Historical Costumes

Historical Costumes for Kids and Adults

If you're casting a school play or project, festival or Renaissance Fair with an historical bent, it's absolutely crucial to costume your actors in the most authentic-looking garb. It's not only beneficial for the audience, but is also indispensable for helping your cast get more into character and deliver standout performances. For the very best in historical costumes, you want to shop Candy Apple Costumes. We have the best variety on the web for all ages, whether kids, adult men and women, teen, tween and plus size!
Renaissance Costumes
Tavern wench, Renaissance noble and peasant, Shakespeare, medieval mercenary, knight
Colonial Costumes
Adult and child American Revolution and 18th century costumes
President's Day Costumes
President costumes, hats and wigs. Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and more!
Victorian Costumes
Victorian tailcoats and cloaks, carolers, Dickens, Steampunk, Mary Poppins, Jack the Ripper
Civil War Costumes
Confederate and Union soldier, Southern belle, Scarlett and Rhett, gambler
Cowboys and Indians
Cowboy, sheriff, cowgirl, Native American, saloon girl, prairie woman
Native American Costumes
Indian chief and maiden costumes in adult, plus sizes, teen, and child.
Decade Costumes
Decade costumes - 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s
Greek & Roman Costumes
Goddess, gladiator, Julius Caesar, Hercules, Cleopatra, pharaoh
Biblical & Religious Costumes
Adult and child Jesus, Mary, Moses, Wise Men, shepherd, angel.
Egyptian Costumes
Cleopatra, pharaoh and Egyptian gods costumes, headpieces and wigs
Royal Costumes
Queen, King, Prince, Princess, and Nobleman costumes for adults and kids.
Steampunk Costumes
Steampunk costumes, wigs, hats, costume jewelry and toy weapons
French Revolution Costumes
Queen Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI, Napoleon and Josephine
Robin Hood Costumes
Adult and child Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Sheriff of Nottingham
Arabian Costumes
Belly dancer, genie, sheik, Aladdin costumes, turbans and genie lamps.
Cave Man Costumes
Cave man and woman costumes, Flintstones, bone accessories, caveman clubs.
Costume ideas for men and everyone else abound. There's Renaissance clothing for men, French costume ideas, and tons more from every era: Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan, Colonial, French Revolution, Victorian, and the list goes on. Imagine yourself back in the Civil War or the old West. How about biblical times, as Jesus, Moses, a Roman centurion and others? If more recent history is appealing, maybe become a 20th century figure from one of several decades.

The possibilities are endless, so you will not only find what you're seeking, but you will find many more you did not anticipate. As you shop, keep in mind that the sizing charts vary, so be sure to always consult those. In the end, you will be thoroughly pleased with whatever you select, for your satisfaction is always our main concern at Candy Apple Costumes.
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