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Funny Costumes

Funny Costumes

If you're attending a costume party that's not a themed event, why not play it for laughs in one of our many funny adult costumes featured here at Candy Apple Costumes? We have hundreds of party costumes, so your chances of finding a great life-of-the-party costume is excellent!
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Adult Baby Costumes
Dr. Seuss Costumes
Clown Costumes
Honey Blonde Mr. CEO Wig
Adult Thing 1 Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Wig Costume
Adult Thing 2 Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Wig Costume
Adult Deluxe Ghostbusters 3 Kevin Costume
Deluxe Adult Plush Elmo Costume
Deluxe Adult Plush Cookie Monster Costume
Deluxe Adult Olaf the Snowman Costume
Adult Yoshi Costume Kit
Adult Plastic Bowser Mask
Adult Women's Ghostbusters Costume
Women's Plus Size Ghostbusters Costume
Adult Cat in the Hat Costume Kit - Hat, Gloves and Bow Tie
Adult Cat in the Hat Short Sleeve T-Shirt and Hat
Adult Big Baby Costume and Mask, Size M/L
Adult Orange Prom Tuxedo Costume
Adult Where's Waldo Costume
Adult Pontiff Pope Costume
Adult Bowser Super Mario Brothers Costume Kit
Women's Where in the World? Costume
Madame President Wig
Colorful Felt Top Hat - Powder Blue or Orange
Deluxe Minions Women's Jumper Costume
Deluxe Minions Bob Child's Costume
Deluxe Minions Girl's Jumper Costume
Adult Plus Size Baby Boy Costume
Adult Plus Size Baby Girl Costume
Thing 1 and 2 Blue Fuzzy Headband
Thing 1 and 2 Blue Furry Wig
Thing 1 and 2 Blue & Red Striped Tall Socks
Adult Gru Latex Mask
Adult Miss Conception Wig
Plus Size Adult Despicable Me Gru Costume
Adult Funny Tooth Fairy Costume
Adult Pink Ballerina TuTu
Women's Gothic Darling Costume
Baby Bottle Costume Accessory
Adult Honey Mooner Bumble Bee Costume
Adult Hind Sight Funny Patient Costume
Adult World of Nintendo Yoshi Mask
Raccoon Costume Kit
Adult Oxford the Owl Funsies Costume
Adult Snowman Funsies Costume
Adult Santa Claus Costume Hoodie
Adult Pink Baby Bootie Shoe Covers
Adult Blue Baby Bootie Shoe Covers
Oversized Baby Rattle - Pink or Blue
Plus Size Adult Banana Costume
Deluxe Adult Toy Story Woody Costume, Size XL
Adult Blue Owl Onesie Costume
Adult Blue Unicorn Onesie Costume
Adult Green Dinosaur Onesie Costume
Adult Energizer Bunny Costume
Adult Green Yoshimoto Dragon Costume
Funny Mini Cowboy Costume Kit
Deluxe Infant Baby Jack Jack Incredibles Costume
12 Pack Colorful Temporary Mustache Finger Tattoos
Colorful Handlebar Mustache - More Colors
Deluxe Adult Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume
Adult Queen of Hearts Card Costume
Plus Size King of Hearts Card Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume - Alice Through the Looking Glass
Plus Size Mad Hatter Costume - Alice Through the Looking Glass
Adult White Chef Shirt
Plus Size Adult White Chef Shirt
Men's Pee-Wee Herman Costume
Adult Moon Man Astronaut Costume, Size M/L
Adult Brown/White Reindeer Hoodie Costume
Adult Pink Baby Boomer Costume
Plus Size Adult Chicken Costume Hoodie
Teen Size Banana Hoodie Costume
Padded Big Booty
Adult Spartan Cheerleader Arianna Costume, Size M/L
Adult Spartan Cheerleader Craig Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult Spartan Cheerleader Craig Costume
Adult Men's Licensed Raggedy Andy Costume
Plus Size Men's Licensed Raggedy Andy Costume
Adult Mr. Muscle Bodybuilder Costume, Size M/L
Teen Size Banana Hoodie Costume
