Top Gun Costumes

Tom Cruise was the man back in the day. His blockbuster hit "Top Gun" was a classic. When it came out in 1986, the movie about the Top Gun Naval Fighters Weapons School was an instant hit. Besides Cruise, the movie sported a sexy cast, including another '80s heartthrob, Val Kilmer, and Cruise's sultry love interest, Kelly McGillis.
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The movie is a classic with many fans being able to quote large portions verbatim. There's even been recent talk of a sequel with Cruise and Kilmer reprising their roles. Only time will tell if a "Top Gun 2" will hit movie theaters, but in the meantime, you can dress up like a hot fighter pilot in Top Gun Costumes from Candy Apple Costumes.

There are even fighter pilot costumes for kids and some alluring ones for ladies too.

Do you "feel the need for speed?"

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