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80s Cartoon Costumes

If you grew up in the '80s, you fondly remember how you couldn't wait for your favorite cartoon to come on, and how you watched as many cartoon marathons as possible. Undoubtedly, you can easily rattle off your favorites all these years later, and sing some of the familiar theme music that always got you going. Yes, the '80s were the decade when many unforgettable, timeless characters came into existence on hit shows, and you fantasized you were one of them as you played with your friends.
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Adult Bowser Super Mario Brothers Costume Kit
Adult Yoshi Costume Kit
Adult Plastic Bowser Mask
Deluxe Adult Elf Warrior Costume, Size Medium
80's Pop Sensation Wig - Pink or Lime
Adult Solid Metallic Leggings - More Colors
Sexy Rainbow Girl Costume
Men's 80's Retro Wrestler
Child Una the Unicorn Funsies Costume
Adult Una the Unicorn Funsies Costumes
Adult Rainbow Knee Socks
Adult Rainbow Thigh High Stockings
Adult Rainbow Rocker Wig
Adult Neon Rainbow Leg Warmers
Adult Bright Rainbow Leg Warmers
Adult Bright Rainbow Thigh High Socks
Child's Deluxe Smurf Costume
Infant Smurfette Costume
Deluxe Adult Beetlejuice Costume
Adult Super Mario Costume
Plus Size Mario Costume - Super Mario
Adult Luigi Costume - Super Mario
Plus Size Luigi Costume - Super Mario
Women's Red/Blue Patty the Plumber Costume
Women's Green/Blue Patty the Plumber Costume
Men's Pee-Wee Herman Costume
Adult Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume
Rainbow Unicorn Horn
Deluxe Adult Fraggle Rock Wembly Costume
Beetlejuice Wig
Adult 80's Neon Pink Tunic, Size M/L
Mr. Tough Guy Wig
Blonde Wrestling Star Wig & Mustache
Adult Sexy 80's Video Star Costume, Size M/L
Adult 80's Neon Funk Costume, Size M/L
Women's 80's Sequin Glam Rocker Costume, Size S/M
Adult 80's Neon Pink Zebra Flirty Skirt
Plus Size Adult 80's Punk Lady Costume
Adult 80's Neon Green Flirty Skirt, Size M/L
Adult 80's Groupie Costume, Size M/L
Pink Pizazz 80's Neon Spiked Mullet Wig
Adult 80's Neon Pink Tunic, Size M/L
Adult Ghostbusters Costume
Plus Size Adult Ghostbuster Costume
Fantasy Makeup Stack
Neon Yellow Glamorama Wig
You can relive those warm childhood memories and dress up in '80s cartoon costumes, thanks to Candy Apple Costumes' array of outfits and accessories. You can be one of the Super Mario Brothers, a Smurf, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Ariel, a Ghostbuster, and much more. Just check our sizing chart for the one you want, since charts vary per costume. While you're at it, check for even more costumes and '80s wigs and accessories in our Awesome '80s section!
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