Po Adult Red Teletubbies Costume
Dipsy Adult Green Teletubbies Costume
Adult Man in the Yellow Hat Costume
Deluxe Adult Jesus Costume and Wig
Child's Old Man Wig and Suspenders Costume Kit
Child's Old Lady Wig and Shawl Costume Kit
Adult Ghostbusters Costume
Plus Size Adult Ghostbuster Costume
Women's 1970's Hustle Diva Costume
Adult Tweedle Dum Costume
Adult Tweedle Dee Costume
Adult Orange Costume
Adult Watermelon Slice Costume
Adult Purple Grapes Costume
Adult Hot Chili Pepper Costume
Child's Carrot Costume
Child's Craw Daddy Costume
Child's Appealing Banana Costume
Adult Plush Reindeer Mascot Costume
Adult Fox Costume
Adult Shark Costume
Men's Canadian Mountie Costume, Size M/L
Ponytail Bopper Headband - More Colors
Adult Cry Baby Costume
Adult Baby Girl Costume
Adult Baby Boy Costume
Adult Christmas Workshop Elf Costume
Deluxe Adult Granny Wolf Costume
Adult Skunk Funsies Costume
Adult Freddy the Frog Funsies Costume
Adult Ren the Rooster Funsies Costume
Adult Red Fox Funsies Costume
Adult Una the Unicorn Funsies Costumes
Adult Wooly the Black Sheep Funsies Costume
Adult Casey the Cow Costume Hoodie
Child's Shark Costume
Child Skunk Funsies Costume
Child Red Fox Funsies Costume
Child Una the Unicorn Funsies Costume
Adult Unisex Red/Green Elf Costume
Adult Gray Granny Perm Wig
Infant/Toddler Nursery Nerd Costume
Adult Old School Rapper Costume
Adult 80's Video Superstar Costume, Size M/L
Adult Fly Costume
Adult Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume
Adult Scrooge Nightshirt Costume
Child's Gray Old Lady Wig
Child's Old Aunt Gertie Wig
Adult Rocky Horror Frank N. Furter Costume
Adult Rocky Horror Riff-Raff Costume
Adult Rocky Horror Columbia Costume
Deluxe Gorilla Costume
Adult Gorilla Costume
Adult Santa Suit Funsies Costume
Child's Santa Suit Funsies Costume
Deluxe Adult Chimpanzee Costume
Monkey Ears and Tail Costume Set
Monkey Costume Kit
Adult Tiger Costume
Tiger Costume Kit
Tiger Mask
Deluxe Adult Plush Lion Costume
Deluxe Adult Lion Costume
Cirque Sinister Adult Vicious Lion Costume
Adult Lion Costume
Adult Lee the Lion Funsies Costume
Adult Moo Cow Costume
Cow Costume Kit
Adult Comical Cow Costume
Adult Casey the Cow Funsies Costume
Adult Toro the Bull Costume
Adult Deluxe Plush Bull Mascot Costume
Adult Bugsy the Bat Funsies Costume
Adult Georgie the Giraffe Funsies Costume
Giraffe Ears and Tail Costume Set
Adult Elephant Costume
Adult Plush Elephant Costume
Elephant Costume Kit
Zebra Ears and Tail Costume Set
Adult Fuzzy Striped Leg Warmers - More Colors
Deluxe Adult Plush Brown Horse Costume
Donkey Costume Kit
Disney Eeyore Ears and Tail Set
Cow Ears and Tail Costume Set
Gray Mouse Accessory Kit
Adult Mr. Mouse Costume
Adult Bear Costume
Adult Bailey the Bear Funsies Costume
Adult Parker the Panda Funsies Costume
Long Horns Headband
Adult Deluxe Plush Chipmunk Mascot Costume
Adult Mouse Funsies Costume
Mouse Costume Kit
Deluxe Adult Muscle Chest Genie Costume - Aladdin
Adult Skippy the Flying Squirrel Funsies Costume
Deluxe Adult Green Frog Mascot Costume
Adult Plush Crocodile Mascot Costume
Adult Crocodile Costume
Plastic Animal Mask
Adult Toro the Bull Costume
Plush Animal Mask
Animal Nose Mask
Deluxe Adult Skunk Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Adult Skunk Costume
Infant Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Bib & Hat
Adult Deluxe Plush Parrot Mascot Costume
Deluxe Latex Duck Mask
Deluxe Latex Sheep Mask
Deluxe Latex Zebra Mask
