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Create a costume theme for couples or groups of friends with our couple's costume looks at Candy Apple Costumes. Come as a twosome from history or the movies. Arrive as a group dressed in costumes that complement each other. Recreate the romances and bro-mances of the movie "Top Gun." Or visit our Disney couples costumes to become Cinderella with Prince Charming in tow.

Couples costumes are favorite ways to have twice as much fun at a Halloween party or parade. And we have the best couple's costumes of 2017 and beyond for both creativity and quality. You can be Mary Poppins with your Chimney Sweep in tow. Shop our popular Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio costume sets. Your group can arrived dressed as four or 15 German townspeople and bar maids for a beer garden party. Browse our rocking '80s couples costume ideas, including rock stars and groupies, video game characters and Ghostbusters.

If you're feeling like an old-school renegade, embrace a '20s era theme with our flappers and gangsters costumes for two or groups. We have pilot and flight attendant looks, as well as cops and convicts costume collections. Play all sorts of "Star Wars" characters from any of the trilogies. Super hero and villain couple costumes are a big hit, as you can be Superman and Supergirl, Batman and Harley Quinn or the entire Justice League (or Suicide Squad).

Families love our Crayola crayon costumes in adult and kid sizes. Charm them as a busy bee arriving with a lady bug. Scare up applause as a devil and a demon. Recreate the set of a Robin Hood movie with our Robin, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck and Nottingham Sheriff looks. Choose from hundreds of fun costume combinations with accessories to match.

Couple and Duo Costume Ideas

If you're brainstorming creative ways to dress up as a matching pair with your significant other or friend, we can help! We have years (and years) of experience helping customers figure out couple costumes, and we like to share it! Check out more ideas and tips on our Fresh Picks Costume Blog!

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