Civil War Costumes for Adults and Kids

Learn about history while portraying characters from the American Civil War. At Candy Apple Costumes, you can find an array of costumes for children and adults to wear for school plays, holidays or special events. Become a world-famous president doing his best to keep a fragile Union together. Or play the role of Union and Confederate generals and soldiers heading into battle. For girls and women, we offer a variety of realistic costume dresses and outfits for playing the role of pioneers, fashionable ladies and sassy women of the western frontier. An assortment of period wigs, beards, gloves and hats add authentic touches to your portrayal.
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Child's Union General Ulysses S. Grant
Child's Blue Pioneer Girl Costume
Girl's Susan B. Anthony/Harriet Tubman Costume
Child's Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass Costume
Deluxe Women's Georgia Southern Belle Costume
Child's Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Child's Union Officer Costume
Adult Abraham Lincoln or Frederick Douglass Costume
Adult Union Officer Civil War Costume, Size M/L
Child's Union Officer Civil War Costume
Teen Union Officer Civil War Costume
Child's Civil War Nurse Costume
Child's Civil War Union Soldier Costume
Deluxe Adult Dickens Gentleman Victorian Costume
Deluxe Adult Abe Lincoln Costume
Adult Union Officer Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult Union Officer Costume
Child's Wild West Gambler Costume
26-Inch Plastic Cavalry Sword With Sheath
Civil War Union Officer Hat
Civil War Union Foot Soldier Hat
Child's Abraham Lincoln Costume
Adult Plus Size Deluxe Abraham Lincoln Costume
Plus Size Women's Medieval Chemise Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Enchanting Princess Costume
Adult Abraham Lincoln Costume, Size M/L
Child's Abraham Lincoln Costume
Women's Deluxe Blue Victorian Vixen Costume
Adult Deluxe Edwardian Gentleman Costume
Abraham Lincoln Black Top Hat
Economy Abraham Lincoln Beard
Abraham Lincoln Beard and Hat Kit
Abraham Lincoln Wig & Beard
Adult Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
Child's Honest Abe Dark Brown Beard
The Gunslinger Mustache
The Gambler Mustache and Goatee
Child's Pretty Princess Blonde Cinderella Wig
Child's Pretty Princess Brown Bella Wig
Child's Colonial Lady Costume
Child's White Cotton Gloves
Harriet Tubman Costume Kit
Adult Felt Victorian Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Saloon Sweetie Costume, Size M/L
Adult Gibson Girl Blouse - Black or White
Lace Parasol - Black or White
Adult Classic Storybook Princess Costume, Size M/L
Adult Classic Fairy Princess Costume, Size M/L
Adult Cloth Colonial Bonnet - More Colors
Adult Red Gingham Pioneer Bonnet
Bugle Horn Costume Prop
Black Lace Wrist Length Gloves
Ladies' Parade Gloves - White
Adult White Theatrical Gloves
White Cotton Gloves
Plus Size Big Tex Cowboy XXXL Costume
Adult Rogue Gambler Costume
Women's World War I Nurse Costume
Mark Twain Wig and Mustache Kit
Deluxe Adult Abraham Lincoln Beard
Adult Roaring 20's Off White Lace Shawl
Frederick Douglass Costume Kit
Adult Wine Victorian Gentleman Costume
Adult Victorian Princess Costume
Women's Plus Size Storybook Princess Costume
Adult Felt Top Hat - Black or Brown
Adult Felt Trilby Hat - More Colors
Deluxe Wool Top Hat - Gray or Black
Adult Deluxe Edwardian Gentleman Costume
Women's Deluxe Blue Victorian Vixen Costume
Child's Yellow Pioneer Girl Costume
Rayon Parasol - More Colors
Lace Parasol - White or Black
Cavalry Sword
Adult Short Dress Gloves - More Colors
Child's Satin Opera Gloves - White, Black, or Red
Deluxe Colonel Major Mustache
Opera Length Nylon Gloves - Black, White, or Pink
Long Satin Gloves - More Colors
Adult Victorian Christmas Caroler Costume, Size M/L
Adult Victorian Caroling Gentleman Costume, Size M/L
The Colonel White Wig and Beard
Adult Ballroom Length Hoop Crinoline
Adult White Hoop Skirt Petticoat
Plus Size Saloon Girl Costume
Adult Renaissance Knicker Pants
Adult Victorian Pantaloons
Adult White Long Bloomers
Adult Long White Hoop Skirt Petticoat
Clip-On Colonel String Tie - Black, Red or Green
Plus Size Long Black Velvet Gloves
Brown Top Hat
Black Theatrical Cane
Dapper Cane
Literate Full Mustache - More Colors
Black Lace Folding Fan
Pirate/Colonial Boot Covers - Adult or Child
Adult 19th Century Curly Mutton Chops
Brown Victorian Lady Wig
Ruffled Lace Collar
Adult Economy Lace Gloves - Black or White

Portraying Abraham Lincoln

Rising from his humble log cabin beginnings, Abraham Lincoln played a key role during the Civil War, and his calm and steady leadership is the stuff of legends. Portraying President Lincoln is easier when you wear one of our stoic Abe Lincoln costumes, which includes a vest and long coat. To complete this iconic look, select a black top hat and a black faux beard. Once you have your costume on, you can call upon your own unique roleplaying talent to become one of history's most admired U.S. presidents.

Military Costumes: Confederate vs. Union

Pick a side and choose a costume to portray a military figure on the Union side or the Confederate side. Our Civil War military costumes are based upon real life uniforms worn by soldiers of this period. Kids and adults can be a foot soldier or officer, including Ulysses S. Grant and Jefferson Davis. Add blue or grey military hats and toy swords for a professional look.

African-American Heroes

Browse our selection of fine-quality Civil War and Victorian era costumes to find outfits for portraying African-American historical figures such as Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman and Union soldier hero William H. Carney.
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