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20's and 30's Flapper Wigs

Flappers may be most well known for their fabulous frocks and elaborate accessories, but without the statement flapper hairstyle, you won't look quite as authentic. Lucky for you, Candy Apple Costumes offers a wide selection of high-quality '20s and '30s wigs that you can slip on right on top of your usual hairstyle. These wigs come in all of the most popular short styles from the period, and they come in a variety of different Roaring '20s styles.
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The famous flapper bob haircut started in 1915 with famous ballroom dancer Irene Castle. What began as a convenience for Irene became all the rage among the young and rebellious flapper girls in the 1920s. The bob evolved from a blunt cut to more sophisticated waves and a shorter shingled back, then eventually got a bit longer and softer in the 1930s.
Turn your flapper costume into the cat's meow with a realistic blonde flapper wig in a cropped pageboy cut. These wigs are some of the most recognizable flapper styles, and they feature short locks that are slightly curled under the chin with blunt bangs in the front. Candy Apple Costumes carries pageboy Roaring '20s wigs in your choice of glossy black, white blonde and even red shades, as well as a number of different lengths to choose from.

If you prefer a hairstyle that's a bit longer and more feminine, we also offer wigs in finger wave styles. These '20s and '30s hairstyles feature bob haircuts with loose, bended waves around the face, as well as the occasional pin curl just below the ear. Choose from natural colors like brunette, red and blonde, or go wild with something in a fun pink or cotton candy blue color. We have the best wigs available for use with our 1920s costumes.

If neither of those styles sounds like you, you might like our bumped-up bouffant wigs instead. These shorter wigs feature major volume at the crown with loose, wide curls all over and bangs in the front to flatter your face shape. Like all our Roaring '20s wigs, our bouffant wigs come in your choice of unique colors to coordinate with your skin tone. Wear one in a bright blonde to channel your inner bombshell or choose a dark black for a more mysterious look. We are the top costume store in the Bay area for '20s clothing, and that includes our fabulous wigs. Head over to our 1920s Flapper Dresses section to see many of our flapper wigs on display. A light bulb may also come on when you pair a wig with our 1920s Accessories.
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