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Egyptian Costumes

Egyptian Costumes

If you're looking to cast a school play set in ancient Egypt, or get clad for any type of costume party or Halloween event, look no further than Candy Apple Costumes' selection of Egyptian costumes. Whether you're in the market for men, women or children, we have something for everyone. Explore some of the coolest and most authentic to the era Ancient Egyptian costumes and then complete your look with essentials like gold-toned armbands and laurel wreath jewelry for a totally amazing display. You'll find the perfect ancient Egyptian costume here, whether you want to rule the toga party in a Greek goddess costume or go as a sexy Cleopatra.
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Child's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Child's Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Child's Egyptian Princess Costume
Child's Cleopatra Costume
Child's Queen of the Nile Wig
Plus Size Exquisite Cleopatra Costume
Women's Dreamgirl Queen of the Nile Costume
Men's Muscle Chest Anubis Egyptian God Costume
Plus Size Muscle Chest Anubis Costume
Men's Plus Size Egyptian Pharaoh Costume
Deluxe Adult Empress of the Nile Cleopatra Costume
Adult Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume
Dreamgirl Queen of Da Nile Cleopatra Costume
Adult Egyptian Collar, Cuffs, & Belt Costume Kit
Plus Size Pharaoh Costume
Women's Sexy Red Greek Empress Costume
Adult Pharaoh Costume
Plus Size Adult Pharaoh Costume
Adult Men's Pharaoh Costume, Size M/L
Pharaoh Headdress
Cleopatra Gold Beaded Headpiece
Child's Roman Empress Costume
Child's Roman Princess Costume
Gold Foil Roman Wreath
Plastic Greek Laurel Wreath - Gold or Silver
Golden Cleopatra Asp Ring
Women's Dripping Rubies Goddess Headpiece
Women's Shimmering Rhinestone Goddess Headpiece
Gold Goddess Sandals
Gold Roman Goddess Sandals
Black/Gold Pharaoh Headdress
Egyptian Belt
Cleopatra Asp Earrings
Egyptian Asp Armband
Egyptian Asp Headband
Gold Coin Earrings
Metal Roman Coin Belt
Adult Athenian Goddess Costume
Adult Venus Diva Sexy Goddess Costume, Size Small
Women's Short White Toga Costume
Women's Red Goddess Costume
Adult Grecian Goddess Costume
Plus Size Roman Goddess Costume
Adult Greek Goddess Costume
Adult Sexy Spartan Queen Costume
Women's Sexy Gorgeous Goddess Costume
Plus Size Olympian Goddess Costume
Deluxe Women's Long Toga Costume - White or Red
Women's Plus Size Black Peasant Dress
Adult Hollywood Goddess Marilyn Costume
Teen Size Unisex Toga Costume
Deluxe Adult Renaissance Nymph Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Renaissance Nymph Costume
Plus Size Greek Goddess Costume
Plus Size Medusa Goddess Costume
Child's Deluxe Centurion Costume
Plus Size Deluxe Long Toga Costume
Men's Roman Sandals
Deluxe Men's Brown Roman Sandals
Roman Leg Guards
Child's Roman Sandals
Roman Wristbands
Men's Egyptian Sandals
Black Peggy Sue Wig
Black Glamour Wig
Black Glam Short Wig
Deluxe Black Mistress Wig
Deluxe Long Black Wig
Ramses Egyptian Pharaoh Mask
Gold Egyptian Staff
Platinum Barbarian Bride Wig
Cleopatra Wig With Gold Sequin Headband
Women's Teal Mythical Goddess Costume
Child's Greek Goddess Costume
Child's Goddess Athena Costume
Men can become a pharaoh complete with headdress or perhaps a centurion in toga, leg guards and sandals. Boys can also become a pharaoh, while girls can be a princess, Roman empress or even Cleopatra herself. We have modest and sexy Cleopatra costumes, including variations as a Greek empress, as a Roman and more. Don't forget to complete your costume with one of our signature Cleopatra wigs. Conventional costumes as Queen Tut, Aphrodite, Queen Nefertiti or goddesses of different types are also available, and in plus sizes also. Check our size charts for each item, since they are particular to each offering.

Each Ancient Egypt costume can be totally tailored to the era with our full complement of accessories, such as laurel wreaths, Roman goddess sandals, wrist cuffs, rhinestone headpiece, earrings, armbands, headbands, cobra staff and wigs. You'll feel like ancient royalty in no time when you partner with Candy Apple Costumes for your amazing ancient ensemble!
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