Community Helpers

Community Helper Costumes for Kids

Remember the delightful Sesame Street song, "The People in Your Neighborhood?" It's been sung by many a cast of Muppets over the years on the long-running children's program and it's always memorable. The song covers a large majority of community helpers including teachers, postal workers, dentists, bakers and even garbage collectors. Of course, garbage collectors were favorites of Oscar the Grouch because he adores his trash.
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Candy Apple Costumes offers a wonderful selection of Community Helper Costumes that are ideal for kids. They're perfect for Halloween. However, they're also ideal for dress up boxes at home and in school. Kids love to play dress up, especially when it comes to doctors, nurses, veterinarians, firefighters and police officers. Candy Apple Costumes Community Helper Costumes are available in all the favorites and fun accessories like stethoscopes and nurse's bags are on hand for order too. If your costume doesn't come with the right accessories, you're sure to find it in our huge assortment of costume accessories!

Indulge your child's imagination and creativity with these authentic costumes. Who knows maybe they'll grow up to belong to one of those important helper professions?

"Say, who are the people in your neighborhood?"

"The people that you meet each day."

Besides our wholesome kids' costumes, we've also got plenty of funny, sexy, classic and downright irreverent adult costumes to choose from. For example, you can create the perfect couple-themed getup when you style a milkman and pregnant lady costume from our assortment, or pick out a hilarious postal worker costume with your date as the package! If you want to keep it wholesome and create family Halloween costumes, this is a great place to start! We've got appropriate costumes for kids and grown-ups alike here.
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