20's Costumes

Roaring 20's Flapper and Gangster Costumes

With its air of excitement and its impeccable style that truly transcends generations, there are few eras more romantic than the Roaring '20s. If you have a '20s themed party coming up and you're searching for a gangster suit or flapper dress to give you an authentic look, Candy Apple Costumes has a wide selection of flapper dress costumes, wigs and accessories that are truly the cat's pajamas.
20's Flapper Costumes
The quintessential 1920's attire - sassy dresses in fringe or sequins
Gangster Costumes
Gangster and gangster moll suits in chic pinstripes
Plus Size 20's Costumes
Flappers and gangsters in plus sizes
Children's 20's and 30's Costumes
20's Accessories
The Three F's - Feathers, Fedoras, and Fishnets
20's Wigs
Bold, short flapper 'dos
Newsboy Costumes
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