benjamin Franklin Wig and Glasses Kit
Thomas Jefferson Costume Kit
Child's Yellow Pioneer Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Child's Black Colonial Tricorne Hat
Black Colonial Tricorne Hat With Gold Trim - Adult or Child
Teen/Tween Colonial Peasant Girl Costume
Adult White Mob Cap
Child's Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in Brown
Child's Colonial Boy Wig in Black
Child's Deluxe Pilgrim Girl Costume
Black Puritan Bonnet With Lace Trim
Colonial Jabot and Cuffs Set
Colonial Shoe Buckles - Silver or Gold
Child's Blue Colonial Boy Costume
Child's Ben Franklin Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial Girl Costume
Child's Deluxe Colonial General Costume
Child's Captain John Smith Explorer Costume
Child's Victorian Apron and Cap Costume
Child's Burgundy Pioneer Boy Costume
Child's Captain Cutlass Pirate Costume
Child's White Cotton Gloves
Round Gold Rim Glasses
Square Gold Rim Glasses
Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers - Adult or Child
Child's Black Costume Pants
Beethoven Wig and Ascot Costume Kit
26-Inch Plastic Cavalry Sword With Sheath
Cavalry Sword
Deluxe Toy Pirate Pistol
Adult White Colonial Knee Socks
Child's Colonial Man Costume

You can put on a school play to end all plays, depicting the Colonial era with startling accuracy, when you shop with Candy Apple Costumes. Every imaginable Colonial girl costume and Colonial boy costume is available, with all variations thereof. Every kids' Colonial costume is designed from high-quality materials and made for optimal comfort and the best fit. When your child wears one of our Colonial kids' costumes, they'll gain an appreciation for what it might have been like at that time in history. Plus, of course, it's fun!

Our Colonial costumes for kids are as highly detailed as our adult costumes. Dress up your child as an American hero or dethroned French monarch in our excellent selection of American Revolution and Colonial era costumes for girls and boys. You can opt for a specific historical figure like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, Mozart, Beethoven, The Three Musketeers, Napoleon and Josephine and more. These Colonial costumes for boys and girls look like the real deal!

Instead, perhaps, you may want such generic figures of that era as princess, general, pioneer girl, Colonial boy, Colonial girl, people of the French Revolution or a founding father. A solid selection of accessories is also available, such as 1700s style white wigs, tricorne and bicorn hats, toy weapons, ruffled collars and more.

If you're on the hunt for something very specific, such as a Colonial soldier uniform in a kids' size, a Colonial ball dress girls' costume or Colonial Williamsburg children's costumes, chances are very good you'll find what you're looking for here. We have a much better selection than what you'd find elsewhere.

Are you looking for a girls' size 12 Colonial lady dress? Sizes differ between costumes, which is why we include custom sizing charts for every product. As you shop, be sure to check each sizing chart to ensure the right fit. These charts frequently vary per item, so make no assumptions on this count! In the end, you will find a Colonial dress costume that is just right for your kid. All are made of durable quality, so it can double as next year's Halloween outfit and go on from there. We're happy to outfit you here at Candy Apple Costumes.

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