Costume Accessories

The best collections of costume accessories are at Candy Apple Costumes. Match them with our costumes, or add a custom look to your homemade costume party outfit. Whether you're dressing up as Elvis or a space alien, we have great ways to accessorize your costume.
Hats & Headbands
Fedoras, top hats, crowns, antenna bopper headbands and more!
Crowns and TiarasCapes & Robes
Vampire cape, grim reaper cloak, magician cape, Renaissance cloak, wizard robe
Cat eye glasses, nerd glasses, aviators, 70s and 80s sunglasses.
Shoes & Boots
Go go boots, pimp shoes, platform shoes, mary janes, ruby slippers, clown shoes
More than 700 different wigs, beards and mustaches. Bright colors, pastels and historical wigs.
Mardi Gras, Venetian Carnivale and Halloween masks for adults and kids.
Colorful tights, fishnets, thigh highs, garters, socks, petticoats and panties
Fairy, bug and angel wings for adults and kids.
Elbow length gloves, fingerless gloves, lace gloves, satin gloves, clown gloves
Petticoats & Panties
Petticoats, crinolines, pettiskirts, hoop skirts, ruffled panties, garter belts
Costume makeup, face painting kits and fake blood
Wands & Weapons
Fairy wands, plastic knives, toy guns, swords, scepters, canes and more!
Novelty purses, handbags and baskets
False Eyelashes
Flirty false eyelashes in many colors and styles!
Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and rings from every style and decade

Shop our Hats & Headbands collection of vintage-look fedoras, glam crowns, sparkling tiaras, antenna bopper headbands, biker hats and hippie headwear. Shop our Capes & Robes to play vampire, grim reaper, magician or wizard. We have wigs for grownup and kid costumes. Browse our ruby slippers, clown shoes, '60s-look go-go boots and '70s-era disco platform shoes. Our costume Masks collection will get you ready for Mardi Gras, Halloween and birthday parties. Dress up your movie star or fairy princess costume with our angel wings, petticoats, satin or lace gloves, false eyelashes, faux jewelry and colorful hosiery.

Shop by time period, occasion, style or size. We have historical costume accessories to complement your ancient world look or retro styles celebrating the Roaring '20s to the Rockin' 1980s. Visit our Costume Ideas page to see our accessories matched with popular costumes. Find fun bargains on our Sale page.
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