Adult Baby Costumes

Adult Baby Costumes and Accessories

Oh baby! Return to a time when life was easy-peasy and all you had to think about was your next feeding. That's right. It's time to throw all that adult stuff out the window and get back in touch with your inner infant. Candy Apple Costumes has a great selection of adult baby costumes for adult boys and girls who want to rattle up a good time. Get plenty of laughs as you waddle (crawl or walk) around, seeking attention from nurturing adults. Our baby theme costumes fit most body sizes comfortably.
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Diapers or Jammies?

Babies spend a lot of time relaxing and sleeping, and our selection includes traditional style looks for baby boys and girls. If you have the great idea to wear a diaper, but you're not comfortable with wearing next to nothing, pick out one of our funny diaper costumes. These costumes simulate the look of a baby wearing only diapers (and a bib), and you remain completely covered. If you're brave enough to reveal your legs, we offer adorable costume sets that include a bonnet, bib, shirt and faux diaper.

Slip on a jammies costume in pink or blue. These bedtime costumes are either a one-piece jumper or a two-piece top and bottom set, and most come with matching bonnets.

Baby Bonnets and Bibs

Complete your homemade baby costume with one of our fashionable baby bonnet and bib sets. These two items are essential for successfully pulling off your sweet and innocent look, and they help to remove any guessing over the theme of your costume.

Bottles and Pacifiers

Enhance your infant attire with baby-centric accessories. Grab a baby bottle for sporadic feedings when you're feeling hungry. You may also want to take along an adult-size pacifier, an item that helps you remain calm as people come up to you and squeeze your cute little cheeks. You can also find baby socks, jumbo diaper pins and other costume accents.
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