Men's Renaissance Costumes

Men's Renaissance and Medieval Costumes

Hearken back to the days of yore in one of our Men's Renaissance and Medieval Costumes from Candy Apple Costumes. Whether you're a Templar knight rescuing a damsel in distress, a noble lord pouring a pint of ale, or a king ruling the land with firmness, we have all the Renaissance costumes for men you would ever want.
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Plus Size Men's Henry VIII Costume
Adult Men's Plus Size Pirate Prince Coat Costume
Men's Tudor Lord Costume
Adult Medieval Knight Costume
Adult Renaissance Man/Captain John Smith Costume
Deluxe Adult Medieval Warrior Cape
Adult Black/Gold Renaissance Prince Costume
Adult Chivalrous Knight Costume
Adult Romeo Renaissance Costume
Adult Wolf Clan Warrior Cape
Plus Size Medieval Man Costume
Adult Storybook Prince Costume
Men's Plus Size Medieval Assassin Costume
Black Pleather Sword Belt
Adult Deluxe Hooded Brown Cape
Adult King Arthur Costume
Men's Medieval Executioner Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Men's Medieval Executioner Costume
Adult Royal Storybook King Costume
Deluxe Plus Size Renaissance Prince Costume
Deluxe Men's Renaissance Captain Costume
Adult Luxurious Elizabeth Collar
Men's Plus Size Renaissance Peasant Costume
Adult Renaissance Peasant Man Costume, Size M/L
Designer Adult Noble Lord Costume
Deluxe Adult Wine Royal King Costume
Men's Renaissance Royalty Costume, Size M/L
Adult Medieval Costume Shirt, Size M/L
Adult Renaissance Knight Costume, Size M/L
Men's Colonial Mercenary Costume
Men's XXL Colonial Mercenary Costume
Men's XL White Ruffled Gothic Shirt
Men's Medieval Crusader Costume
Men's Plus Size Medieval Crusader Costume
Men's White Colonial Shirt Front With Jabot
Adult Brown Faux Leather Sword Belt
Adult Dark Monarch King Costume
Plus Size Dark Monarch King Costume
Adult Renaissance Knicker Pants
Adult Men's Prince Philip Renaissance Costume, Size M/L
Plus Size Adult Prince Philip Renaissance Costume
Deluxe Men's Charles at Court 18th Century Costume
Plus Size King Henry VIII Costume
Adult Velvet Hooded Cloak - More Colors
Silver Conquistador Helmet
Adult Black Cowl Hood
Men's Colonial Breeches - Black, Brown and Tan
Adult Dark Wizard Costume
Adult Pirate Shirt - Off-White or Black
Plus Size Adult Knight of the Round Table Costume
Leonardo da Vinci Costume Kit
Nostradamus Costume Kit
Plus Size Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Plus Size Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Purple/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Adult Jade/Black Velvet Jester Costume
Red King Robe and Crown Costume Set
Purple King Robe and Crown Costume Set
Adult Men's Cardinal Costume
Adult Jester Shoes
Plus Size Deluxe Wizard XXXL Costume
Adult Medieval King Cape
Adult Medieval Monk Costume With Wig
Deluxe Adult Crusader Knight Costume
Adult White Satin Pirate Shirt
Roman Sword
Plus Size Adult Templar Knight Costume
Deluxe Black Vinyl Men's Boot Covers
Blond Medieval King Wig
Men's King Henry VIII Hat
Medieval King Wig and Beard
Deluxe Adult Biblical Wig and Beard - Brown, Black, Gray
Charmer Beard and Mustache - More Colors
Merlin Long White Wig and Beard
25" Long Mohair Beard - More Colors
Big Curly Beard - More Colors
Full 14" Beard and Mustache Set - Black or Brown
Deluxe Adult Pope Costume
Plus Size Adult Pope Costume
Biblical Wig and Beard
Plus Size Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume
Pirate Mustache and Goatee
Adult Brown Renaissance Belt
Adult Henry VIII Hat
White Renaissance Ruffled Collar and Cuff Set
Red/Green Elf Tights - Adult and Plus
Adult Black/Purple Jester Tights
Plus Size Black/Purple Jester Tights
Black/Red Jester Tights - Adult and Plus
Adult Black/White Jester Tights
Plus Size Black/White Jester Tights
Gold/Red Glitter Royal Scepter With Pearls
Gold/Red Glitter Jeweled Royal Scepter
Deluxe Pirate Cutlass
18" Royal Scepter - Blue
Crusader Knight Sword and Sheath
Deluxe Viking Helmet
Plastic Viking Helmet
Colonial Shoe Buckles - Silver or Gold
Deluxe Santa or Pirate Belt
Men's Lederhosen/Colonial Knee Socks
Plastic Conquistador Helmet
Adult Jester Shoes
Crusader Knight Shield and Sword Set
Black Pirate Hat With Silver Rings
Deluxe Toy Pirate Pistol
Long Crimped Beard and Mustache - Gray or Brown
Long Full Gray Beard and Mustache Set
Adult Medieval Warrior Helmet with Horns
Deluxe Pirate Pistol
Deluxe Adult Blue Royal King Costume
Adult Medieval Tavern Man Costume
Adult Renaissance Royal King Costume
In one of our Middle Ages costumes, you can also be an executioner, monk, mercenary, wizard, jester, or Viking. Maybe you would like to dress as Hamlet and perform his famous soliloquy, or be Shakespeare himself, or be another famous figure from that era like King Henry VIII, King Arthur, King Richard, Lancelot, Merlin, and more.

Finding plus size costumes are no problem, but just check each sizing chart, because you never want to assume that any two are the same. Meanwhile, whether you're casting a play or just getting creative for Halloween, you can be assured of looking the part with Candy Apple Costumes.
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