Deluxe Latex Yellow Duck Mask
Deluxe Latex Frog Mask
Deluxe Latex Raccoon Mask
Deluxe Latex Panda Mask
Deluxe Latex Red Fox Mask
Deluxe Latex Elephant Mask
Deluxe Latex Bald Eagle Mask
Deluxe Latex Lion Mask
Deluxe Latex Tiger Mask
Deluxe Latex Pig Mask
Deluxe Latex Deer Mask
Deluxe Latex Unicorn Mask
Adult Willie the Wolf Funsies Costume
Adult Willie the Wolf Costume Hoodie
Gray Curly Grandma Wig
Deluxe Adult Big Bad Wolf Costume
Adult Granny Wolf Costume
Hungry Wolf Latex Mask
Raccoon Ears and Tail Costume Set
Adult Rocky Raccoon Funsies Costume
Adult Lamb Costume
Adult Yoda Costume - Star Wars
Adult Jedi Robe - Star Wars
Deluxe Jedi Robe - Star Wars
Adult Star Wars Darth Vader Costume
Plus Size Sexy Princess Leia Costume
Plus Size Keep Up the Faith Priest XXXL Costume
Adult Rocky Horror Magenta Costume
Adult Disco Queen Costume
Adult Velma Costume - Scooby Doo
Adult SNL Garth Algar Wig and Glasses
Adult SNL Wayne Campbell Wig and Hat
Deluxe Adult Oktoberfest Guy Lederhosen Costume
Deluxe Adult Oktoberfest Guy Lederhosen Costume (Plus Size)
Adult Monkey Costume
Deluxe Adult Monkey Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Adult Monkey Costume
Adult Duck Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Adult Duck Costume
Deluxe Adult Duck Costume
Deluxe Pig Mascot Costume
Adult Pig Costume
Adult Pig Costume
Pig Costume Kit
Child's Plastic Cartoon Pig Mask
Adult Pink Pig Funsies Costume
Deluxe Adult White Rocking Rooster Costume With Mask
Deluxe Adult Chicken Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Adult Chicken Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Yellow Rocking Rooster Costume With Mask
Deluxe Adult Plush Chicken Costume With Mask
Adult Chicken Costume
Plus Size Deluxe White Rocking Rooster Costume With Mask
Adult Puddles the Puppy Dog Costume, Size M/L
Adult Scruffy Dog Costume, Size M/L
Brown Dog Costume Kit
Adult Devin the Dog Funsies Costume
Adult Devin the Dog Costume Hoodie
Adult Blue Baby Boomer Costume
Adult Baby Jammies Costume - Pink or Blue
Adult Deluxe Plush Bull Dog Mascot Costume
Adult Dalmatian Dog Costume
Adult Spot the Dalmatian Funsies Costume
Dalmatian Dog Costume Kit
Deluxe Adult Big Brown Dog Costume
Deluxe White Bunny Costume
Adult Deluxe March Hare Costume, Size M/L
Plastic Bunny Teeth
Adult Bunny Ears Top Hat
Alice in Wonderland Deluxe White Rabbit Head Hat
Deluxe Adult Yellow Gorilla Costume
Shop for funny costumes for men, funny women's costumes, funny girl costumes and funny boy costumes. For funny adults, costumes include the nerdiest of nerds, adult baby costumes, assorted clowns and humorous characters from your favorite TV shows and movies. Among our many options for funny adult Halloween costumes are cartoon costumes, animal costumes, Dumb and Dumber costumes, naughty priest and nun costumes, Pee-wee Herman, Cat in the Hat, minions, food and drink costumes and a whole lot more laugh out loud ideas.

Want something more risqué? We have sexy funny costume alternatives for the ladies. Need more size choices? Check our plus sizes to find a comfortable fit. Be sure to check sizing charts for each item, because they have variations.

All these funny costume choices help you stand out, and you might wind up getting lots of positive attention, especially when playing your part to the hilt. Look authentic and enjoy wearing our high-quality costumes, delightfully wearing them again and again.
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