70's Character Costumes

60's and 70's Character Costumes

Do you ever wish you can go back in time and be a part of the swinging '60s or groovy '70s? Well, now you can, thanks to our far-out collection of '60s and '70s costumes. Both eras offer numerous ideas for fun characters to portray at events and parties. Some costumes also work for late '60s and early '70s portrayals. Browse to find complete costumes and individual pieces for creating a unique look of your own. Also, check out our kids' costume section for pint-sized retro looks.
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'60s Dance Club Fun or Peace-loving Hippie

Things were changing fast during the '60s, and for teens and adults, a fun time often involved heading out to the local club to see awesome bands play while wearing colorful, mod clothes. Achieve a '60s party hearty look with colorful costumes featuring shirts and pants or vibrant short dresses. Ladies, remember to add go-go boots to your outfit, because they make you look awesome as you walk or dance the night away.

Peace and love became a popular worldview for many who wished for a better world where everyone accepted their differences and adapted a "live and let live" mentality. Bucking the status quo, many people grew their hair longer and wore comfortable clothing that expressed a free-spirited lifestyle. Tune into your inner hippie spirit with a full hippie costume featuring flower power tops or dresses, matching bottoms, headband and a fringed vest. A long-haired wig or afro wig completes your look.

Party Hearty '70s

In the mid-1970s, cultural tastes and fashions began shifting to a whole new vibe. The hippie look was out, and the disco look was hip and happening. Music with a hard-driving beat became popular and "the hustle" was the newest dance craze. This was a time when men wore leisure suits with vibrant-patterned shirts, and women wore glittery jumpsuits. Everyone work flared bottoms of some sort, and platform shoes were oh so cool. Find everything you need to pull off a disco dance machine look that sets the dance floor on fire!

Become '70s Elvis

Here's your chance to slip into one of our white or black rock star jumpsuit costumes and do your best Elvis Presley interpretation. We highly recommend adding an Elvis style wig, sideburns and sunglasses for authenticity.
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