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60's and 70's Costume Wigs

Wigs are an essential part of making your costume come alive with authenticity, and at Candy Apple Costumes, we put the F.U.N. in shopping for 1960s and 1970s costume wigs. Why is it so much fun? Well, these decades were an exciting time for fashion and hairdressing, and it's much easier to wear a wig that helps you get into character than fussing with styling your own hair for your roleplaying escapades. Plus, our wigs are constructed to be sturdy, durable and easy to maintain with minimum shedding. Also, they feel good on your head and look like real hair. Find costume wigs in a variety of popular styles and colors that make you look groovy.
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Child's Hippie Afro Wig
Black Afro Chops Wig
Dark Brown Deluxe Afro Wig
Black Afro Wig
Super Afro Wig - Black or Blonde
Mixed Blonde Disco Afro
Brown 60's Flip Wig
Black 60's Flip Wig
Adult Tight Curls Afro Wig
Men's 1950's Doo Wop Black Wig
Blonde 60's Flip Wig
70's Shag Wig - More Colors
Blonde Bombshell Wig
Feathered and Flirty Blonde Wig
Feathered and Flirty Brown Wig
Women's Curly Black Disco Diva Do Wig
70's Angel Blonde Wig
Blonde Discorama Mama Wig
Deluxe 70's Boy Wig - Black or Brown
70's Mustache and Sideburns
Earl Wig and Mustache
Bee Hive Wig - More Colors
Long Gray Hippie Wig
Child's Black Afro Wig
Long Black Center Part Wig
Curly Black Persian Prince Wig
Unisex Brown Hippie Wig
Black Hippie Wig
Deluxe Long Black Wig
Deluxe Long Brown Wig
Economy Purple Bob Wig
Economy Hot Pink Bob Wig
Economy Orange Bob Wig
Blonde 60's Mod Wig
60's Starlet Wig - More Colors
Bright Blue Starlet Wig
Hot Pink Starlet Wig
Women's Black Bouffant Wig
Deluxe 70's Dude Brown Wig With Sideburns
60's Black British Invasion Wig
60's Brown British Invasion Wig
Economy Aqua Bob Wig
Economy Red Bob Wig
Rock N Roll Wig Costume Kit
Black Rock N' Roll Sideburns
Deluxe Black Long Curly Diva Wig
Black Peggy Sue Wig
Natural Red Peggy Sue Wig
Blonde Peggy Sue Wig
Neon Blue Peggy Sue Wig
Blonde So Fine Wig
Child's Pretty Princess Black Snow White Wig
Black Super Model Wig
Sassy Blue Wig
Sassy Brown Wig
Blue Glamour Wig
Marilyn Monroe Blonde Bombshell Wig
Deluxe Marilyn Wig
Marilyn Wig
Neon Blue Glam Short Wig
Neon Red So Fine Wig
Gray Curly Grandma Wig
Blonde Renaissance Goddess Wig
Icy Pink So Fine Wig
Icy Blue So Fine Wig
Icy Pink/White Dream Girl Wig
Adult Gray Granny Perm Wig
Economy White Bob Wig
Hippie Rocker Brown Wig
Afro Man Wig and Beard

Bouffant, Beehive and the Flip

During the 1960s, big hairdos for women were…big, and hair was literally teased into a large, rounded puff that rose high above the head. Bangs fell to the front or were swept to the side or back, while bottom ends were flipped inward or outward. Beehive hairdos went a step further by forming a tower made of hair on top of the head. Flip style hairdos were any style that featured the ends of the hair flipped upwards without moving. Yes, women used lots of hairspray to keep these styles looking fabulous all day long. Luckily, you can achieve the same results with our 1960s flip and beehive wigs.

Afros and Curls

African-Americans began embracing a natural hairstyle called the afro during the mid-1960s and this style exploded in popularity during the '60s and '70s. People from all cultural backgrounds enjoyed this iconic hairstyle. Growing out your "fro" and styling it with a pick was all a part of achieving and maintaining this cool hairdo. We have a great selection of afro wigs and afro-inspired curly wigs to wear with your hip costumes.

Bobs, Braids and Shags

Short bob cuts were chic during both decades, and you can have fun by selecting a bob cut wig in a range of fashion-forward colors. Also check out our wigs featuring long braids and shag cuts, another style worn by cool dudes everywhere.
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