Nursery Rhyme Costumes

Bring your favorite nursery rhymes to life by dressing up as characters from beloved childhood stories. Show up at a Halloween party dressed as classic Little Bo Peep or read a story to a group of children dressed in a Mother Goose costume. When reading well-loved nursery rhymes, costumes truly make the story come alive! Creating a strong visual encourages the child's imagination and helps them to remember and appreciate the story. It might be a school play that your child is in, and you're trying to find the perfect costume. Or perhaps you'd like to get your child a special gift of a nursery rhymes costume, so that they can dress up as their favorite nursery rhyme character. There are endless ways to use your nursery rhyme costumes.
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Shop at Candy Apple Costumes for a large selection of your favorite childhood characters and recreate the magic of your youth. From Mother Goose costumes to Little Bo Peep's sheep to Little Miss Muffet and Goldilocks, we're your nursery rhyme costume experts.

We also offer child size nursery rhyme and story costumes that are ideal for school plays and holiday parties. Our nursery rhyme costumes for adults and children are carefully made with attention to detail to be easily recognizable for the stories that they represent. The quality of our costumes is far superior to what you'd find at other stores and on par with professional theatrical costumes - but at affordable prices! Besides costumes, we also offer a selection of coordinating accessories such as canes, sheep handbags, petticoats and more, to make the story truly come alive.

Find everything you need to make your childhood stories come to life at Candy Apple Costumes. If nursery rhymes don't offer enough selection, expand your horizons by including our colorful collection of fairy tale costumes for kids and adults.

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