Knight Costumes

You 'll be ready to save the day no matter what your age is with our large selection of medieval knight costumes. We have an adult or children 's knight costume for any epoch, and offer high-quality without the high price tag. Take down dragons in a dragon slayer knight costume, go on adventures with the Round Table in a Lancelot costume, recover the Holy Land in a crusader costume or rescue a damsel in one of our knight in shining armor outfits. We don 't just have knight costumes for men either - ladies can do the rescuing as well in a knightess costume or Joan of Arc costume.
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Adult Medieval Knight Costume
Child's Crusader Knight Armor and Sword Set
Adult Crusader Knight Costume
Child Size Dragon Slayer Knight Costume
Adult Chivalrous Knight Costume
Child's Loyal Knight Costume
Child Size Valiant Knight Costume
Dragon Lord Shield and Sword Set
Deluxe Child Size Sir Rouge Knight Costume
Child Size Lady Rouge Medieval Costume
Plus Size Hooded Huntsman Costume
Crusader Knight Sword and Sheath
Crusader Knight Shield and Sword Set
Adult King Arthur Costume
Adult Medieval Crusader Knight Helmet
Plus Size Adult Knight of the Round Table Costume
Child's Knight of the Round Table Costume
Adult Medieval Knight Costume
Plus Size Adult Templar Knight Costume
Adult Renaissance Knight Costume, Size M/L
Adult Noble Knight Costume
Deluxe Adult Crusader Knight Costume
Adult Renaissance Man/Captain John Smith Costume
Men's Medieval Executioner Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Men's Medieval Executioner Costume
Deluxe Adult Medieval Warrior Cape
Adult Brown Faux Leather Sword Belt
Child's Crusader King Costume
Adult Brown Renaissance Belt
Plastic Knight's Helmet
Silver Conquistador Helmet
Spartan Combat Shield and Sword
Gladiator Combat Shield and Sword
Roman Long Sword
Roman Sword
Roman Gladiator Sword
Silver/Gold Plastic Roman Shield
Gold/Black Roman Shield
Adult Medieval Costume Shirt, Size M/L
Adult Medieval King Cape
Deluxe Black Vinyl Men's Boot Covers
Blond Medieval King Wig
Deluxe Medieval Viking Helmet
Medieval King Wig and Beard
Plastic Roman Sword With Gold Lion Sheath
Gold Ancient Knight Helmet
Gold Spartan Legions Helmet
Silver Spartan Legions Helmet
Adult Medieval Warrior Helmet with Horns
Candy Apple Costumes only carries the best knight costumes from leading manufacturers so you can rely on them for everything from cosplay to historical reenactments. Be a Templar Knight, a warrior king knight, Aragorn, Gawain, Edward the Black Prince or any other knight both real and fantasy. No worthy attire is complete without knight costume accessories, so pick up helmets, toy swords, shields, wigs, gloves and other affordable items. Our Renaissance costumes and fairy tale costumes sections have other fun options for creating an entire medieval court or having a storybook Halloween.
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